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Movies Stories for 2008

Judge Rules Fox Has Copyright Claim To Watchmen 262 comments
Majel Roddenberry Dies At 76 356 comments
BD+ Successfully Resealed 443 comments
30 Minutes of Frank Miller's The Spirit Reviewed 100 comments
New Asimov Movies Coming 396 comments
Home Theatre System Using Laptops 37 comments
Interest Still High In the Netflix Algorithm Competition 77 comments
New Star Trek Trailer 591 comments
The Science of the Lightsaber 197 comments
75 Comics That Are Being Made Into Films 256 comments
Canadian Fined For Videoing Movie In Theatre 382 comments
Multiple Upcoming Games, Movies Based On Jordan's Wheel of Time 217 comments
First Trek Film Footage Unveiled 320 comments
Mystery Science Theater Turns 20 165 comments
Obama's Election Means a Return of Vampire Flicks 97 comments
MGM First To Post Full-Length Features To YouTube 116 comments
UK ISPs Near Agreement On Illegal File Sharing 97 comments
Netflix Extends "Watch Instantly" To Mac Users 205 comments
Further Details On the Star Wars MMO 129 comments
LucasArts, Bioware Announce Star Wars MMO 346 comments
First Official Photos From New Star Trek Movie 410 comments
In Response To Restraining Order, Real Networks Pulls RealDVD 193 comments
"Iron Man" Release Brings Down Paramount's Servers 283 comments
Adobe Flaw Allows Full Movie Downloads For Free 166 comments
RIAA and MPAA Developing Domain-Based DRM 272 comments
Jedi Knights Course Offered By Queen's University Belfast 180 comments
One Data Center To Rule Them All 112 comments
Ghostbusters Is First Film Released On USB Key 448 comments
IRiffs Takes MST3k Open Source 100 comments
Ray Bradbury Turns 88 194 comments
Dreamworks and Carmack Discuss 3D and Threading At IDF 85 comments
Watchmen Delayed, Or Worse 220 comments
Leaping the Uncanny Valley 421 comments
Sharing 2,999 Songs, 199 Movies Is Safe In Germany 212 comments
New Spore Details, Possible Movie Deal 73 comments
LucasArts Embargoes "Clone Wars" Reviews 603 comments
Lucas Researching Concept For New Indiana Jones Film 272 comments
New Study Finds Low Interest In Blu-ray 895 comments
MPAA Plans To Launch Movie Links Site 199 comments
WB Took Pains To "Delay" Pirating of Dark Knight 642 comments
Delivering 8K VFX Shots For the Dark Knight 263 comments
Amazon To Launch New Streaming Video Service 51 comments
You, Too, Could Be Batman In 10 To 12 Years 493 comments
First Max Payne Trailer Released 82 comments
Lost Footage of "Metropolis" Found 134 comments
Netflix Changes Its Mind, Will Keep Profiles Feature 267 comments
TV and Movies On YouTube? 101 comments
Netflix To Eliminate Profiles Feature 508 comments
Special Effects Wizard Stan Winston Dead At 62 93 comments
R2-D2 Monitors Your Web Servers 70 comments
MPAA Wants To Prevent Recording Movies On DVRs 225 comments
An Early Review of Roku's Netflix-Streaming Appliance 113 comments
WarGames and the Great Hacking Scare of 1983 331 comments
The One-Use, Self-Destructing DVD Returns 561 comments
Inside the Tech of the Roku Netflix Player 100 comments
Philip K. Dick's 'Ubik' To Be Filmed 225 comments
Dave Gibbons On the Forthcoming Watchmen Movie 181 comments
A Few Notes on Movies of the Near Future 155 comments
Early Review Calls New Indiana Jones Film Dreadful 643 comments
BioShock Movie To Be Made By Universal 157 comments
Iron Sky Trailer 126 comments
MacGyver Film In the Works? 290 comments
The Science of Iron Man 279 comments
Guillermo del Toro Will Direct "The Hobbit" 472 comments
Blizzard to Boll - DENIED! 289 comments
Ben Stein's 'Expelled' - Evolution, Academia and Conformity 1766 comments
BLAST! Telescope Documentary Premieres Tuesday 10 comments
Dreamworks Acquires Rights for Ghost in the Shell 405 comments
Pixar to Release All New Movies in 3D 250 comments
Imperial Storm Troopers Skirmish in Latest IP Battle 261 comments
Uwe Boll To Quit Making Movies With 1M Signatures 355 comments
Charlton Heston's Impact On Sci-Fi 531 comments
New Dune Movie Confirmed 482 comments
The Real MIT Blackjack Mastermind 195 comments
Blu-ray Player Prices Hit 2008 Highs 318 comments
MPAA Touts Record Year For Hollywood 187 comments
Record Box Office Indicates MPAA 'Piracy Problem' Hot Air 244 comments
Lessons From the HD Format War 308 comments
China Bans Horror Movies 292 comments
Toshiba Making Funeral Plans for HD DVD 452 comments
Animated Film Set To Kick Off Star Wars TV Show 270 comments
Tolkien Trust Sues New Line, May Kill "Hobbit" 450 comments
Deal Reportedly Reached In Writers' Strike 333 comments
What the MPAA Still Isn't Telling Us 150 comments
Impress Your Friends While Watching "Untraceable" 228 comments
MPAA Botched Study On College Downloading 215 comments
Uwe Boll Returns To Small-Time Terrible Films 51 comments
Netflix and iTunes Rentals Aiming At Different Crowds 166 comments
Open Source On the Big Screen 120 comments
John Rhys-Davies Notes The Pitfalls of Game Movies 114 comments
Filming an Invasion Without Extras 185 comments
Netflix To Lift Streaming Limits 249 comments
Evolving Blu-ray Format Will Leave Some Behind 50 comments
Paramount to Drop HD DVD? 470 comments
LG & Netflix Team Up to Offer Downloadable Movies on TV 100 comments
Archos 605 WiFi Hacked 102 comments

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