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Monday November 03, 2014 @11:02PM New Atomic Clock Reaches the Boundaries of Timekeeping
Friday October 17, 2014 @10:51AM How Curved Spacetime Can Be Created In a Quantum Optics Lab
Friday December 06, 2013 @01:28PM Two Supermassive Black Holes About To Embrace
Tuesday December 03, 2013 @08:39PM A Link Between Wormholes and Quantum Entanglement
Wednesday October 23, 2013 @11:45AM First Experimental Evidence That Time Is an Emergent Quantum Phenomenon
Friday November 04, 2011 @02:47AM EU Scientists Working On Laser To Rip a Hole In Spacetime
Thursday October 20, 2011 @11:44AM NASA To Test New Atomic Clock
Wednesday October 01, 2008 @11:51AM Do We Live In a Giant Cosmic Bubble?
Tuesday August 26, 2008 @01:05AM Einstein Explorer
Wednesday April 18, 2007 @10:27AM Six-Dimensional Space-Time Theory

It is masked but always present. I don't know who built to it. It came before the first kernel.


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