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Programming Stories for 2001

Miguel On GNOME, Bonobo, .NET and more 24 comments
Parrot Updates 91 comments
Computer Programming for Everybody Using Python 20 comments
XML Schema for Theatrical Scripts? 14 comments
Mixed MP3/Ogg Streaming 19 comments
How Efficient/Stable are the am-utils? 10 comments
Thinking in Patterns: Download the First Version 82 comments
Code Analysis Software? 9 comments
Software Carpentry QMTest Testing Tool Released 63 comments
Recommended C++ and Java Coding Standards? 40 comments
Python 2.2 Released 19 comments
When Making a Comprehensive Retrofit of your Code... 385 comments
Happy Birthday Perl! 168 comments
Let's Kill the Hard Disk Icon 613 comments
J2EE Development on MacOSX 24 comments
Using Perl to Automate Exchange 2000 Tasks? 17 comments
Translating Free Software? 15 comments
C#, CLI Accepted by ECMA 29 comments
Consequences of a Solution to NP Complete Problems? 525 comments
For Sale: 1 Damian Conway, 1 Dan Sugalski 96 comments
Damian Conway On Programming, Perl And More 185 comments
Looking At Turing 138 comments
PHP 4.1.0 Released 37 comments
Introduction to Single System Image Clustering 6 comments
Experiences Programming on Cyclades Term Servers? 4 comments
Adjusting Your Work Environment to Work for You? 59 comments
How To Make Software Projects Fail 905 comments
New Berkeley DB Release Includes Replication 7 comments
TrollTech's $10,000 Carrot For Zaurus PDA Apps 12 comments
Arranging Multi-Language Source Code Trees? 8 comments
Data Migration from Sybase to PostgreSQL? 15 comments
Interview with the Creator of Ruby 183 comments
Dealing with BLOBs in Postgres? 16 comments
Software Internationalization 29 comments
JBoss Founder Interview 223 comments
Private Namespaces for Linux 8 comments
Oldest Software Seen in Production? 54 comments
Yet Another Software Sucks Article 32 comments
A Developer's Review Of Red Hat's Embedded Dev Kit 5 comments
Why Switch a Big Software Project to autoconf? 219 comments
Lightweight Languages 188 comments
Better Progamming In Perl 15 comments
Organizing Your Web Services Division? 98 comments
Moving from Source Safe to CVS? 32 comments
.Net for VJ++ 15 comments
Software Engineering Body of Knowledge 428 comments
How Many Developers to Maintain Large Project? 18 comments
Review of AtheOS 0.3.7 172 comments
The Power of Multi-Language Applications 413 comments
Open-Source Verification Language 9 comments
C# From a Java Developer's Perspective 507 comments
Upping The Softmodem Code Bounty -- To $20,000 234 comments
Do You Remember Bob? 315 comments
Panasonic Calls It .PBE? 13 comments
C with Safety - Cyclone 392 comments
Telepongs Linux Handheld in June 67 comments
Which Mailing List Manager Do You Recommmend? 36 comments
Portable Coding and Cross-Platform Libraries? 531 comments
Visual C++ and C++ Standard 31 comments
XML-RPC vs. SOAP: An Overview 13 comments
Kent M. Pitman's Second Wind 170 comments
Ruby, Now In English 20 comments
SourceForge Drifting 382 comments
Kent M. Pitman Answers On Lisp And Much More 346 comments
Tutorials and Information on Audio Codecs? 7 comments
Java IDEs? 679 comments
Borland Releases Kylix 2 227 comments
Microsoft to Take on Java Again With J# 49 comments
Can Software Schedules Be Estimated? 480 comments
GSL 1.0 Released 10 comments
XML eCommerce Standards, What Works for You? 3 comments
Realtime Signal Processing for Unix? 9 comments
Lighter Side of CPAN 66 comments
C# To Crush Java? 93 comments
Perl6 for Mortals 224 comments
Embedded Computer Horror Stories? 19 comments
Web ReDesign: Workflow that Works 129 comments
SelfHTML 8.0 Is Out 8 comments
What Do You Know About Databases And XML? 257 comments
Carl Sassenrath Talks About REBOL 246 comments
Which Partition Types Are Superior? 283 comments
Controlling Your Computer with IR Remotes? 13 comments
Self-Improving Systems 174 comments
