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Wikipedia Stories

Arnnon Geshuri, Newest Wikimedia Trustee, Forced To Resign 104 comments
Wikipedia Editors Revolt, Vote "No Confidence" In Newest Board Member 186 comments
Is Wikipedia's Popularity Causing Its Decline? 325 comments
Fan Lists Himself As a Band's Family Member On Wikipedia To Sneak Backstage 91 comments
Wikipedia Creates AI System To Filter Out Bad Edits 83 comments
Judge Tosses Wikimedia's Anti-NSA Lawsuit Because Wikipedia Isn't Big Enough 213 comments
Arrangement With Science Publisher Raises Questions About Wikipedia's Commitment To Open Access 125 comments
Wikipedia's Viewing Statistics Could Provide Better Web-Trends Data Than Google 19 comments
Wikipedia Blocks Hundreds of Accounts Doing Paid Editing 146 comments
Study Reveals Wikimedia Foundation Is 'Awash In Money' 202 comments
An Open Ranking of Wikipedia Pages 39 comments
How Many Hoaxes Are On Wikipedia? No One Knows 186 comments
If You Thought Studying History Was Bad, This Math Professor Is Making It Harder 75 comments
Wikipedia Admin's Manipulation "Messed Up Perhaps 15,000 Students' Lives" 264 comments
Wikipedia Entries On NYPD Violence Get Some Edits From Headquarters 135 comments
Wikimedia Foundation Files Suit Against NSA and DOJ 103 comments
The Bizarre and Complex Story of a Failed Wikipedia Software Extension 94 comments
One Man's Quest To Rid Wikipedia of Exactly One Grammatical Mistake 425 comments
The Next Big Step For Wikidata: Forming a Hub For Researchers 61 comments
Is a "Wikipedia For News" Feasible? 167 comments
A Mismatch Between Wikimedia's Pledge Drive and Its Cash On Hand? 274 comments
Wikipedia's "Complicated" Relationship With Net Neutrality 134 comments
Researchers Forecast the Spread of Diseases Using Wikipedia 61 comments
Meet the 36 People Who Run Wikipedia 140 comments
Python-LMDB In a High-Performance Environment 98 comments
How Spurious Wikipedia Edits Can Attach a Name To a Scandal, 35 Years On 165 comments
Why Women Have No Time For Wikipedia 579 comments
Latest Wikipedia Uproar Over 'Superprotection' 239 comments
Wikipedia Gets Critical Reception from UK Press at Wikimania 2014 113 comments
Wikipedia Reports 50 Links From Google 'Forgotten', Issues Transparency Report 81 comments
An Accidental Wikipedia Hoax 189 comments
Dear Museums: Uploading Your Content To Wikimedia Commons Just Got Easier 24 comments
Wikipedia Blocks 'Disruptive' Edits From US Congress 165 comments
Russian Government Edits Wikipedia On Flight MH17 667 comments
$10 Million Lawsuit Against Wikipedia Editors "Stragetically" Withdrawn 51 comments
Bot Tweets Anonymous Wikipedia Edits From Capitol Hill 95 comments
US National Archives Will Upload All Its Holdings To Wikipedia 108 comments
Wikipedia Editors Hit With $10 Million Defamation Suit 268 comments
Wikipedia Forcing Editors To Disclose If They're Paid 135 comments
Wikipedia Mining Algorithm Reveals the Most Influential People In History 231 comments
Wikipedia Medical Articles Found To Have High Error Rate 200 comments
German Wikipedia Has Problems With Paid Editing — and Threats of Violence 55 comments
Jimmy Wales To 'Holistic Healers': Prove Your Claims the Old-Fashioned Way 517 comments
Russian Civil Law Changed By Wikimedia 88 comments
Major Wikipedia Donors Caught Editing Their Own Articles 125 comments
FLOSS Codecs Emerge Victorious In Wikimedia Vote 235 comments
