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Windows Stories for 2009

Chinese Pirates Launch Ubuntu That Looks Like XP 580 comments
Cygwin 1.7 Released 203 comments
Windows 7 May Finally Get IPv6 Deployed 283 comments
The Best, Worst, and Ugliest OSes of the Decade 378 comments
CherryPal's $99 "Odd Lots" Netbook 234 comments
How Europe's Mandated Browser Ballot Screen Works 169 comments
VMware Workstation vs. VirtualBox vs. Parallels 289 comments
Microsoft Finally Open Sources Windows 7 Tool 284 comments
VMware's Dual OS Smartphone Virtualization Plan Firms Up 179 comments
Microsoft To Switch Focus To Windows 8 In July 2010 374 comments
Windows 7 Share Grows At XP's Expense 412 comments
Microsoft Investigates Windows 7 "Black Screen of Death" 351 comments
G-WAN, Another Free Web Server 217 comments
Microsoft Advice Against Nehalem Xeons Snuffed Out 154 comments
No More Fair-Price Refund For Declining XP EULA 339 comments
New Microsoft Silverlight Features Have Windows Bias 251 comments
Microsoft Denies It Built Backdoor Into Windows 7 450 comments
Chinese Court Rules Microsoft Violated IP Rights 237 comments
The First Windows 7 Zero-Day Exploit 289 comments
Microsoft Takes Responsibility For GPL Violation 364 comments
Microsoft Responds To "Like OS X" Comment 505 comments
Microsoft Plugs "Drive-By" and 14 Other Holes 189 comments
MS Pulls Windows 7 Tool After GPL Violation Claim 186 comments
Did Microsoft Borrow GPL Code For a Windows 7 Utility? 493 comments
The Machine SID Duplication Myth 201 comments
In Test, Windows 7 Vulnerable To 8 Out of 10 Viruses 843 comments
Unfinished Windows 7 Hotspot Feature Exploited 234 comments
Microsoft Links Malware Rates To Pirated Windows 348 comments
After 1 Year, Conficker Infects 7M Computers 95 comments
Wait For Windows 7 SP1, Support Firm Warns Users 433 comments
Who Installs the Most Crapware? 583 comments
When Software Leaks (and What Really Goes Down) 179 comments
Now Linux Can Get Viruses, Via Wine 343 comments
A Tale of Two Windows 7s 770 comments
Engineers Tell How Feedback Shaped Windows 7 452 comments
Some Users Say Win7 Wants To Remove iTunes, Google Toolbar 570 comments
Windows 7 On Multicore — How Much Faster? 349 comments
Windows 7 Released Early In UK 194 comments
What Desktop Search Engine For a Shared Volume? 232 comments
Michael Dell Says Windows 7 Will Make You Love PCs 627 comments
Comparing Performance and Power Use For Vista vs. Windows 7 WIth Clarksfield Chip 119 comments
Acer Launching Dual Android/Windows 7 Netbook 105 comments
Revisiting the Original Reviews of Windows Vista 414 comments
Platform Independent C++ OS Library? 310 comments
Windows Server Trusts Samba4 Active Directory 182 comments
Inside the Windows 7 Launch Party Pack 267 comments
Microsoft Readies Ad-Supported Office Starter 2010 235 comments
Microsoft Leaks Details of 128-bit Windows 8 581 comments
Most Mac Owners Also Own a Windows PC, But Not Vice Versa 814 comments
Windows Mobile 6.5 Launched, Panned 202 comments
Hidden Fees Discovered For "Free" Windows 7 Upgrade 406 comments
Vista Share Drops for the First Time In Two Years 332 comments
"Windows 7 Compatible" PCs Must Be 64-bit 440 comments
Microsoft Security Essentials Released; Rivals Mock It 465 comments
Mainstream Press "Cringes" At Win7 Launch Parties 830 comments
AU Government To Build "Unhackable" Netbooks 501 comments
Ballmer Admits "We Screwed Up Windows Mobile" 275 comments
New Phoenix BIOS Starts Windows 7 Boot In 1 Second 437 comments
Firefox To Replace Menus With Office Ribbon 1124 comments
Windows Marketplace For Mobile Kill Switch Details 140 comments
Windows 7 Touch, Dead On Arrival 352 comments
Microsoft Says No TCP/IP Patches For XP 759 comments
Windows 7 Upgrade Can Take Nearly a Day 706 comments
IE8 Beats Other Browsers In Laptop Battery Life 263 comments
Lawsuit Claims WGA Is Spyware 360 comments
FSF Attacks Windows 7's "Sins" In New Campaign 926 comments
Red Hat Releases Windows Virtualization Code 183 comments
Behind the 4GB Memory Limit In 32-Bit Windows 756 comments
China Jails Four For Microsoft XP Piracy 164 comments
