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Programming Stories

Drag-and-Drop "CS" Tutorials: the Emperor's New Code? 131 comments
Unreal Engine Will Soon Allow Developers To Build Games Inside of VR 34 comments
K-12 CS Framework Draft: Kids Taught To 'Protect Original Ideas' In Early Grades 132 comments
New Hack Shrinks Docker Containers 129 comments
Winner of the 2015 Underhanded C Contest Announced 48 comments
7 Swift 2 Enhancements iOS Devs Will Love 123 comments
Obama Calls For $4B 'Computer Science For All' Program For K-12 Schools 246 comments
Facebook Is Shuttering the Parse Developer Platform 46 comments
GitHub Service Outage 117 comments
Ask Slashdot: How To Work On Source Code Without Having the Source Code? 233 comments
GOTO Jail: FBI Investigated Bizarre BASIC Program Sent To Johnny Cash 62 comments
Ask Slashdot: What Are Your Experiences With Online IDEs For Web Development? 168 comments
Software Hall of Fame Member Ed Yourdon Dies 67 comments
Rust 1.6 Released 75 comments
Stephen Wolfram: No Need To Teach With 'Toy Programming Languages' Like Scratch 214 comments
Developers Frustrated with GitHub Prod For Changes In Bug Reports, Transparency 99 comments
Code Reviews vs. Pair Programming 186 comments
Ask Slashdot: Good Introductory SW Engineering Projects? (HS Level) 140 comments
Microsoft To Release Educational Version of Minecraft 57 comments
The President Wants Every Student To Learn CS. How Would That Work? 317 comments
Microsoft Announces R Tools For Visual Studio 105 comments
Use Code From Stack Overflow? You Must Provide Attribution 303 comments
The Best Ways To Simplify Your Code? 197 comments
Microsoft Open Sources Edge JavaScript Code, Plans Linux Port 92 comments
ESP8266 Basic Interpreter Lowers IoT Entry Bar For Amateur Programmers 112 comments Microsoft, Google, Apple Identifying What 1st Graders Should Know 145 comments
Java Named Top Programming Language of 2015 358 comments
Facebook Hands Out Secret Chat SDK For Virtual Messenger Bots 17 comments
The Unsung Heroes of Scientific Software 62 comments
Overcoming Intuition In Programming 237 comments
The Sad Graph of Software Death 210 comments
The Swift Programming Language's Most Commonly Rejected Changes 339 comments
Scott Meyers Retires From Involvement With C++ 112 comments
Open Source Roles: Starters vs. Maintainers 77 comments
Coding Styles Survive Binary Compilation, Could Lead Investigators Back To Programmers 164 comments
US Dept. of Ed: English, History, and Civics Teachers Good Enough For CS Class 242 comments
Can Web Standards Make Mobile Apps Obsolete? 225 comments
Fixing JavaScript's Broken Random Number Generator 136 comments
Perl 6 Released 145 comments
Ruby 2.3.0 Released 45 comments
Did Google and the Hour of Code Get "Left" and "Right" Wrong? 107 comments
College Board Mainstreams AP Computer Science 69 comments
US Bureau of Labor Statistics: Programmer Jobs Will Decline 8% 349 comments
Programmers Share 188 Computer-Generated Novels On GitHub 49 comments
Facebook, Google Top Year-End App List 30 comments
Improving UI and UX: Changing the "Open Source Is Ugly" Perception 402 comments
Why President Obama Was Held Back a Year Before Starting Code School 117 comments
Developer Claims 'PS4 Officially Jailbroken' 133 comments
Untangling the Tale of Ada Lovelace 124 comments
WSJ: New Education Bill To Get More Coding In Classrooms 88 comments
No More QA: Yahoo's Tech Leaders Say Engineers Are Better Off Coding With No Net 216 comments
HHVM Beats Stable Version of PHP 7.0 In Recent Benchmark 39 comments
Write the Docs Helps Create FLOSS Software Documentation (Video #2) 14 comments
Stephen Wolfram's Free Book Teaches the Wolfram Language To Kids 105 comments
Write the Docs Helps Create FLOSS Software Documentation (Video) 27 comments
UK's National Crime Agency Publishes Crazy Cyber-Crime Warning Signs 151 comments
Signs You're Doing Devops Wrong 166 comments
Developing In C/C++? Why You Should Consider Clang Over GCC 255 comments
Facebook Shuts Down Creative Labs 62 comments
Ask Slashdot: How Will You Be Programming In a Decade? 279 comments
Google Santa Tracker Is Back 68 comments
Perl 6 Gets Beta Compiler, Modules and an Advent Calendar 131 comments
DragonFlyBSD 4.4 Switches To the Gold Linker By Default 26 comments
Programming Education: Selling People a Lie? 397 comments
