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SuSE Stories

OpenSUSE Leap 42.1 Released 31 comments
ARM Support Comes To SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 23 comments
KDE Plasma 5 Becomes the Default Desktop of OpenSUSE Tumbleweed 60 comments
Linux 4.0 Getting No-Reboot Patching 125 comments
Big Names Dominate Open Source Funding 32 comments
A Brilliant Mind: SUSE's Kernel Guru Speaks 61 comments
OpenSUSE 13.2 Released 42 comments
OpenSUSE Factory To Merge With Tumbleweed 24 comments
OwnCloud Dev Requests Removal From Ubuntu Repos Over Security Holes 126 comments
New Global Plan Would Crack Down On Corporate Tax Avoidance 324 comments
OpenSUSE Forums Defaced, Email Addresses Leaked 82 comments
Run Netflix On OpenSUSE 128 comments
OpenSUSE May Be First Major Distro To Adopt Btrfs By Default 104 comments
SUSE's LibreOffice Core Team Moves To Collabora 72 comments
Linux Vendors Push For Open-Source In Hybrid Datacenter Clouds 30 comments
Secure Boot Coming To SuSE Linux Servers 135 comments
OpenSUSE 12.3 Is Out 62 comments
OpenSUSE ARM Final Less Than a Week Away; RC2 Out Now 28 comments
Developer Gets OpenSUSE Running On $249 Google Chromebook 81 comments
OpenSUSE 12.2 Is Out 96 comments
SUSE Slowly Shows UEFI Secure Boot Plan 190 comments
Ubuntu Unity Ported To Fedora Using OpenSUSE 128 comments
US-CERT Discloses Security Flaw In 64-Bit Intel Chips 181 comments
OpenSUSE Team Reworking Dev Model, Delays 12.2 Release 38 comments
Torvalds Calls OpenSUSE Security 'Too Intrusive' 311 comments
Greg KH Leaves SUSE For Linux Foundation 20 comments
Why Linux Vendors Need To Sell More Than Linux 290 comments
OpenSUSE 12.1 Released 174 comments
Fedora 16, OpenSuse 12.1 Betas With Gnome 3.2 117 comments
Microsoft Extending Linux Patent Deal With SUSE 68 comments
OpenSUSE 11.4 Released 87 comments
London Stock Exchange Price Errors 'Emerged At Linux Launch' 168 comments
London Stock Exchange Finishes Switch To Linux 106 comments
OpenSUSE To Offer a Rolling Release Repository 72 comments
Attachmate To Acquire Novell For $2.2B Cash 221 comments
VMware Looks To Acquire Novell's SUSE Unit 161 comments
Root Privileges Through Linux Kernel Bug 131 comments
OpenSUSE 11.3 Is Here 156 comments
Novell Reportedly Taking Bids From Up To 20 Companies 124 comments
Novell Changes Enterprise Linux Kernel Mid-Stream 96 comments
Novell Rejects "Inadequate" $2B Takeover Bid 111 comments
How Many SUSE Subscriptions Can You Get For $240M? 121 comments
IBM's Newest Mainframe Is All Linux 251 comments
openSUSE 11.2 Released 207 comments
Australian Defence Force Builds $1.7m Linux-Based Flight Simulator 232 comments
SUSE Studio 1.0 Released 121 comments
SUSE Studio — Linux Customization For the Masses 126 comments
OpenSUSE 11.1 License Changes Examined 90 comments
openSUSE Launches 11.1 173 comments
Microsoft To Buy $100M More SUSE Support Vouchers 157 comments
OpenSUSE's EULAs vs. Free Software Ideals 59 comments
OpenSUSE 11.0 Released 301 comments
Novell, Red Hat Release Updated Distributions 31 comments
OpenSUSE 11.0 Beta 1 Has Been Released 49 comments
openSUSE 10.3 Public Release 165 comments
OpenSuSE to Release Linux Distro for Educators 51 comments
A CIO's View of SUSE's Enterprise Viability 184 comments
Microsoft's SUSE Coupons Have No Expiry Date 298 comments
openSUSE Survey Results Online 173 comments
openSUSE Hobbled By Microsoft Patents 266 comments
Hubert Mantel Returns to Novell 68 comments
Three Takers Named for Microsoft's Linux Support 149 comments
Stallman Absolves Novell 101 comments
OpenSUSE Opens Up To Questions About the Microsoft Deal 288 comments
Mark Shuttleworth Tries To Lure OpenSUSE Devs 258 comments
Novell's Virtualization Partnership 54 comments
FreeNX Terminal Server Setup on SUSE 10 22 comments
Suse Linux Founder Exits Novell 245 comments
Novell Missteps Not Affecting SuSE 96 comments
A Closer Look at SUSE 10 269 comments
SUSE 10.0 OSS Released 263 comments
An Early Taste of OpenSUSE 233 comments
Novell To Open Source SUSE 316 comments
Linux Desktops in New Zealand Schools 280 comments
SUSE Linux 9.3 FTP Version Released 24 comments
HHS Signs Major Linux Deal With Novell 236 comments
SuSE Linux 9.3 Pro Released 46 comments
New Releases for Debian and SUSE 223 comments
SuSE Linux 9.3 Professional Review at Mad Penguin 35 comments
Novell To Ship Xen in Next Version of Suse 167 comments
SUSE Awarded EAL4 Certification 160 comments
Linspire Five-0 First Look 163 comments