IBM Employees Caught Editing Wikipedia 112 comments
Finnish Police Board Wants Justification For Wikipedia's Fundraising Campaign 252 comments
Wikimedia Community Debates H.264 Support On Wikipedia Sites. 247 comments
Wikipedia's Lamest Edit Wars 219 comments
Have 100GB Free? Host Your Own Copy of Wikipedia, With Images 151 comments
Wikimedia Sends Cease and Desist Letter To Firm Providing Paid Editing Services 186 comments
Wikimedia Launches Beta Program To Test Upcoming Features 25 comments
Wikipedia's Participation Problem 372 comments
Wikipedia Actively Battling PR Sockpuppets 166 comments
How PR Subverts Wikipedia 219 comments
Wikipedia Can Predict Box Office Flops 147 comments
Interview: Jimmy Wales Answers Your Questions 146 comments
Wikipedia Rolls Out Mobile Editing For All Users 55 comments
Wikimedia Rolls Out Its WYSIWYG Visual Editor For Logged-in Wikipedia Users 71 comments
Interview: Ask Jimmy Wales What You Will 161 comments
Campaign Raises Funds To Send Wikipedia Readers To Kids Without Internet 97 comments
Wikipedia Moved To MariaDB 5.5 133 comments
Why French Govt's Attempt to Censor Wikipedia Matters 104 comments
French Intelligence Agency Forces Removal of Wikipedia Entry 179 comments
Wikipedia Will Soon Be Available Via Text Messages 34 comments
Wikimedia Moving Main Data Center To Ashburn, Virginia 59 comments
Strong Foundations: FreeBSD, Wikimedia Raise Buckets of Development Money 113 comments
How Can Wikipedia's Visual Editor Top Other Word Processors? 196 comments
Wikipedia Is Nearing "Completion" 248 comments
The Rise of Paid Wikipedia Consulting 85 comments
Wikipedia Scandal: High Profile Users Allegedly Involved In Paid-Editing 154 comments
When a Primary Source Isn't Good Enough: Wikipedia 333 comments
Jimmy Wales Threatens To Obstruct UK Government Snooping 198 comments
Let the Campaign Edit Wars Begin 571 comments
Wikipedia Edits Forecast Romney's Vice Presidential Pick 300 comments
Wikipedia-Sponsored Pilot Study Lauds Wikipedia Accuracy 125 comments
Why Is Wikipedia So Ugly? 370 comments
Russian Wikipedia Shutters In Protest of Internet Blacklist Plans 84 comments
Jimmy Wales Calls UK Government To Halt O'Dwyer Extradition 94 comments
Wikipedia As a "War Zone," Rather Than a Collaboration 194 comments
Researcher's Wikipedia Big Data Project Shows Globalization Rate 16 comments
What Should We Do About Wikipedia's Porn Problem? 544 comments
Statisticians Investigate Political Bias On Wikipedia 221 comments
GMU Prof Teaches How To Falsify Wikipedia — and Get Caught 183 comments
Kevin Bacon Meets Wikipedia With New Pathfinding Program 50 comments
Jimmy Wales Backs UK Government Bid To Free Academic Data 55 comments
Wikimedia Treats Their Operations Like Their Projects 33 comments
Wikipedia Mobile Apps Switch To OpenStreetMap 166 comments
Wikipedia Didn't Kill Brittanica — Encarta Did 288 comments
Wikipedia Hasn't Forgiven GoDaddy 190 comments
Wikipedia Chooses Lua As Its New Template Language 145 comments
Wikipedia Still Set For Full Blackout Wednesday 291 comments
Wikipedia To Dump GoDaddy Over SOPA 197 comments
The Curious Case of Increasing Misspelling Rates On Wikipedia 285 comments
Wikipedia Debates Strike Over SOPA 175 comments
Italian Wikipedia May Shut Down Due To New Legislation 292 comments
Wikimedia Foundation Enables HTTPS For All Projects 69 comments
Wikimedia Foundation Releases Their Server Config 22 comments
