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Pwned Barbies Spying On Children? Toytalk CEO Downplays Hacking Reports 79 comments
NSA To End Bulk Phone Surveillance By Sunday 131 comments
Greenwald: Why the CIA Is Smearing Edward Snowden After Paris Attacks 290 comments
Google Scours 1.2 Million URLs To Conform With EU's "Right To Be Forgotten" Law 66 comments
Green Light Or No, Nest Cam Never Stops Watching 199 comments
Dell Accused of Installing 'Superfish-Like' Rogue Certificates On Laptops 92 comments
New IBM Tech Lets Apps Authenticate You Without Personal Data 27 comments
Whistleblowers: How NSA Created the 'Largest Failure' In Its History 118 comments
Blackberry Offers 'Lawful Device Interception Capabilities' 137 comments
Comcast Xfinity Wi-Fi Discloses Customer Names and Addresses 47 comments
Donald Trump Obliquely Backs a Federal Database To Track Muslims 592 comments
Judge: Stingrays Are 'Simply Too Powerful' Without Adequate Oversight 111 comments
File Says NSA Found Way To Replace Email Program 93 comments
Nation-backed Hackers Using Evercookie and Web Analytics To Profile Targets 47 comments
Chicago Sends More Than 100,000 "Bogus" Camera-Based Speeding Tickets 200 comments
Georgia Gives Personal Data of 6 Million Voters To Georgia GunOwner Magazine 109 comments
Carnegie Mellon Denies FBI Paid For Tor-Breaking Research 79 comments
How Cisco Is Trying To Prove It Can Keep NSA Spies Out of Its Gear 130 comments
Terrorism Case Challenges FISA Spying 108 comments
Snowden Says It's Your Duty To Use an Ad Blocker (for Security) 342 comments
UK PM Wants To Speed Up Controversial Internet Bill After Paris Attacks 167 comments
Ad Networks Using Inaudible Sound To Link Phones, Tablets and Other Devices 223 comments
Self-Encrypting Drives Hardly Any Better Than Software-Based Encryption 73 comments
Ask Slashdot: How To Determine If One Is On a Watchlist? 400 comments
Google's New About Me Tool Is the Anti-Google+ 54 comments
Prison Hack Shows Attorney-Client Privilege Violation 190 comments
Tor Project Claims FBI Paid University Researchers $1m To Unmask Tor Users 108 comments
Broadband Bills Will Have To Increase To Pay For Snooper's Charter, MPs Warned 77 comments
Justice Officials Fear Nation's Biggest Wiretap Operation May Not Be Legal 118 comments
Webmail Services Struggling Against DDoS Attacks 90 comments
Viewing Data Harvested From Smart TVs Used To Push Ads To Other Screens? 148 comments
UK Gov't Can Demand Backdoors, Give Prison Sentences For Disclosing Them 187 comments
US Judge Rules Against NSA In Phone Spying Case 93 comments
Comcast Resets Nearly 200,000 Passwords After Customer List Goes On Sale 43 comments
The FCC Says It Can't Force Google and Facebook To Stop Tracking Their Users 127 comments
NSA Uses Vulnerabilities Before It Discloses Them, Keeps Some To Itself 121 comments
TalkTalk Hack: 4% of Customers' Data Accessed In Cyber Security Breach 25 comments
MI5 'Secretly Collected Phone Data' For Decade 38 comments
Senators Attempting To Remove Robocall Loophole 108 comments
Canada Reinstates Mandatory Census, To Delight of Social Scientists 284 comments
Sprint Faces Backlash For Adding MDM Software To Devices 123 comments
Controversial New UK Internet Powers Bill Makes No Mention of VPNs 115 comments
Nine Out of Ten of the Internet's Top Websites Are Leaking Your Data 133 comments
How California Police Are Tracking Your Biometric Data In the Field 46 comments
Firefox 42 Arrives With Tracking Protection, Tab Audio Indicators 134 comments
What Your Photos Know About You 109 comments
Stanford Identifies Potential Security Hole In Genomic Data-Sharing Network 23 comments
Internet Firms To Be Banned From Offering Unbreakable Encryption Under New UK Laws 418 comments
