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Portables (Games) Stories

Nintendo's New System Likely a Console/Portable Hybrid 77 comments
Raspberry Pi Gameboy 60 comments
3D Printed PiGRRL - Raspberry Pi Gameboy 49 comments
SteamBoy Machine Team Promises a Portable Console for Valve's Steam Games 75 comments
Sony Winding Down the PSP 85 comments
Google Glass and the Future of Wearable Gaming 39 comments
Microsoft Doesn't Have Plans For a Dedicated Handheld Gaming Device 84 comments
Merlin's Magic: The Inside Story of the First Mobile Game 60 comments
Nintendo Announces 2DS Handheld — Plays 3DS Games In 2-D 156 comments
Nvidia Releases Tegra 4 Powered SHIELD Handheld 81 comments
PSVita Hacked, Native Homebrew Loader Coming Soon 50 comments
Nintendo Release 3DS XL and New Mario 2 In the USA Today 93 comments
Sony Taking Down PSP Titles In Response To Vita Hackers 293 comments
Game Developers Eyeballing Kindle Fire 48 comments
Hello World On PS Vita, Thanks to Buffer Overflow 123 comments
Sony's Next-Generation Portable Is Out, In Japan 134 comments
Discouraging Playstation Vita Details 275 comments
Video Game Consoles Are 'Fundamentally Doomed,' Says Lord British 374 comments
Mobile Industry Rolls Out Game Rating System 49 comments
PlayStation Vita Gets NA, EU Launch Date 64 comments
Top 1% of iOS Game Developers Make a Third of All Revenue 244 comments
GameStop's Upcoming Android Tablet 74 comments
PS Vita Specs Announced 259 comments
3DS and Vita Face Tough Battle Against Smartphones 138 comments
Nintendo Slashes Profit Forecast and 3DS Price 168 comments
Carmack: Mobile Gaming To Surpass Current Consoles 119 comments
Linux-Based Gaming Handheld To Rely On Low Material Cost, Indie Apps 137 comments
Coder Preps 3DS Browser Homebrew Game Library 30 comments
The FSF's Campaign Against the Nintendo 3DS 187 comments
Gaming On the iPad 2 and What It Means For Apple 93 comments
Nintendo Chief: Consumers Don't Understand 3DS Yet 215 comments
Dollar Apps Killing Traditional Gaming? 343 comments
Sony Reportedly Ends PSP Go Production 47 comments
Gaming Is the Most Popular Use For Tablets 174 comments
In-Depth Look At the Xperia Play 39 comments
The Nintendo 3DS, Headaches, and Bad Journalism 132 comments
GameStop To Build Its Own Gaming Tablet? 53 comments
Sony's NGP May Be Delayed By Japan Quake 51 comments
Nintendo Downplays Reports of 3DS Flaws 65 comments
Game Devs Weigh In On Windows Phone 7 189 comments
Zynga Aiming To Conquer Mobile Next 42 comments
Nintendo 3DS Battery Is Quick To Die and Slow To Charge 183 comments
Android Game Devs Worry Over Ease of Copying 210 comments
FTC To Examine Microtransactions In Free-To-Play Games and Apps 125 comments
Cheap Games a Risk To the Industry, Says Nintendo President 310 comments
Carmack Says NGP Is a 'Generation Beyond' Smartphones 190 comments
Kongregate App Pulled From Android Market 139 comments
Nintendo 3DS Launching On March 27 For $250 120 comments
Angry Birds and Parabolic Instinct In Humans 234 comments
Verizon iPhone Could Double US Mobile Games Biz 115 comments
Razer Unveils Portable Gaming Device Concept 66 comments
Gamers Abandoning DS, PSP In Favor of Smartphones 305 comments
John Carmack Not Enthused About Android Marketplace 163 comments
Patent Supports PSP2 Rear Touch Pad Rumor 49 comments
RAGE On iOS Shows Promise 102 comments
John Carmack On RAGE For iOS/Android 105 comments
First Pictures of the (Fake?) PlayStation Phone 124 comments
Should Sony Team With Google On a PlayStation Phone? 182 comments
Interactive Text Adventures Come To the Kindle 84 comments
Panasonic Invites Gamers To the Jungle 74 comments
Epic Games Predicts Console, Mobile Convergence 104 comments
Nintendo 3DS To Be Released In February/March 131 comments
iSwifter Brings Flash Games To the iPad — Sort Of 81 comments
Sony Continues To Lose Ground In Mobile Gaming 202 comments
UK Courts Rule Nintendo DS R4 Cards Illegal 254 comments
Porting Aquaria To the PSP 25 comments
36-Hour Lemmings Port Gets Sony Cease and Desist 268 comments
Porting Lemmings In 36 Hours 154 comments
Nintendo 3DS GPU Revealed 133 comments
Nintendo 3DS Early Impressions 273 comments
Nintendo Announces Raft of New Games, 3DS Details 240 comments
Study Claims $41.5 Billion In Portable Game Piracy Losses Over Five Years 316 comments
First Pandora Console Reaches Customer 271 comments
