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Monday November 30, 2015 @05:54PM Russian Moon Landing May Take As Many As Six Launches
Monday November 30, 2015 @03:18PM Researchers Create Sodium Battery In Industry Standard "18650" Format
Monday November 30, 2015 @03:12PM Swallow the Doctor: The Present and Future of Robots Inside Us
Monday November 30, 2015 @01:34AM Diamond Nanothreads Could Support Space Elevator
Sunday November 29, 2015 @09:41AM New Type of 'Flow Battery' Can Store 10 Times the Energy of the Next Best Device
Sunday November 29, 2015 @01:18AM Bill Gates To Headline Paris Climate Talks
Saturday November 28, 2015 @09:26AM Peter Thiel: We Need a New Atomic Age
Saturday November 28, 2015 @03:01AM Finnish IT Retailer Reveals Most Returned Products
Friday November 27, 2015 @11:56PM Celebrating ARM's 25th Anniversary With the Visual ARM1
Thursday November 26, 2015 @05:59PM Apple Looks To Introduce OLED Displays In iPhone Models From 2018
Thursday November 26, 2015 @10:33AM Pressure From Uber Forces London Taxis To Finally Accept Cards
Wednesday November 25, 2015 @10:54PM How Sports Commentaries Can Speed Up AI Development
Wednesday November 25, 2015 @04:16PM Scientists Produce Graphene 100 Times Cheaper Than Ever Before
Wednesday November 25, 2015 @12:33PM New Wearable Tech Translates Sign Language Into Text
Tuesday November 24, 2015 @12:54PM NASA Contracting Development of New Ion/Nuclear Engines
Monday November 23, 2015 @06:21PM Understanding the Antikythera Mechanism
Monday November 23, 2015 @05:58PM Fake Bomb Detector, Blamed For Hundreds of Deaths, Is Still In Use
Monday November 23, 2015 @12:47PM FAA To Drone Owners: Get Ready To Register To Fly
Sunday November 22, 2015 @07:15PM Telemedicine: The State of Telepresence In Healthcare
Thursday November 19, 2015 @10:58PM Controversy Over High-Tech Brooms Sweeps Through Sport of Curling
Thursday November 19, 2015 @09:12PM French ITER Fusion Project To Take At Least 6 Years Longer Than Planned
Thursday November 19, 2015 @06:29PM ISIS's Hunt For a Bogus Superweapon
Thursday November 19, 2015 @02:14PM ISIS Help Desk Assists In Covering Tracks
Wednesday November 18, 2015 @10:32PM The War On Campus Sexual Assault Goes Digital
Wednesday November 18, 2015 @04:26PM Structural Engineer On the Fallacies of Movie Bridge Destruction
Wednesday November 18, 2015 @02:26PM How Bill Nye Insulted NASCAR Fans About the Sport Being the "Anti-NASA"
Monday November 16, 2015 @09:26PM US Navy Is Planning To Launch a Squadron of Underwater Drones By 2020
Monday November 16, 2015 @06:19PM How Hollywood's Hedy Helped Heighten Handhelds
Monday November 16, 2015 @05:35PM The Next Big IT Projects From the University Labs
Monday November 16, 2015 @04:39PM Grow Your Daily Protein At Home With an Edible Insect Desktop Hive
Monday November 16, 2015 @03:01PM World's First "Porous Liquid" Could Be Used For CO2 Sequestration
Monday November 16, 2015 @12:53PM Dungeons & Dragons Tabletop Comes To VR Through Partnership With AltspaceVR
Sunday November 15, 2015 @10:22PM Chinese Researchers Reveal Active Stealthy Material
Sunday November 15, 2015 @05:20PM Averaging Inanimate Objects Together Produces a Very Human Face
Sunday November 15, 2015 @10:36AM GPS Always Overestimates Distances
Saturday November 14, 2015 @11:53PM Huawei Battery Upgrade Means Dramatically Faster Charging For Mobile Devices
Saturday November 14, 2015 @11:00PM 'Twas the Week Before the Week of Black Friday
Saturday November 14, 2015 @02:59PM Experiment On Public Pre-reviewing and Discussion of Workshop Paper Submissions
Saturday November 14, 2015 @12:47PM Dubai Buys Commercial Jetpacks For Firefighters
Friday November 13, 2015 @01:17AM Bank of England's Andy Haldane Warns Smart Machines Could Take 15M UK Jobs
Thursday November 12, 2015 @10:48PM Quantum Dots Made From Fool's Gold Boost Battery Performance
Thursday November 12, 2015 @05:34PM Boot Camps Introducing More Women To Tech
Thursday November 12, 2015 @05:23PM Hacked Amazon Echo Controls a Wheelchair
Tuesday November 10, 2015 @10:25AM Sony To End Sales of Betamax Tapes Next Year
Tuesday November 10, 2015 @08:12AM The Dawn of the Robotic Chef
Monday November 09, 2015 @05:57PM TAG Heuer Launches "Connected" Android Wear Smartwatch With Intel Inside
Sunday November 08, 2015 @03:44PM British Spaceplane Skylon Could Revolutionize Space Travel
Friday November 06, 2015 @07:24AM Federal Prison System Wants Anti-Drone Technology
Friday November 06, 2015 @07:06AM Y Combinator, the X Factor of Tech
Thursday November 05, 2015 @06:43PM When Slide Rules Were Like Cellphones
Thursday November 05, 2015 @11:37AM Lytro Announces World's First Light Field VR Camera
Thursday November 05, 2015 @09:49AM BBC Lets Viewers Buy Shows and Episodes Permanently, But No 'Extras'
Wednesday November 04, 2015 @06:20PM Emerging Technologies and the Future of Humanity
Wednesday November 04, 2015 @06:14PM Ask Slashdot: Smart Electronics For a Marathoner?