Tor Releases Messenger Beta For Secure Chat 16 comments
Anonymous Begins Publishing Ku Klux Klan Member Details Online 546 comments
The Rise of Political Doxing 176 comments
EU Parliament: Citizens' Rights Still Endangered By Mass Surveillance 53 comments
UK Police Make Third Arrest Over TalkTalk Cyber Attack 61 comments
Ask Slashdot: Securing a Journalist's Laptop Against a Police Search? 324 comments
UK Plans To Allow Warrantless Searches of Internet History 136 comments
Non-Binding Resolution: EU States Should Protect Snowden 210 comments
Hackers, Activists, Journos: How To Build a Secure Burner Laptop 139 comments
UK Government Says App Developers Won't Be Forced To Implement Backdoors 86 comments
Carriers Selling Your Data: a $24 Billion Business 125 comments
Univ. of New Haven Cyber Lab: WhatsApp Collects Phone Numbers, Call Duration, and More 67 comments
Judge: Defendant 'Had a Right' To Shoot Down Drone 620 comments
The IRS Has Stingray Devices 83 comments
Judge Tosses Wikimedia's Anti-NSA Lawsuit Because Wikipedia Isn't Big Enough 213 comments
Dutch Researchers Show Connected Cars Can Be Cheaply Tracked 25 comments
Reactions Split On What Canada's Liberal Majority Means For Tech Policy Future 220 comments
Self-Encrypting Western Digital Hard Drives Easy To Crack 74 comments
The NYPD's X-Ray Vans 190 comments
Irish Data Protection Commissioner Ordered To Investigate Facebook Data 18 comments
UK's Largest Online Pharmacy Sold Patients' Personal Data To Fraudsters 58 comments
Replacing Humans With CGI Animations To Protect Anonymity In Video Footage 44 comments
Americans Show 'Surprising Willingness' To Accept Internet Surveillance 223 comments
Beware: FBI, Other Agencies Might Go After Your Voluntary DNA Records 132 comments
House of Representatives Proposal Aims To Regulate Car Privacy 58 comments
UK MPs Hold Emergency Debate After Court Makes It Legal For GCHQ To Spy On Them 140 comments
German Police Warn Parents To Stop Posting Photos of Kids On Facebook 143 comments
If You're Not Paranoid About Your Privacy, You're Crazy 373 comments
Court: Lawsuit Over NYPD Surveillance of Muslims Can Proceed 253 comments
Australian ISPs Not Ready For Mandatory Data Retention 85 comments
British Police Stop 24/7 Monitoring of Julian Assange At Ecuadorian Embassy 336 comments
Bernie Sanders Comes Out Against CISA 211 comments
The Payments World Really Wants To Know Who You Are 73 comments
Cryptome Accidentally Leaks Its Own Visitor IP Addresses 40 comments
Apple Approves, Then Removes In-App Ad Blocker 85 comments
SIgn Of the Times: Calif. Privacy Protections Signed Into Law 41 comments
IP Address May Associate Lyft CTO With Uber Data Breach 103 comments
Rookie Dongle Warns Parents When Their Kids Are Driving Too Fast 153 comments
Ask Slashdot: Where Can I Find "Nuts and Bolts" Info On Cookies & Tracking Mechanisms? 84 comments
Wealth of Personal Data Found On Used Electronics Purchased Online 70 comments
Boarding Pass Barcodes Can Reveal Personal Data, Future Flights 64 comments
Verizon Is Merging Its Cellphone Tracking Supercookie with AOL's Ad Tracking Network 100 comments
Porsche Chooses Apple Over Google Because Google Wants Too Much Data 423 comments
EU Court of Justice Declares US-EU Data Transfer Pact Invalid 205 comments
EFF Joins Nameless Coalition and Demands Facebook Kills Its Real Names Policy 232 comments
Google Lets Advertisers Target By (Anonymized) Customer Data 58 comments
Ask Slashdot: Best Country For Secure Online Hosting? 113 comments
Stolen Patreon User Data Dumped On Internet 161 comments
DHS Detains Mayor of Stockton, CA, Forces Him To Hand Over His Passwords 399 comments