Apple Is Nintendo's "Enemy of the Future" 272 comments
Nintendo To Take On Piracy In 3-D 249 comments
How the Nintendo 3DS Might Handle 3D Display 77 comments
Nintendo Announces 3D Successor of Nintendo DS 232 comments
Cross-Platform Mobile Gaming Gaining Traction 43 comments
Quake 3 For Android 137 comments
Nintendo Wins Lawsuit Over R4 Mod Chip Piracy 146 comments
Final Fantasy I and II Are Coming To the iPhone and iPod Touch 142 comments
Free 3G Wireless For Nintendo's Next Handheld? 110 comments
Nokia's N-Gage Service To End After 2010 44 comments
Can Nintendo Really Be Planning Another DS Variant? 187 comments
Next Nintendo Handheld To Be Powered By NVIDIA's Tegra Chipset 216 comments
Game Development On Android 211 comments
PSP Go Debuts, Disappoints 258 comments
Gameboy Color Boot ROM Dumped After 10 Years 124 comments
Sony's New Development Strategy For the PSP 86 comments
Augmented Reality Shaping the Future of Games 56 comments
iPhone Shakes Up the Video Game Industry 325 comments
Developer Panel Gives Its Verdict On Sony's PSP Go 55 comments
Custom Firmware For the PSP-3000 Released 97 comments
Hands-on With the PSP Go 73 comments
Linux Ported To Dingoo A320 51 comments
PSP Go With 16GB Memory and Bluetooth Leaked 190 comments
Classic Doom Coming To the iPhone Next Month 90 comments
Sony Pondering Downloadable Game Rental Service For the PSP 50 comments
Gamepark Releases the GP2X Wiz 145 comments
PlayStation-Based Mobile Handset a Possibility 61 comments
HEN TIFF Exploit Cracks PSP-3000 Open For Homebrew 77 comments
Tekken 6, Soul Calibur Coming To the PSP 32 comments
Piracy and the PSP 272 comments
GTA Chinatown Wars May Pave the Way for M-Rated Content On the DS 54 comments
Disassembling the US Nintendo DSi 102 comments
Mobile Gaming Market Heats Up 18 comments
Assassin's Creed, LittleBigPlanet Coming To PSP 49 comments
Spore Games For Wii and DS, PC Expansions Due In 2009 50 comments
Crayon Physics Combines Science and Puzzles 78 comments
CCP Considering Mobile Apps For EVE Online 52 comments
Nintendo To Start Publishing Ebooks On the DS 216 comments
Xbox 360 Laptop Creator Unveils Sleek New Design 46 comments
iPhone Gaming Continues To Grow 131 comments
Nintendo DSi Sells Out Quickly, Reviews Coming In 72 comments
Nintendo DSi Software Will Be Region Locked 148 comments
Pandora Console Ready For Pre-Orders 309 comments
New Nintendo DS to Include Camera, Music 261 comments
Gamepark Holdings Officially Announces the WIZ Handheld 166 comments
Touchscreen Project For PSP 27 comments
Dark Alex Releases 4.01 M33 Firmware For PSP 58 comments
iPhone's Game Potential As a Threat to Java Phone Games 260 comments
Shots of the New Tecmo Bowl for the DS 29 comments
Dragon Quest IV Coming to the DS 43 comments
Disney Launches Online DS Community 28 comments
Is the Game Boy the Toughest Product Ever Made? 547 comments
NYT Report Inaccurate on Full DS Downloads Via Wii 27 comments
Early Work on Homebrew StarCraft for the DS 78 comments
Sony Announces Skype For PSP, Homebrewers Respond 77 comments
DS Games To Be Downloadable to the Wii 151 comments
Using Wireless Signals in Games 93 comments
PSP Slim Sells Over A Million in Japan 39 comments
DS TV Goes on Sale in Japan 36 comments
The PSP's Comeback Trail 148 comments
Phantom Hourglass Review 89 comments
Animal Crossing MMOG / DS Flash Card Rumored 68 comments
Touch-based Handhelds Turned Inside Out 142 comments
Mistwalker Announces Two RPGs for the DS 68 comments
DS Dominates Japanese PSP Sales 3:1 73 comments
PSP Slim Debuts To Big Sales in Japan 38 comments
The N-Gage Will Rise Again 79 comments
PSP Wi-Fi Impairs Processor Speed 57 comments
Nintendo May Retire Game Boy Name 93 comments
PSP-Slim Hands On 121 comments
E3 Previews - Metroid 3 and Super Mario Galaxy 71 comments
Sony Says UMD Is Here To Stay 160 comments
Bioware Making a Sonic RPG on the DS 49 comments
Sony VP Salutes DS, Promises PSP Can Still Compete 121 comments
PSP Becomes a Phone Via UK Deal With BT 41 comments
The PSP - Sony's Missed Opportunity 157 comments
20 Years of Handheld Console Evolution 74 comments
New Japanese Mobile Phones Detect Motion 67 comments
Is There Anything Wrong With The PSP? 157 comments
PSP To Refocus on Teen Market 98 comments
PSP Price Drop Official 91 comments
The Nintendo DS Games Wishlist 96 comments