Wednesday November 04, 2015 @03:57PM That "Unbreakable" Glass That's "As Strong As Steel" Isn't Either
Monday November 02, 2015 @11:21PM NASA Eagleworks Has Tested an Upgraded EM Drive
Monday November 02, 2015 @10:33PM App To Hold Police Instantly Accountable In Stop and Search
Monday November 02, 2015 @06:07PM MIT Drone Autonomously Avoids Obstacles At 30 MPH
Monday November 02, 2015 @05:53PM Why Gravity Is the Ultimate Space Telescope
Monday November 02, 2015 @12:58AM US Law Can't Keep Up With Technology -- and Why That's a Good Thing
Thursday October 29, 2015 @07:20PM Meet the Drone Registration Task Force
Thursday October 29, 2015 @08:10AM Ask Slashdot: An 'Ex Libris' For My Books In a Digital Age?
Monday October 26, 2015 @07:36AM Does Government Science Funding Drive Innovation?
Friday October 23, 2015 @04:18PM Andy Kaufman and Redd Foxx To Tour As Holograms
Thursday October 22, 2015 @01:41PM Makers Compete To Produce US Army's Next Official Handgun
Thursday October 22, 2015 @11:29AM Looking At the Hardware and Software of JAXA's Hayabusa-2
Thursday October 22, 2015 @06:33AM DARPA Program Targets Image Doctoring
Wednesday October 21, 2015 @08:42PM 3D-Printed Teeth Can Kill 99% of Dental Bacteria
Wednesday October 21, 2015 @03:48PM Mythbusters Ending After Next Season
Tuesday October 20, 2015 @11:42AM GA Tech Students Use Cell Phone Pings To Find Missing Person
Tuesday October 20, 2015 @11:40AM Replacing Humans With CGI Animations To Protect Anonymity In Video Footage
Monday October 19, 2015 @10:15PM Guy Creates Handheld Railgun With a 3D-Printer
Monday October 19, 2015 @03:08PM Rod Logic Computers and Why We Don't Already Have Them
Monday October 19, 2015 @01:58PM The Problem With Mandatory Drone Registration
Sunday October 18, 2015 @08:28PM Hurricane-Resistant SURE HOUSE Wins the 2015 Solar Decathalon
Friday October 16, 2015 @06:18AM Documents Expose the Inner Workings of Obama's Drone Wars
Thursday October 15, 2015 @08:18PM The Most Disruptive Technology of the Last 100 Years Isn't What You Think
Thursday October 15, 2015 @05:29PM Machine Learning Generates Clickbait Headlines That Will Shock You!
Thursday October 15, 2015 @05:26PM Ask Slashdot: Local Navigation Assistance For the Elderly?
Thursday October 15, 2015 @05:24PM How Some Creative Hacking Kept Skylab From Becoming Space Junk
Thursday October 15, 2015 @10:12AM UCF Researchers Perform World's First Automated Mass-Crowd Count
Wednesday October 14, 2015 @07:48PM Teaching Kids Engineering By Building Cartoon Tech
Wednesday October 14, 2015 @04:41PM Valve's "Room Scale VR Survey" Finds a Lot of People Play In Their Bedrooms
Wednesday October 14, 2015 @02:16PM Terahertz Radiation To Enable Portable Particle Accelerators
Wednesday October 14, 2015 @02:09PM Orange County Developer To Install Tesla Batteries In Two Dozen Buildings
Wednesday October 14, 2015 @11:55AM Freeman Dyson Talks Interstellar Travel, Climate Change, and More
Tuesday October 13, 2015 @11:40AM "E-mailable" House Snaps Together Without Nails
Tuesday October 13, 2015 @10:37AM Source Code On Trial In DNA Matching Case
Tuesday October 13, 2015 @09:40AM How Analog Tide Predictors Changed Human History
Monday October 12, 2015 @05:02PM Ion-Based Data Allows Atom-Sized Storage Cells Similar To Brain Structure
Sunday October 11, 2015 @08:43PM Will You Ever Be Able To Upload Your Brain?