Experian Breached, 15 Million T-Mobile Customer's Data Exposed 161 comments
Patreon Hacked, Personal Data Accessed 79 comments
Yelp For People To Launch In November 447 comments
South Korean Citizen IDs Vulnerable, Based On US Model 57 comments
Apple, Microsoft Tout Their Privacy Policies To Get Positive PR 103 comments
Snowden Joins Twitter, Follows NSA 206 comments
Newly Found TrueCrypt Flaw Allows Full System Compromise 106 comments
FBI and DEA Under Review For Misuse of NSA Mass Surveillance Data 86 comments
How the FBI Hacks Around Encryption 91 comments
Edward Snowden Promotes Global Treaty To Curtail Surveillance 110 comments
Chrome For Android's Incognito Mode Saves Some of the Sites You Visit 69 comments
'RipSec' Goes To Hollywood: How the iCloud Celeb Hack Happened 28 comments
EU May Forbid the Transfer of Personal Data To the US 202 comments
Obama Administration Explored Ways To Bypass Smartphone Encryption 142 comments
Phone Passwords Protected By 5th Amendment, Says Federal Court 178 comments
IBM's Watson Is Now Analyzing Your Vacation Photos 117 comments
Does IoT Data Need Special Regulation? 99 comments
Russia's Plan To Crack Tor Crumbles 122 comments
OPM Says 5.6 million Fingerprints Stolen In Cyberattack 93 comments
Researchers Push For Access To Confidential Government Records of the Public 14 comments
Morgan Stanley Employee Pleads Guilty In Data Breach Case 43 comments
Lenovo Collects Usage Data On ThinkPad, ThinkCentre and ThinkStation PCs 134 comments
Chinese Researchers Propose Tor-Inspired Overhaul of Bitcoin 46 comments
Under Public Pressure, India Withdraws Draft Encryption Policy 35 comments
France Tells Google To Remove "Right To Be Forgotten" Search Results Worldwide 381 comments
George W Bush Made Retroactive NSA 'Fix' After Hospital Room Showdown 258 comments
India's Worrying Draft Encryption Policy 114 comments
Private Medical Data of Over 1.5 Million People Exposed Through Amazon 106 comments
AVG Proudly Announces It Will Sell Your Browsing History To Online Advertisers 229 comments
Followup: Library Board Unanimously Supports TOR Relay 95 comments
Twitter Sued For Scanning Direct Messages 80 comments
What Congress' New Email-privacy Bill Means For Your Inbox 90 comments
How To Find Out If GCHQ and the NSA Spied On You, and How To Complain 79 comments
Sen. Ron Wyden Says CISA Data Collection Could Put Americans At Risk 58 comments
Vodafone Australia Employee Searched Journalist's Phone Records To Find Source 65 comments
Ask Slashdot: Best Country To Avoid Government Surveillance? 381 comments
Spy Industry Leaders Befuddled Over 'Deep Cynicism' of American Public 403 comments
First Library To Support Anonymous Internet Browsing Halts Project After DHS Email 130 comments
Microsoft Continues To Resist US Warrant For Irish Data 195 comments
Boston Tracks Vehicles, Lies About It, Leaves Data Exposed 88 comments
Law Professor: Tech Companies Are Our Best Hope At Resisting Surveillance 115 comments
Apple's Privacy Policies Are Keeping Data Scientists Away 117 comments
Windows Telemetry Rolls Out 527 comments
Concern Over India PM's Silicon Valley Visit 80 comments
Some Uber Ride Data Publicly Accessible Through Google 28 comments
New Cellphone Surveillance Safeguards Imposed On Federal Law Enforcement 46 comments
The Speakularity, Where Everything You Say Is Transcribed and Searchable 74 comments
UK Health Clinic Accidentally Publishes HIV Status of 800 Patients 65 comments
Despite Reports of Hacking, Baby Monitors Remain Woefully Insecure 109 comments
Ashley Madison Source Code Shows Evidence They Created Bots To Message Men 311 comments
Turkey Arrests Journalists For Using Encryption 145 comments
Microsoft's Telemetry Additions To Windows 7 and 8 Raise Privacy Concerns 240 comments