New Civ IV Expansion Announced, Ninja Gaiden DS 42 comments
The Future of the PSP 83 comments
How To Make the DS Even Better 82 comments
DS, PSP Could Claim Supremacy in Console Wars 105 comments
Pokemon DS Title Includes VOIP Element 36 comments
Any Truth To PSP Revision Rumours ? 61 comments
Hotel Dusk Review 52 comments
Wii, DS to Rock With Guitar Hero 87 comments
PS2, DS Real Console War Winners 81 comments
Castlevania for the PSP Unveiled 55 comments
Next-Gen N-Gage Getting Ready to Go 53 comments
35 Million DSes Sold, 6 Million Wiis By End of March 146 comments
January DS Homebrew Overview 54 comments
The 10 Worst Games Made For The PSP and DS 82 comments
John Carmack Discusses 360's Edge, Considers DS 244 comments
2007 the Best Year Yet For PSP & DS 158 comments
Dragon Quest IX for Nintendo DS 89 comments
Wii, DS, Not Cannibals 98 comments
The Future of the N-Gage 34 comments
Review: Animal Crossing and Electroplankton 117 comments
Opera on the Nintendo DS 283 comments
Nintendo DS Hurts The Children! 107 comments
Nintendo DS Sees Voice-Chat, Demo Stations 37 comments
Nintendo DS Lite FCC Tested 74 comments
The Power of Portable Gaming 49 comments
Microsoft to Enter Handheld Market? 177 comments
Nintendo Announces DS Lite 314 comments
PSP To Increase U.S. Lead Over DS 154 comments
What Makes The DS So Popular? 99 comments
Nintendo Dismisses DS Redesign Rumours 67 comments
Nintendogs 3rd Million+ Seller For DS 19 comments
Brain Training Coming To The West 21 comments
GP2X Linux Handheld Makers Don't Understand GPL 284 comments
New Tetris, Guild Wars Announced 44 comments
10 Million Nintendo DS Units Sold Since Launch 406 comments
PSP Programming Tutorials 41 comments
Lik Sang on a PSP TV Adapter 12 comments
Castlevania Leads DS Charge 54 comments
PSP Still Struggling For Notice 111 comments
Sony May Complete RSS Support For PSP 31 comments
Sony Paid for Fake PSP Graffiti? 129 comments
Man's Best Virtual Friend 26 comments
Nokia Declares N-Gage A Failure 216 comments
Review: Mario Kart DS 349 comments
Sony Rootkit Phones Home 494 comments
First Step In DS Wifi Challenge Complete 93 comments
Tales Of Blood For the Nintendo DS 101 comments
Grand Theft Auto Retrospective 292 comments
Handwriting Recognition on DS 112 comments
PSP Hits 10 Million Units 73 comments
Nintendo DS Trojan Creator Apologizes 48 comments
No Modification PSP TV Adapter 200 comments
First PSP Trojan Reported 76 comments
DS WiFi On The Way 31 comments
The Gameboy Micro Reviewed 266 comments
PSP Firmware Downgrader Released 300 comments
Kirby, Meteos Designer Creates Indie Studio 19 comments
Buffer Overflow Found in PSP Firmware v2.0 90 comments
GBA SP Updated with Brighter Backlit Screen 237 comments
PSP vs. DS Six Months On 153 comments
Review: Nintendogs 257 comments
First UMD Movie/Game Combo 78 comments
DS Game Port Wishlist 176 comments
Nintendogs Sells Quarter of a Millions Units 78 comments
UMD Sales Picking Up Steam 78 comments
EU/UK Retailers Gear Up For PSP Launch 52 comments
A Method To Mario's Madness 41 comments
Sony Describes DS As Gimmick 453 comments
Nintendogs In-Depth Strategy Guide 59 comments
Metroid Prime Hunters Will Go Online 33 comments
PSP Usage Lower Than Expected 141 comments
PSP 2.0 Update Finally Released 243 comments
PSP Function Additions In the Works 23 comments
What's Up With The PSP? 208 comments
x86 Emulator on PSP Runs Windows & Linux 170 comments Taken to Court By Sony 219 comments
Maniac Mansion Creator Supports Indie Ports 36 comments
Nintendo Launches Wi-Fi Campaign for DS 79 comments
Review: Kirby Canvas Curse 160 comments
New PSP Firmware with Built-In Web Browser 299 comments
DS Wifi Bounty Set 28 comments
Sony's Meeting Reveals Brand Futures 53 comments
The Handheld War 66 comments
PC Keyboard Connected to PSP 165 comments
Metroid DS Title Not So Much Online 83 comments
The GBA's Last Stand 138 comments
State Of The Handheld Industry 2005 68 comments
Nintendo Gives No Ground In Handheld Wars 187 comments
Microsoft Developing Games For Nintendo DS 53 comments
Linux on Nintendo DS, Update 208 comments
Sony PSP 1.50 Swap Trick 176 comments
The Non-Game That Barks Like A Game 31 comments
PSP Firmware Broken - Emulation for All 75 comments
Porn in Your Pocket 104 comments
1000 DS HotSpots By End of Year 28 comments
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