Sunday October 11, 2015 @07:15AM Another Drone Crashes Near White House
Sunday October 11, 2015 @12:16AM Pushing the Limits of Network Traffic With Open Source
Saturday October 10, 2015 @12:24AM Linus: '2016 Will Be the Year of the ARM Laptop'
Thursday October 08, 2015 @02:48PM Complex Living Brain Simulation Replicates Sensory Rat Behaviour
Thursday October 08, 2015 @02:12PM In Midst of a Tech Boom, Seattle Tries To Keep Its Soul
Thursday October 08, 2015 @11:39AM University of Cape Town Team Breaks World Water Rocketry Record
Wednesday October 07, 2015 @05:22PM How To Make Messages Easy For an Alien Race To Understand
Wednesday October 07, 2015 @12:05PM Privately Funded Lunar Mission Set a Launch Date For 2017
Tuesday October 06, 2015 @12:21PM Cold Fusion Rears Ugly Head With Claims of Deuterium-Powered Homes
Monday October 05, 2015 @10:07PM London Mayor Boris Johnson Condemns Random Uber Pick-Ups
Monday October 05, 2015 @12:25PM On-Chip Liquid Cooling Permits Smaller Devices With No Heatsinks Or Fans
Sunday October 04, 2015 @03:25PM This is not F1 (or NASCAR): High-End Hybrids Race In Texas
Friday October 02, 2015 @02:15PM Oculus Founder Explains Why the Rift VR Headset Will Cost "More Than $350"
Wednesday September 30, 2015 @04:19PM Former Cisco CEO: China, India, UK Will Lead US In Tech Race Without Action
Wednesday September 30, 2015 @04:14PM Researchers: Thousands of Medical Devices Are Vulnerable To Hacking
Tuesday September 29, 2015 @07:54AM John Harrison: Inventor and Longitude Hero
Monday September 28, 2015 @02:57PM Samsung Pay Launches In the United States
Monday September 28, 2015 @02:49PM Ditch Linux For Windows 10 On Your Raspberry Pi With Microsoft's IoT Kit
Monday September 28, 2015 @10:10AM Selfies Kill More People Than Shark Attacks
Sunday September 27, 2015 @03:04PM Hajj Pilgrimage Safety Challenges Crowd Simulator Technology
Sunday September 27, 2015 @07:12AM The Case Against Non-technical Managers
Saturday September 26, 2015 @05:59PM Light-Based Memory Chip Is First To Permanently Store Data
Saturday September 26, 2015 @05:54PM Edward SnowdenTalks Alien Communications With Neil deGrasse Tyson
Saturday September 26, 2015 @11:41AM Paralyzed Man Uses Own Brainwaves To Walk Again -- No Exoskeleton Required
Friday September 25, 2015 @07:29PM Police Program Aims to Pinpoint Those Most Likely to Commit Crimes
Friday September 25, 2015 @01:02PM The Effort To Create an 'Iron Man' Type Exoskeleton
Friday September 25, 2015 @07:14AM Russian Scientists Create Cockroach Spy Robot
Friday September 25, 2015 @06:56AM Oculus' Michael Abrash Explains What It'll Take For VR To Feel Real
Thursday September 24, 2015 @10:41PM Why All Boards Need a Technology Expert
Thursday September 24, 2015 @10:34PM Battery Advance Could Lead To a Cleaner Way To Store Energy
Thursday September 24, 2015 @05:07PM Samsung, Facebook's Oculus Plan November Launch For $99 Gear VR Headset
Wednesday September 23, 2015 @12:03PM VW Fiasco Puts Ethics In Engineering Under the Spotlight, CEO Steps Down
Wednesday September 23, 2015 @12:00PM Launch Manifest For NASA's "Road To Mars" Takes Shape But Questions Remain
Wednesday September 23, 2015 @07:18AM What Hurricane Sandy Taught IT About Disaster Preparedness
Tuesday September 22, 2015 @11:22AM The Difficulty In Getting a Machine To Forget Anything
Monday September 21, 2015 @05:00PM Let's Not Go To Mars
Monday September 21, 2015 @12:45PM The WWII-Era Inspired Plane Giving the F-35 a Run For Its Money
Monday September 21, 2015 @12:40PM This Is What a Real Bomb Looks Like
Monday September 21, 2015 @11:43AM Robots' Next Big Job: Trash Pickup
Monday September 21, 2015 @09:48AM The Forgotten Tale of Cartrivision's 1972 VCR
Sunday September 20, 2015 @03:36AM How Wind and Politics Pushed the Price of Texas Electricity Below Zero
Sunday September 20, 2015 @01:29AM Invisibility Cloaking Takes a Big Stride At a Small Scale
Saturday September 19, 2015 @07:41PM Proposed Lapcat II Hypersonic Airliner: Brussels to Sydney in Less Than 3 Hours
Saturday September 19, 2015 @10:58AM Thanks To Valve, More Than 1,500 Games Are Now On Linux
Friday September 18, 2015 @07:01PM The Ethical Issues Surrounding OSU's Lab-Grown Brains
Friday September 18, 2015 @05:44PM Ahmed Mohamed, His Clock, and the Curious Turn of Events
Friday September 18, 2015 @12:29PM Technology Colonialism