The Top Programming Languages That Spawn the Most Security Bugs 241 comments
Ballmer: Microsoft Mobile Should Focus On Android Apps Not Universal Apps 121 comments
Apple Releases Swift As an Open-Source Project 195 comments
PHP 7 Ready For Release 159 comments
Software Engineer Liz Bennett Talks About Being a Woman in a Nearly All Male Workplace (Video) 370 comments
NSF Antes Up $200K For Spin-off of Microsoft-Funded 'Code Trip' TV Show 22 comments
HTTP/2.0 Opens Every New Connection It Makes With the Word 'PRISM' 200 comments
Interviews: Stack Overflow Co-Founder Jeff Atwood Answers Your Questions 78 comments
Rikers Inmates Learn How To Code Without Internet Access 173 comments
Free Pascal Compiler 3.0.0 Is Out; Adds Support For 16-Bit MS-DOS, 64-Bit iOS 134 comments
Will You Be Able To Run a Modern Desktop Environment In 2016 Without Systemd? 785 comments
How Computer Scientists Cracked a 50-Year-Old Math Problem 96 comments
High Level Coding Language Used To Create New POS Malware 94 comments
Google Previews Android Studio 2.0 40 comments
Stack Overflow and the Zeitgeist of Computer Programming 171 comments
Sued Freelancer Allegedly Turns Over Contractee Source Code In Settlement 130 comments
Ask Slashdot: Convincing a Team To Undertake UX Enhancements On a Large Codebase? 192 comments
Julia Programming Language Receives $600k Donation 106 comments
Interviews: Alan Donovan and Brian Kernighan Answer Your Questions 42 comments
Microsoft Open-Sources Visual Studio Code 160 comments
Python Is On the Rise, While PHP Falls 232 comments
Microsoft Brings Its Embrace-Extend-Extinguish Game To K-12 Schools? 168 comments
Slashdot Asks: Is Scrum Still Relevant? 371 comments
The Next Big IT Projects From the University Labs 29 comments
Hour of Code 2015 Star Wars Tutorial: Spare the IF Statement, Spoil the Child? 156 comments
Boot Camps Introducing More Women To Tech 196 comments
Interviews: Ask Stack Overflow Co-Founder Jeff Atwood a Question 129 comments
How Outsourcing Companies Are Gaming the H-1B Visa System 284 comments
Symbolic vs. Mnemonic Relational Operators: Is "GT" Greater Than ">"? 304 comments
The 'Trick' To Algorithmic Coding Interview Questions 208 comments
Should Programmers Be Called Engineers? 568 comments
The $6,000 Computer Desk That Lets You Lie Down While You Work 116 comments
Celebrating 30th Anniversary of the First C++ Compiler: Let's Find Bugs In It 153 comments
Google-Supported CodeGirl Documentary Makes "Exclusive YouTube Premiere" 289 comments
FireEye: Many Companies Still Running XcodeGhost-Infected Apple Apps 23 comments
Reverse-Engineering GTA V 37 comments
Ask Slashdot: How Can My Code Help? 47 comments
Linus Rants About C Programming Semantics 576 comments
Could Go Community's Threat of Public Shaming, Lifetime Bans Make Go a No-Go? 358 comments
Atom 1.1 Is Out, With Lots of Graphic Improvements 103 comments
Bug Bounties Are Bonanza, For a Few Persistent Hackers 27 comments
Tech Unemployment Rising In Some Categories 182 comments
Revisiting Why Johnny Can't Code: Have We "Made the Print Too Small"? 270 comments
Interviews: Ask Alan Donovan and Brian Kernighan About Programming and Go 185 comments
ARM64 Vs ARM32 -- What's Different For Linux Programmers? 102 comments
Is Buying Cuban Software Legal In the US? The Answer is Hazy 75 comments
Despite $30M Tech Push, Half of US States Had Fewer Than 300 AP CS Test Takers 152 comments
Coding Academies -- Useful Or Nonsense? 132 comments
Mimic, the Evil Script That Will Drive Programmers To Insanity 246 comments
Google, Facebook, Microsoft Deliver K-12 CS Demands To Congress 120 comments
Microsoft To Pay Up To $15K For Bugs In Two Visual Studio Tools 43 comments
Facebook Launches Initiative To Attract More Minorities and Women To Coding 281 comments
Bad Programming Habits We Secretly Love 497 comments
Fullstack Launches Coding School For Women 373 comments
Walmart Open Sources Its Cloud Platform To Take On Amazon 83 comments
Ask Slashdot: Is it Practical To Replace C With Rust? 437 comments
Why Developers Are Important To the Drone Industry 122 comments
"Are Games Art?" and the Intellectual Value of Design 153 comments
Objective-C Use Falls Hard, Apple's Swift On the Rise 161 comments
Happy Ada Lovelace Day 187 comments
DevOps: Threat or Menace? (Video) 65 comments