Smartphone Malware Planted In Popular Apps Pre-sale 42 comments
FBI: Burning Man Testing Ground For Free Speech, Drugs ... and New Spy Gear 189 comments
Chris Christie Proposes Tracking Immigrants the Way FedEx Tracks Packages 576 comments
Ashley Madison CEO Steps Down, Reporter Finds Clues To Hacker's Identity 215 comments
Federal Court Overturns Ruling That NSA Metadata Collection Was Illegal 151 comments
German Intelligence Traded Citizen Data For NSA Surveillance Software 68 comments
Docs: Responding To Katrina, FBI Made Cell Phone Surveillance Its Priority 84 comments
Tech Nightmares That Keep Turing Award Winners Up At Night 82 comments
How To Keep Microsoft's Nose Out of Your Personal Data In Windows 10 426 comments
Court: FTC Can Punish Companies With Sloppy Cybersecurity 86 comments
A Breakdown of the Windows 10 Privacy Policy 318 comments
Ashley Madison Hack Claims First Victims 706 comments
In Baltimore and Elsewhere, Police Use Stingrays For Petty Crimes 213 comments
Underground Piracy Sites Want To Block Windows 10 Users 394 comments
Yet Another Compromising Preinstalled "Glitch" In Lenovo Laptops 89 comments
Extortionists Begin Targeting AshleyMadison Users, Demand Bitcoin 286 comments
San Jose May Put License Plate Scanners On Garbage Trucks 258 comments
More Ashley Madison Files Published 301 comments
Engaging Newbies In Email Encryption and Network Privacy 83 comments
Hackers Publish Cheating Site's Stolen Data 319 comments
How an Obscure Acronym Helped Link AT&T To NSA Spying 54 comments
The Network Is Hostile 124 comments
Mozilla Tests Improved Privacy Mode For Firefox 125 comments
AT&T Helped the NSA Spy On Internet Traffic 82 comments
Windows 10 Still Phones Home With Data In Spite of Privacy Settings 316 comments
The UK's War On Porn: Turning ISPs Into Parents 231 comments
Facebook Intern Gets Preemptive Ax For Exposing Security Flaw 103 comments
Fitbit Wants To Help Corporations Track Employee Health 206 comments
Tech Firms, Retailers Propose Security and Privacy Rules For Internet of Things 57 comments
'Privacy Visor' Can Fool Face-Recognition Cameras 110 comments
The NSA's Philosopher 95 comments
Prosecutors Op-Ed: Phone Encryption Blocks Justice 392 comments
Finnish Politician Suggests Embedding Chips In Citizens To Protect the Welfare State 312 comments
Stingray-Like Device Enables Blackmail In S. Africa 50 comments
Many Australians Forced To Pay For "Unbreakable" Cryptolocker Ransomware 148 comments
Windows 10's Privacy Policy: the New Normal? 515 comments
EFF Releases Privacy Badger, an Addon That Algorithmically Blocks Online Trackers 136 comments
4th Circuit Holds That Obtaining Extended Cell-Site Records Requires a Warrant 37 comments
TPP Copyright Chapter Leaks: Website Blocking, New Criminal Rules On the Way 258 comments
Spyware Demo Shows How Spooks Hack Mobile Phones 35 comments
How Boing Boing Handled an FBI Subpoena Over Its Tor Exit Node 104 comments
EFF and MuckRock Need Your Help Tracking Biometric Surveillance 19 comments
Privacy Alert: Your Laptop Or Phone Battery Could Track You Online 95 comments
EFF Coalition Announces New 'Do Not Track' Standard For Web Browsing 75 comments
New Telemetry Suggests Shot-Down Drone Was Higher Than Alleged 528 comments
One In Four Indiana Residents' E-Record Data Exposed in Hack 60 comments
Ask Slashdot: Can You Disable Windows 10's Privacy-Invading Features? 492 comments
GasBuddy Has a New Privacy Policy (Spoiler: Not As Customer Friendly) 113 comments
Questioning the Dispute Over Key Escrow 82 comments
Tor Project Pilots Exit Nodes In Libraries 37 comments
Germany Won't Prosecute NSA, But Bloggers 111 comments