Windows 7 Igniting Touchscreen PC Market 257 comments
Windows 7 To Sell In UK For Half the US Price 487 comments
XP Users Are Willing To Give Windows 7 a Chance 720 comments
Danish FreeBSD Dev. Sues Lenovo Over "Microsoft Tax" 318 comments
No Windows 7 XP Mode For Sony Vaio Z Owners 198 comments
Microsoft Denies Windows 7 "Showstopper Bug" 241 comments
How Can I Tell If My Computer Is Part of a Botnet? 491 comments
Windows Drains MacBook's Battery; Who's To Blame? 396 comments
Best Free Open Source Software For Windows 324 comments
Windows 7 RTM Reviewed & Benchmarked 792 comments
Amazon US Refunds Windows License Fee, Too 284 comments
Windows 7 vs. Windows XP On a Netbook 397 comments
92% of Windows PCs Vulnerable To Zero-Day Attacks On Flash 286 comments
Microsoft Agrees To EU Browser Ballot Screen 438 comments
Gaming On Windows 7 554 comments
Amazon UK Refunds Windows License Fee, With Little Hassle 194 comments
Windows 7 Hits RTM At Build 7600.16385 341 comments
Windows 7 Clean Install Only In Europe 803 comments
Most Companies Won't Deploy Windows 7 — Survey 429 comments
Windows 7 Hits Build 7600 (Possible RTM) 671 comments
RAID Trust Issues — Windows Or a Cheap Controller? 564 comments
London Stock Exchange To Abandon Windows 438 comments
Microsoft Changing Users' Default Search Engine 389 comments
One Year Later, "Dead" XP Still Going Strong 538 comments
Guaranteed Transmission Protocols For Windows? 536 comments
Exchange Rates Spell High Prices for Windows 7 In the EU 548 comments
Microsoft To Offer Windows 7 On USB Thumb Drives? 259 comments
Microsoft Discloses Windows 7 Pricing 821 comments
Nvidia Lauds Windows CE Over Android For Smartbooks 263 comments
Windows 7 Licensing a "Disaster" For XP Shops 567 comments
EC To Pursue Antitrust Despite Microsoft's IE Move 484 comments
Microsoft Will Ship Windows 7 in Europe With IE Unbundled 578 comments
AMD Demos DirectX 11-Capable ATI Graphics Card 107 comments
Google's Android To Challenge Windows? 269 comments
Microsoft Confirms October 22 Release Date For Windows 7 182 comments
EU Wants Multiple Browser Bundling On New PCs 464 comments
Microsoft Kills 3-App Limit For Windows 7 Starter Edition 352 comments
Windows 7 Hard Drive and SSD Performance Analyzed 248 comments
Lightweight C++ Library For SVG On Windows? 130 comments
Asus Slaps Linux In the Face 644 comments
Windows Vista Service Pack 2 Released 334 comments
Windows 7 Sets Direction of Low-Power CPU Market 369 comments
Malware Found On Brand-New Windows Netbook 250 comments
US Army Will Upgrade To Windows Vista 374 comments
MS Suggests Using Shims For XP-To-Win7 Transition 316 comments
Dell Indicates Windows 7 Pricing Will Be Higher 485 comments
Gartner Tells Businesses to Forget About Vista 309 comments
Windows 7 Anti-Piracy Plans 403 comments
R.I.P. MS-DEBUG 1981 - 2009 240 comments
MS, Intel "Goofed Up" Win 7 XP Virtualization 315 comments
When Hacked PCs Self-Destruct 418 comments
Windows 7 Users Warned Over Filename Security Risk 613 comments
Windows 7 "Not Much Faster" Than Vista 821 comments
Shuttleworth Says Ubuntu Can't Just Be Windows 710 comments
First Look At Windows 7 On an Entry-Level Netbook 435 comments
Microsoft Not Ditching Vista Until At Least 2011 297 comments
A Mixed Review For Windows 7's XP Mode 137 comments
Windows 7 Launch Date Leaked — 23 Oct. 2009 127 comments
Windows 7 RC Rush Crashes MSDN, TechNet Pages 186 comments
Microsoft To Disable Autorun 429 comments
Windows 7's Virtual XP Mode a Support Nightmare? 413 comments
Windows 7 Streams Media To the Xbox 360 and PS3 Seamlessly 121 comments
Windows 7 To Include "Windows XP Mode" 364 comments
Microsoft Suffers Leaks, Lagging Sales Numbers As They Look Forward To Windows 8 386 comments
Windows 7 Starter Edition — 3 Apps Only 695 comments
Antitrust Regulators To Monitor Windows 7, But Not Later Releases 105 comments
83% of Businesses Won't Bother With Windows 7 545 comments
Linux On Netbooks — a Complicated Story 833 comments
Using Linux To Make a Slow, Awful WAN Connection 110 comments
Microsoft Begs Win 7 Testers To Clean Install 420 comments
Microsoft Ending Mainstream Support For XP 580 comments