3 Open Source Projects For Modern COBOL Development 75 comments
Can a New Type of School Churn Out Developers Faster? 241 comments
Ask Slashdot: Selecting a Version Control System For an Inexperienced Team 325 comments
Chicago Mayor Calls For National Computer Coding Requirement In Schools 217 comments
Europe Code Week 2015: Cocktails At Microsoft, 'Ode To Code' Robot Dancing 15 comments
Larry Wall Unveils Perl 6.0.0 163 comments
Disproving the Mythical Man-Month With DevOps 281 comments
CodeWeavers To Release CrossOver For Android To Run Windows Programs 66 comments
Twitter Shuts Down JSON API and Names New CEO 104 comments
Hour of Code Kicks Off In Chile With Dog Poop-Themed CS Tutorial 49 comments
GitHub's Next Move: Turn Everybody Into a Programmer 145 comments
Are Enterprise Architects the "Miltons" of Their Organizations? 131 comments
Romance and Rebellion In Software Versioning 86 comments
Jeff Atwood NY Daily News Op-Ed: Learning To Code Is Overrated 300 comments
Reports: Volkswagen Was Warned of Emissions Cheating Years Ago 161 comments
Meet the Michael Jordan of Sport Coding 103 comments
The #NoEstimates Debate: An Unbiased Look At Origins, Arguments, and Leaders 299 comments
How Did Volkswagen Cheat Emissions Tests, and Who Authorized It? 618 comments
Bjarne Stroustrup Announces the C++ Core Guidelines 262 comments
Security is an Important Coding Consideration Even When You Use Containers (Video) 57 comments
Cassandra Rewritten In C++, Ten Times Faster 341 comments
Google Launches Brotli, a New Open Source Compression Algorithm For the Web 215 comments
Girls-Only Computer Camps Formed At Behest of Top Google, Facebook Execs 449 comments
Apple Cleaning Up App Store After Its First Major Attack 246 comments
Microsoft Spending $75M To Boost K-12 CS Education, Put TEALS In 4,000 Schools 48 comments
JetBrains Reconsiders Subscription Licensing Changes 51 comments
Twitter's Tech Lead On Making Software Engineers More Efficient 146 comments
NYC Counting On Donations To Fund Required K-12 Computer Science Programs 21 comments
APIs, Not Apps: What the Future Will Be Like When Everyone Can Code 255 comments
It Is Programmer Day - Why So Apathetic? 241 comments
Hire a Developer, Watch Them Work In Real-Time 100 comments
GameStart Uses Minecraft to Teach Kids Programming (Video 1) 30 comments
Do Tech Firms Really Want Liberal Arts Majors? 266 comments
Node.js v4.0.0 Released 128 comments
Software Is Hiring, But Manufacturing Is Bleeding 102 comments
Get Big Fast: "500 Club" Delivers Teachers For 28 comments
PHP 7.0 Nearing Release, Performance Almost As Good As HHVM 158 comments
An Algorithm To Randomly Generate Game Dungeons 77 comments
Lack of Teacher Training Hampers UK Programming Education 112 comments
An Idea For Software's Industrial Revolution 289 comments
Survey: More Women Are Going Into Programming 280 comments
You Don't Have To Be Good At Math To Learn To Code 616 comments
Netflix Open Sources Sleepy Puppy XSS Hunter 12 comments
LLVM 3.7 Delivers OpenMP 3.1 Support, ORC JIT API, New Optimizations 84 comments
The Most Important Obscure Languages? 429 comments
"Hack" Typeface Is Open Source, Easy On the IDEs 211 comments
Google May Try To Recruit You For a Job Based On Your Search Queries 182 comments
In Praise of the Solo Programmer 114 comments
Deep Learning Pioneer On the Next Generation of Hardware For Neural Networks 45 comments
Ask Slashdot: Technical Resources For Non-Technical Disciplines? 87 comments
The Top 10 Programming Languages On GitHub, Over Time 132 comments
Standardized Tests Blamed, Asian Students Ignored In Google-Gallup K-12 CS Study 184 comments
COBOL Comes To Visual Studio 2015 86 comments
Do Old Programmers Need To Keep Leaping Through New Hoops? 242 comments
Google Releases Version 1.5 of Its Go Programming Language, Finally Ditches C 221 comments
Linus Torvalds Isn't Looking 10 Years Ahead For Linux and That's OK 108 comments
"Father Time" Gets Another Year At NTP From Linux Foundation 157 comments
Rupert Murdoch Won't Be Teaching Your Children To Code After All 57 comments
How 'Rock Star' Became a Business Buzzword 80 comments
The 2015 Underhanded C Contest Has Begun 52 comments
Is There an Ed-Tech Critic In the House? 61 comments
UK Industry Group Boss: Study Arts So Games Are Not Designed By 'Spotty Nerds' 207 comments