SuSE Linux 9.2 Professional Released 267 comments
Dell Teams Up With SUSE 178 comments
SLES9 vs. Windows Server 2003 In A Windows Network 21 comments
Interview with Chris Schlaeger from Novell/SUSE 146 comments
SUSE 9.2 Released 352 comments
ULB GNOME 2.8.0 Released 23 comments
Microsoft's Chief Linux Strategist Interviewed 369 comments
Novell to Help Port Applications to Linux 610 comments
HP Linux Laptop Is A Winner 412 comments
Circuit City Migrating to Linux 13 comments
Novell 'Drinking Their Own Champagne' 21 comments
SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9 Released 6 comments
Sun Pondering Buying Novell 400 comments
SUSE 9.1 Personal ISO Available For Free Download 187 comments
Novell-SUSE Sponsors Openswan 132 comments
McDonald's Germany Moves to SuSE Linux 471 comments
SUSE 9.1 FTP Version Available 215 comments
Suse 9.1 Reviews? 406 comments
SuSE 9.1 Available for Download 229 comments
MS Hires The Salesman Who Won Munich For SUSE 422 comments
More SUSE Linux 9.1 Reviews 202 comments
'Sneak Preview' of SUSE 9.1 190 comments
Novell Desktop To Standardize On Qt [updated] 615 comments
IBM Invests $50M in Novell, May Ship SUSE Linux 321 comments
Novell Makes More Open Source Moves 351 comments
YaST to Become Open Source 478 comments
Novell Announces SUSE Linux 9.1 435 comments
Novell's Chris Stone at the MySQL Users Conference 143 comments
SUSE Linux Receives EAL3 Certification 143 comments
Novell Not Pushing Ximian Onto SuSE 230 comments
Gateway Forges Partnership With SuSE 250 comments
Novell/SUSE Prime for Aquisition? 218 comments
Putting Novell's SuSE Purchase In Perspective 331 comments
Novell Announces Agreement to Acquire SUSE 672 comments
Novell & SUSE In Link Up? 209 comments
SuSE Going For Red Hat's Market 114 comments
Upcoming SuSE 9.0 Professional Reviewed 204 comments
Ford To Move To Linux 562 comments
SuSE CEO's Two-Distro World 401 comments
Sun Microsystems, SuSE Link Up To Sell Linux 272 comments
Analysis of SuSE Linux Desktop 295 comments
SuSE Linux Desktop 1.0 Reviewed 212 comments
Review of SuSE 8.2 309 comments
First Look At SuSE Linux 8.2 196 comments
SuSE's OpenExchange and Windows Integration? 24 comments
SuSE 8.2 Announced 496 comments
SuSE may drop out of UnitedLinux 419 comments
SuSE Linux will run Microsoft Office 382 comments
Yet Another Exchange Killer? 333 comments
Review of SuSE 8.1 Professional 323 comments
SuSE Presents The YaST2 Package Manager 193 comments
SuSE Denies UnitedLinux Per-Seat License Model 193 comments
First Looks at Suse 8.0 / KDE 3.0 285 comments
SuSE 8.0 Now Shipping 298 comments
SuSE No Longer Barred From Selling 183 comments
Preliminary Injunction Against SuSE 246 comments
New Financing And Fewer Staff @ SuSE 132 comments
IBM And Intel Help Rescue SuSE From Insolvency 251 comments
SuSE CTO & President Steps Down 113 comments
SuSE Announces More Layoffs 136 comments
SuSE Lays Off (Most) U.S. Staff (Updated) 172 comments
SuSE's Next Release Will Come With 2.4 Kernel - Updated 92 comments
SuSE, Czech Localization, And An Odd Licensing Twist 144 comments
SuSE 7.0 Available For Download 82 comments
SuSE Announces Linux Version For SPARC 102 comments
SuSE 7.0 114 comments
SuSE 6.4 ISO - Now Available 73 comments
SuSE For PPC 80 comments
SuSE 6.4 Announced 120 comments
SuSE clarifies "Linux on the desktop" Statement 135 comments
SuSe CEO: 'Linux Still Not Ready for the Desktop' 347 comments
SuSE 'Name-the-Mascot' Contest is Over 111 comments
Try to Name the SuSE Mascot 247 comments
Best distribution award goes to .... SuSE 154 comments
SuSE 6.3 Released Today 89 comments
Intel Invests 12 Million Euro in SuSE 107 comments
SuSE and VA Linux Partnership 37 comments
SuSE Coming on DVD 155 comments
S.u.S.E 6.2 English released 128 comments
SuSE 6.2 in August 153 comments
SuSE 6.1 for Alpha 42 comments
SuSE Sales up Significantly 118 comments
SuSE Labs Formed 38 comments
SuSE larger than RedHat 252 comments
ISDN Problems w/ SuSE v6.1 8 comments
SuSE gets Mainstream Sales Distribution 111 comments
S.u.S.E. 6.1 Ships Today 82 comments
SuSE 6.1 Release Date Announced 37 comments
SuSE 6.0 First Complete Look 125 comments
SuSE Cluster 26 comments
SuSE 6 Released 38 comments
SuSE 6.0 released (German only) 45 comments
SuSE 6.0 Beta Released 0 comments
S.u.S.E. 6.0 will ship soon 0 comments
SuSE and LinuxCare to offer Commercial Support 0 comments
SUSE: Shipment of Linux Office Suite 99 Delayed 0 comments

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