Microsoft Warns of Copycat Conficker Worm 86 comments
XP Reprieve, Downgrade May Continue After Win7 392 comments
Microsoft Boasts 96% Netbook Penetration 774 comments
Windows 95 Almost Autodetected Floppy Disks 334 comments
Texas Senate Proposes a Budget With a No-Vista-Upgrades Rider 290 comments
Ubuntu vs. Windows In Benchmark 262 comments
The "Vista-Capable" Debacle Spreads To Acer 133 comments
Windows 7 Touchscreen Details Emerging 152 comments
Windows 7 RC Download Page Points To May Release 183 comments
UI Features That Didn't Make It Into Windows 7 342 comments
Windows and Linux Not Well Prepared For Multicore Chips 626 comments
Did the Netbook Improve Windows 7's Performance? 440 comments
Windows Home Directory Encryption? 121 comments
2.0 Beta Chrome On Windows, Chromium On Linux 258 comments
Romanians Find Cure For Conficker 145 comments
Windows Security and On-line Training Courses? 189 comments
How Vista Mistakes Changed Windows 7 Development 483 comments
Norton Users Worried By PIFTS.exe, Stonewalling By Symantec 685 comments
UAC Whitelist Hole In Windows 7 496 comments
Windows 7 Kill Switch For IE Confirmed — For More Apps, Too 208 comments
Windows 7 Lets You Uninstall IE8 474 comments
Microsoft Windows, On a Mainframe 422 comments
Parallels Desktop For Mac Vs. VMware 195 comments
Windows Server 2008 One Year On — Hit Or Miss? 386 comments
Microsoft Brings 36 New Features To Windows 7 509 comments
Are Windows 7 Testers Going Unheard? 394 comments
The Hard Upgrade Path From XP To Vista To Win 7 496 comments
Microsoft Says No Profit In Vista-XP Downgrades 315 comments
MS To Slip IE8 Into Vista and XP Through OEMs 289 comments
Draconian DRM Revealed In Windows 7 1127 comments
Firefox Faster In Wine Than Native 493 comments
Post-Beta Windows 7 Build Leaked With New IE8 332 comments
MS Critical Patch Fixes 8 Vulnerabilities 202 comments
Firefox Exec Says Windows Bundling Is a Bad Idea 413 comments
Average User Only Runs 2 Apps, So Microsoft Will Charge For More 842 comments
The Broken Design of Microsoft's "Fix it" Tool 165 comments
Microsoft Caves, Will Change UAC In Windows 7 249 comments
Is It Windows 7, Or KDE 4? 559 comments
Ubuntu Wipes Windows 7 In Benchmarks 781 comments
Users' Admin Logins Make Most Windows Malware Worse 420 comments
Why Windows Must (and Will) Go Open Source 555 comments
MS Confirms Six Different Versions of Windows 7 758 comments
Microsoft Ramps Up "Fix it" Support Tool 144 comments
Security Hole In Windows 7 UAC 388 comments
Microsoft Update Slips In a Firefox Extension 803 comments
More Indications Windows 7 Is Coming In 2009 369 comments
Windows 7 To Skip Straight To a Release Candidate 856 comments
If Windows 7 Fails, Citrix (Not Linux) Wins 638 comments
Windows 7 To Be "Thoroughly" Tested For Antitrust Compliance 364 comments
Fallout 3 DLC and Games For Windows Live Woes 121 comments
Less Is Moore 342 comments
Windows 7 To Come In Multiple Versions 821 comments
USB Flash Drive Comparison Part 2 — FAT32 Vs. NTFS 198 comments
CoreBoot (LinuxBIOS) Can Boot Windows 7 Beta 207 comments
Testing the KDE 4.2 Release Candidate, On Windows 272 comments
Windows 7 Gaming Performance Tested 179 comments
EU Could Force Bundling Firefox With Windows 650 comments
Microsoft To Kill Windows 7 Beta Februrary 10th 216 comments
Downadup Worm — When Will the Next Shoe Drop? 295 comments
Windows 7 Taskbar Not So Similar To OS X Dock After All 545 comments
How To Diagnose a Suddenly Slow Windows Computer? 835 comments
Possible Last-Minute Problems With Vista SP2 328 comments
Conficker Worm Could Create World's Biggest Botnet 220 comments
Windows 7's Media Hype Having the Opposite Effect As Vista's 864 comments
1 In 3 Windows PCs Still Vulnerable To Worm Attack 242 comments
Ubuntu Download Speeds Beat Windows XP's 515 comments
In-Depth With the Windows 7 Public Beta 785 comments
Windows 7 Beta Released To Public After Delay 848 comments
Ballmer Sets Loose Windows 7 Public Beta At CES 672 comments
32bit Win7 Vs. Vista Vs. XP 641 comments
Windows 7 Leaked To Pirates By Microsoft? 236 comments

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