Facebook Awards Researchers $100k For Detecting Emerging Class of C++ Bugs 73 comments
GitHub Desktop Launches To Replace Mac and Windows Apps 167 comments
Buzz: a Novel Programming Language For Heterogeneous Robot Swarms 30 comments
LibreSSL 2.2.2 Released 33 comments
Id Software Founds a New Office In Germany 50 comments
Compiling to JavaScript: TypeScript vs. Haxe 94 comments
Lessons From Your Toughest Software Bugs 285 comments
CollegeBoard: Analyses of CS Study Benefits Shouldn't Be Interpreted As Causal 131 comments
Lennart Poettering Announces the First Systemd Conference 416 comments
How Developers Can Fight Creeping Mediocrity 133 comments
Ask Slashdot: Everyone Building Software -- Is This the Future We Need? 365 comments
.NET 4.6 Optimizer Bug Causes Methods To Get Wrong Parameters 149 comments
Battle For Wesnoth Seeks New Developers 58 comments
Google Will Block Access To Its Autocomplete API On August 10 59 comments
A Programming Language For Self-Organizing Swarms of Drones 56 comments
Why Certifications Are Necessary (Even If Aggravating To Earn) 213 comments
GCC 5.2 Released 91 comments
Microsoft Uses US Women's Soccer Team To Explain Why It Doesn't Hire More Women 212 comments
Larry Wall On Perl 6, Language Design, and Getting Kids To Code 133 comments
MUMPS, the Programming Language For Healthcare 166 comments
For Microsoft, Windows 10 Charity Begins At Home 74 comments
ELIoT, Distributed Programming For the Internet of Things 91 comments
Well-Played: Microsoft Parlays NSF Video 'Remake' Into National CS K-12 Crisis 69 comments
13% of CompSci Grads Have Starting Salaries Over $100K 264 comments
Computer Program Fixes Old Code Faster Than Expert Engineers 167 comments
WebAssembly and the Future of JavaScript 175 comments
A Real-Time Map of All the Objects In Earth's Orbit 41 comments
NVIDIA Hopes To Sell More Chips By Bringing AI Programming To the Masses 35 comments
Even the "Idea Person" Should Learn How To Code 217 comments
Linux 4.2-rc1 Is One of the Largest Kernel Releases of Recent Times 110 comments
Clang Plays Tetris -- Tetris As a C++ Template Metaprogram 68 comments
Google: Stop Making Apps! (A Love Letter) 110 comments
Watching People Code Is Becoming an (Even Bigger) Thing 135 comments
Qt 5.5 Released 80 comments
Exploring the Relationships Between Tech Skills (Visualization) 65 comments
Interviews: Linus Torvalds Answers Your Question 187 comments
Ask Slashdot: Getting My Wife Back Into Programming After Long Maternity Leave? 250 comments
Amazon's New SSL/TLS Implementation In 6,000 Lines of Code 107 comments
Nvidia Details 'Gameworks VR', Aims To Boost Virtual Reality Render Performance 25 comments
How Computer Science Education Got Practical (Again) 154 comments
The Programmer's Path To Management 125 comments
Ask Slashdot: Choosing the Right Open Source License 171 comments
To Learn (Or Not Learn) JQuery 126 comments
SCOTUS Denies Google's Request To Appeal Oracle API Case 181 comments
MIT System Fixes Software Bugs Without Access To Source Code 78 comments
AP CS Test Takers and Pass Rates Up, Half of Kids Don't Get Sparse Arrays At All 128 comments
Mob Programming: When Is 5 Heads Really Better Than 1 (or 2)? 126 comments
Amazon Opens Up Echo's Alexa To Developers 26 comments
Google Asks Android Developers To Show Sensitivity To Disasters and Atrocity 96 comments
Google Tests Code Repository Service 44 comments
NVIDIA Begins Supplying Open-Source Register Header Files 77 comments
The Open Container Project and What It Means 54 comments
Learn-to-Code Program For 10,000 Low-Income Girls 473 comments
Ask Slashdot: Is C++ the Right Tool For This Project? 296 comments
Knowing C++ Beyond a Beginner Level 345 comments
MEAN Vs. LAMP: Finding the Right Fit For Your Next Project 175 comments
Docker and CoreOS Join Together For Open Container Project At Linux Foundation 48 comments
Ask Slashdot: Best Setups For Navigating a Programming-Focused MOOC? 39 comments
Ask Slashdot: Best API Management System? 50 comments
Ask Slashdot: What's the Harm In a Default Setting For Div By Zero? 1067 comments
WebAssembly: An Attempt To Give the Web Its Own Bytecode 126 comments
Is Microsoft's .NET Ecosystem On the Decline? 250 comments
ECMAScript 6 Is Officially a JavaScript Standard 80 comments
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