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I would pay ___ monthly for a good online newspaper/magazine

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  5944 votes / 17%
  3329 votes / 9%
  2720 votes / 8%
  544 votes / 1%
  878 votes / 2%
  909 votes / 2%
I don't know what those words mean
  5882 votes / 17%
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I would pay ___ monthly for a good online newspaper/magazine

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  • by shrdlu (42466) on Monday January 03, 2011 @11:56PM (#34750672)

    I give money (to Kindle -- I know, I know) for The New Yorker, and for Barron's. I don't subscribe to any newspaper because there isn't one offered that I want to read.

    I actually PREFER the Kindle version of these to the printed version. They are nothing but words. I like words. I don't have to look at pointless pictures, page my way through advertisements, or discover that the article I'm reading is "continued on page 137" (which I hate). The cartoons from The New Yorker are included in their own section, which is a bonus.

    I've subscribed to others on a trial basis, and also found them worthwhile (but there's only so much time in the day). Foreign Affairs is a good one (although it's only six issues a year).

    Not everything can (or should) be read in this format. Sometimes Barron's graphs are a bit rough, but I'm used to it. Words are good.

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