Generic GUI Wrapper For Python 114 comments
Can Developers Work in a 'Locked-Down' Environment? 648 comments
NASA Releases Classic Software To Public Domain 193 comments
Open Source Programmers Stink At Error Handling 610 comments
Compiler/Interpreter Validation Guidelines for C? 10 comments
Good Textbooks for Object Oriented Programming? 38 comments
Coder or Architect? 405 comments
Is There an Open Standard for Network Maps? 12 comments
E-commerce with mod_perl and Apache 174 comments
MySQL 4.0 Released 207 comments
New Releases For MySQL (4.0), Samba (2.2.2) 8 comments
The Easy Way To Work With XML. 10 comments
Review Of Hard Hat Linux SDK 2 comments
Esoteric Programming Languages 259 comments
Ask Kent M. Pitman About Lisp, Scheme And More 353 comments
GPL-Style License w/ A Twist? 22 comments
J# 337 comments
Major Changes To MySQL Coming Soon 301 comments
AtheOS Hits 0.3.7 19 comments
Does Linux Need Another Commercial Compiler? 261 comments
Exegesis 3 Released (Perl 6 Examples) 85 comments
Programming Books for Non-Programmers? 11 comments
VTUNE-like Profiling Tools for Unix? 7 comments
Niche Operating Systems 405 comments
The Perl Journal Archive Back (and Online Too!) 74 comments
Apocalypse 3 151 comments
Who Has Faster Pipes? Linux, Win2000, WinXP Compared 534 comments
Managing Mailing Lists 100 comments
IOCCC Accepting New, 'Improved' Entries 144 comments
Open Source Bug Tracking for Visual SourceSafe? 11 comments
Open Watcom Effort Makes First Public Release 225 comments
Simulating Lens Flares? 20 comments
CVS vs. Commercial Source Control? 43 comments
Ada95 Book, Now Free Online 13 comments
Primers for Entering The World Of Web Development? 41 comments
WAP Bashing 133 comments
Developing for the Samsung Uproar M100 Cell/MP3 Phone? 6 comments
Languages vs. Platforms? 11 comments
Managing Open Source Projects 94 comments
New Perl GUI 9 comments
Web Application Architecture 11 comments
What Ever Happened to QBASIC? 23 comments
Which Open Source Projects Are -Really- Collaborative? 210 comments
Fast, Open Alternative to Java 357 comments
Chuck Moore Holds Forth 211 comments
XML in a Nutshell 122 comments
What Features Do You Look For in a SDK? 8 comments
Solaris Pascal on Linux? 11 comments
Efficient HTML Organization and Distribution on Webservers? 13 comments
Artificial Intelligence Coding - Perl or Lisp? 16 comments
Programming Linux Games 103 comments
Parrot: For Real 101 comments
Peter Tattam Of The PetrOS Project Talks To OSNews 198 comments
On Getting Management Interested in Improving Quality? 270 comments
Learning Java Through Violence 225 comments
When Do You Kiss Backwards Compatibility Goodbye? 241 comments
Are GUI Dev Tools More Advanced than CLI Counterparts? 501 comments
Lisp as an Alternative to Java 372 comments
AtheOS Wizard Kurt Skauen Tells All 205 comments
Creating and Using XML-Based Internal Documents? 176 comments
The Parrot Lives, Or Does It? 2 comments
ICFP 2001 Contest Results 100 comments
MenuetOS Debuts 390 comments
Software Aesthetics 748 comments
Kylix vs. gcc Development 15 comments
DCE/RPC Open Source Kick-Start 6 comments
Oracle JDeveloper Beta Available for Linux 4 comments
Ask Chuck Moore About 25X, Forth And So On 323 comments
MySQL Gets Perl Stored Procedures 266 comments
Nicklas Elmqvist On 3Dwm Project's Progress 9 comments
Sam Lantinga Slings Some Answers 45 comments
A Small Company Moves Away From Microsoft 12 comments
BOA: Web Scripting In Pure HTML 20 comments
Rebuilding A Website With Modern Tools 2 comments
Java To Overtake C/C++ in 2002 605 comments
The D Programming Language 530 comments
Mob Software 234 comments
PostgreSQL Plans From The Source 4 comments
OpenBSD Loadable Kernel Modules 15 comments
Open Source Database Underdogs 154 comments
Best "Visual Studio" Alternative On Linux 82 comments
Eliza for Spam 166 comments
Programming in the Ruby Language 345 comments
Knuth's Volume IV Preview Available Online 273 comments