Wikipedia May Censor Images 171 comments
Fluidinfo, Wikipedia For Databases 79 comments
Wikipedia Losing Contributors, Says Wales 533 comments
Release of 33GiB of Scientific Publications 242 comments
Facebook Is Most Hated Social Media Company 165 comments
Company Fined €25,000 For Altering Wikipedia 141 comments
Does Creative Commons Work With Pseudonymity? 37 comments
Wikipedia Adds "WikiLove" For Newbie Editors 225 comments
Could Wikipedia Become a Supercomputer? 165 comments
Palin Fans Deface Paul Revere Wikipedia Page 767 comments
The Petition to Classify Wikipedia a "World Wonder" 311 comments
Wikipedia Edits Around the World 85 comments
Places With the Most Wikipedia Articles 37 comments
Editing Wikipedia Helps Professor Attain Tenure 139 comments
Wikipedia Wants More Contributions From Academics 385 comments
Old Man Murray Wikipedia Controversy Continues 173 comments
Wikipedia Moves To Delete the Free Speech Flag 258 comments
Old Man Murray Entry Deleted From Wikipedia 432 comments
Wikipedia Works To Close Gender Gap 376 comments
Google Would Beat Bing At Jeopardy, Says Wolfram 138 comments
Wikipedia and the History of Gaming 240 comments
Happy 10th Birthday To Wikipedia 137 comments
The Biggest Hoaxes In Wikipedia's First Decade 219 comments
Jimmy Wales Declares App Store Models a Threat 334 comments
Wikipedia Meets $16M Budget Goal 255 comments
Judge Declares Mistrial Because of Wikipedia 558 comments
Should Wikipedia Just Accept Ads Already? 608 comments
Wikipedia Pages Now On Amazon — With Product Links 130 comments
Wikipedia Could Block 67 Million Verizon Customers 481 comments
Can Wikipedia Teach Us All How To Just Get Along? 191 comments
What If We Ran Universities Like Wikipedia? 380 comments
Wikimedia Trying P2P Video Distribution 85 comments
Competition Produces Vandalism Detection For Wikis 62 comments
Wikipedia Entry Turned Into Actual Encyclopedia 96 comments
Stanford's Authoritative Alternative To Wikipedia 355 comments
Wikipedia Reveals Secret of 'The Mousetrap' 244 comments
Prosecutor Loses Case For Citing Wikipedia 315 comments
FBI Instructs Wikipedia To Drop FBI Seal 485 comments
A $20 8-Bit Wikipedia Reader For Your TV 167 comments
Wikipedia To Unlock Frequently Vandalized Pages 244 comments
YouTube Blocked In Pakistan 299 comments
Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Has Passport Confiscated 197 comments
Wikimedia Confusion Swirls In Wake of Porn Charges 267 comments
In Argentina, Law Against Plagiarism Plagiarized 165 comments
Wikipedia Is Not Amused By Entry For xkcd-Coined Word 553 comments
Wikipedia Offers a Book Creator 89 comments
Wales Supports Purging Porn From Wikipedia 263 comments
Aussie Tech-Focused Wiki Launched 155 comments
Larry Sanger Tells FBI Wikipedia Distributes "Child Pornography" 572 comments
Journalism Students Assigned To Write On Wikipedia 138 comments
Wikipedia Explains Today's Global Outage 153 comments
Wikipedia's Assault On Patent-Encumbered Codecs 428 comments
How Students Use Wikipedia 170 comments
Why Wikipedia Articles Vary So Much In Quality 160 comments
Developing a Vandalism Detector For Wikipedia 116 comments
Jimmy Wales' Theory of Failure 164 comments
German Killers Sue Wikipedia To Remove Their Names 859 comments
Slashback: SCO, COPA, AllofMP3, Navier-Stokes, and More 144 comments

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