A Naysayer's Take On Windows 10: Potential Privacy Mess, and Worse 485 comments
Kentucky Man Arrested After Shooting Down Drone 1197 comments
Your Stolen Identity Goes For $20 On the Internet Black Market 57 comments
Google Is Dropping Its Google+ Requirement Across All Products Including YouTube 172 comments
After Progressive Insurance's Snapshot Hacked, Manufacturer Has Been, Too 3 comments
Researchers: Mobile Users Will Trade Data For Fun and Profit 21 comments
US Court: 'Pocket-Dialed' Calls Are Not Private 179 comments
New York Judge Rules Against Facebook In Search Warrant Case 157 comments
FCC CIO: Consumers Need Privacy Controls In the Internet of Everything Era 46 comments
FTC Accuses LifeLock of False Advertising Again 54 comments
FBI's Hacks Don't Comply With Legal Safeguards 64 comments
Free Tools For Detecting Hacking Team Malware In Your Systems 62 comments
Red Star Linux Adds Secret Watermarks To Files 100 comments
Netragard Ends Exploit Acquisition Program After Hacking Team Breach 48 comments
Affair Site Hackers Threaten Release of All User Data Unless It Closes 446 comments
Apple Patents Bank Account Balance Snooping Tech 133 comments
Data Store and Spying Laws Found Illegal By EU Court 64 comments
ProxyGambit Replaces Defunct ProxyHam 26 comments
Citizenfour Director Sues To Find Out Why She Was Detained Every Time She Flew 334 comments
Anonymizing Wi-Fi Device Project Unexpectedly Halted 138 comments
Encryption Rights Community: Protecting Our Rights To Strongly Encrypt 140 comments
Automakers Unwilling To Share Driver Data (Yet) 151 comments
Snoopers' Charter Could Mean Trouble For UK Users of Encryption-Capable Apps 174 comments
The Rise of the New Crypto War 91 comments
Australian Cops and Anti-Corruption Agencies Keen On Hacking Team Malware 27 comments
UK Privacy Advocate Caspar Bowden Dies 16 comments
More Than 22 Million People's Data Compromised By OPM Hack 67 comments
ICANN's Plan To End Commercial Website Anonymity Creates Real Problems 202 comments
Senate Advances Plan To Make Email and Social Sites Report Terror Activity 139 comments
Eric Holder Says DoJ Could Strike Deal With Snowden; Current AG Takes Hard Line 194 comments
Theresa May Named UK's Internet Villain of the Year 58 comments
Cameron Asserts UK Gov't Will Leave No "Safe Space" For Private Communications 260 comments
Federal Wiretaps Down Slightly, Encryption Impact Decreases 24 comments
Surveillance Court: NSA Can Resume Bulk Surveillance 161 comments
Stanford Starts the 'Secure Internet of Things Project' 77 comments
When a Company Gets Sold, Your Data May Be Sold, Too 92 comments
NIST Updates Random Number Generation Guidelines 64 comments
Editor of 'Reason' Discusses Federal Subpoena To Unmask Commenters 144 comments
ICANN Seeks Comment On Limiting Anonymized Domain Registration 86 comments
France, Up In Arms Over NSA Spying, Passes New Surveillance Law 80 comments
Aussie Telco Caught Handing Over User Mobile Numbers To Websites Without Consent 35 comments
New Snowden Leaks Show NSA Attacked Anti-Virus Software 98 comments
DOJ Vs. Google: How Google Fights On Behalf of Its Users 78 comments
Louisiana Governor Vetoes License Plate Reader Bill, Citing Privacy Concerns 131 comments
Controversial GCHQ Unit Engaged In Domestic Law Enforcement, Online Propaganda 83 comments
Swedish Investigators Attempt Assange Interview; Wikileaks Makes Major Release 154 comments
Allstate Patents Physiological Data Collection 142 comments
Two Years After Snowden Leaks, Encryption Tools Are Gaining Users 69 comments
School Lunch Program Scans Student Thumbprints For 'Tracking Purposes' 141 comments
DuckDuckGo Sees Massive Growth In Post-Snowden World 112 comments
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