Randal Schwartz And Tom Phoenix Interview 11 comments
Memory Leaks 34 comments
ICFP 2001 Task 110 comments
Larry Wall's State of the Onion 93 comments
Linux Device Drivers, 2nd ed. Released Under GNU FDL 77 comments
Borland Kylix Is Free - Sort Of. 172 comments
Challenging The OEMs on Java 181 comments
Linux Game Programming 91 comments
Good Software Takes 10 Years? 250 comments
MS XP Drops Java Support 367 comments
PHP Security 10 comments
Perl CD Bookshelf 2.0 73 comments
Developing for the Linux Desktop 163 comments
Proceedings Of OSS Workshop Available Online 5 comments
How To Deal With (Techie) Prima Donnas 425 comments
SOAP 1.2 Draft Spec 2 comments
Why not Ruby? 316 comments
Can a Free Online Game Make Money? 23 comments
The Perl Journal Bought by CMP 42 comments
4th ICFP Programming Contest Announced 46 comments
Supercomputing and Climate Research 117 comments
The Great Computer Language Shootout 180 comments
Code Reviews- Do They Really Exist, In Practice? 36 comments
On the Use of Environment Variables? 20 comments
C Styled Script - C-like Scripting Language 211 comments
Loki Publishes "Programming Linux Games" 75 comments
Large Scale, Professional, Mail Merge Apps? 17 comments
Trolltech Makes Qt/Windows Free As In Beer 10 comments
Article Series On Hacking XPCOM Using Python 4 comments
Cyc System Prepares to Take Over World 329 comments
Write Your Own Freenet-based Game 55 comments
Compaq Readies Solaris-Linux Migration tools 39 comments
Inform Designer's Manual: 4th Edition 3 comments
Ask Robert Merkel About GnuCash Development 123 comments
GCC 3.0 Released 210 comments
Parallel Object Oriented Programming Language 3 comments
Adopting PHP Code to a UNIX/Windows Environment? 6 comments
High Performance Network Applications 113 comments
Python Now GPL compatible 168 comments
Replacements for AltaVista Discovery? 7 comments
In the Beginning Was FORTRAN. 188 comments
gcc 3.0 Coming Soon to a Computer Near You 19 comments
Dynamic Cross-Processor Binary Translation 179 comments
Unicode, WWW, Databases and Japanese Web Sites? 11 comments
Open Source Projects and Usability Professionals? 9 comments
Where Do You Go After Visual Basic? 363 comments
Accessibility and Citrix? 6 comments
What's the State of the Open Source Java Community? 5 comments Builds No More 1 comments
An Open Cookbook for Ruby? 2 comments
Booting XINU From Floppy? 5 comments
Learn A New Language 10 comments
Programmers, Not Lawyers, Defining Rights 8 comments
Revving Up The Motor IDE 7 comments
Writing SNMP MIBs from C Structs? 23 comments
Turning the Tide on Perl's Attitude Toward Beginners 3 comments
Software Dev - Why Rebuild When We Can Retool? 19 comments
Writing Your Own NDA? 18 comments
Cooking Up Some Python 3 comments
Actionscript: The Definitive Guide 76 comments
Is There Anything Happening on the MAJC Front? 5 comments
Is There Any Future For Closed Languages? 23 comments
Security-Meantime Between Rootshell? 104 comments
Hiring Open Source Developers for Closed Source Work? 138 comments
The Humane Interface 169 comments
Exegesis 2: Damian Conway On Perl6 125 comments
Daemon Processes Explored 6 comments
Open-Source "Ratings & Recommendations" Software? 9 comments
King of the Stack! 7 comments
Architectures for Homebrew OSes? 5 comments
Building a Test Automation System from Scratch? 6 comments
Bioinformatics 105 comments
Projects for the Disabled and the Needy? 5 comments
Mark Lutz on Python 108 comments
Go Extreme, Programmatically Speaking 259 comments
Resources on the Theory Behind Decompilers? 9 comments
AtheOS Interview 147 comments
Is C++ Ready For The Desktop? 9 comments
VBScript vs. Perl Web Development Time Comparisons? 27 comments
Using SOAP::Lite With Perl 3 comments
SQL Over FreeNet 95 comments
Wireless BMP graphs with XML, SAX, JavaBeans, and JSP 2 comments
Porting Lotus Domino Apps to Linux and Solaris 3 comments
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