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Iphone Stories

Foxconn Set To Acquire Sharp Corporation For $5.6 Billion 46 comments
Have Your iPhone 6 Repaired, Only To Get It Bricked By Apple 404 comments
Apple Developing Wireless Charging For Mobile Devices 133 comments
Apple Court Testimony Reveals Why It Refuses To Unlock iPhones For Police 231 comments
Microsoft Makes a Selfie App For the iPhone 50 comments
Apple To Pay Ericsson Patent Royalties On iPhones and iPads 75 comments
Mozilla Launches Focus By Firefox, a Content Blocker For iOS 9 30 comments
Pursuit of Slenderness May Mean No More Headphone Jack In iPhone 7 412 comments
Apple Looks To Introduce OLED Displays In iPhone Models From 2018 225 comments
On iFixit and the Right To Repair 250 comments
Somebody Just Claimed a $1 Million Bounty For Hacking the iPhone 100 comments
Apple Tells US Judge It's 'Impossible' To Break Through Locks On New iPhones 225 comments
Objective-C Use Falls Hard, Apple's Swift On the Rise 161 comments
Not All iPhone 6s Processors Are Created Equal 262 comments
Advertising Malware Affects Non-Jailbroken iOS Devices 69 comments
Some Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Smartphones Mysteriously Powering Down 59 comments
Advertisers Already Using New iPhone Text Message Exploit 111 comments
iPhone 6s's A9 Processor Racks Up Impressive Benchmarks 213 comments
Apple Admits iCloud Problem Has Killed iOS 9 'App Slicing' 143 comments
Apple's 16GB IPhone 6S Is a Serious Strategic Mistake 324 comments
Why Apple's iPhone Upgrade Program Is a Bad Deal For Most 279 comments
Apple Product Event Highlights 508 comments
Adblock Plus Returns To Android and Arrives On iPhone For First Time 102 comments
Apple Launches Free iPhone 6 Plus Camera Replacement Program 68 comments
Man Arrested After Charging iPhone On London Overground Train 674 comments
iPhone 6S New Feature: Force Touch 191 comments
Blackberry Defeats Typo In Court, Typo To Discontinue Sales of Keyboard 67 comments
A Text Message Can Crash An iPhone and Force It To Reboot 248 comments
Apple's Plans For Your DNA 101 comments
iOS WiFi Bug Allows Remote Reboot of All Devices In Area 117 comments
Networking Library Bug Breaks HTTPS In ~1,500 iOS Apps 73 comments
Wi-Fi Attack Breaks iPhones By Locking Them Into an Endless Loop 1 comments
Broken Beer Bottle Battle In Debate Over Merits of Android Over iPhone 134 comments
Chess Grandmaster Used iPhone To Cheat During Tournament 237 comments
Apple May Start Accepting Android Phones As Trade-Ins 148 comments
Intel Will Reportedly Land Apple As a Modem Chip Customer 77 comments
CIA Tried To Crack Security of Apple Devices 119 comments
Foxconn Factories' Future: Fewer Humans, More Robots 187 comments
Apple Patents Head-Mounted iPhone 55 comments
Smartphone Theft Drops After Spread of Kill Switches 190 comments
Ask Slashdot: Gaining Control of My Mobile Browser? 223 comments
Researchers Use Siri To Steal Data From iPhones 55 comments
'Be My Eyes' App Crowdsources Help For the Blind 66 comments
High Speed DIY M&M Sorting Machine Uses iPhone Brain 85 comments
Behind Apple's Sapphire Screen Debacle 189 comments
Virginia Court: LEOs Can Force You To Provide Fingerprint To Unlock Your Phone 328 comments
Barometers In iPhones Mean More Crowdsourcing In Weather Forecasts 79 comments
Tesla Teardown Reveals Driver-facing Electronics Built By iPhone 6 Suppliers 158 comments
Consumer Reports: New iPhones Not As Bendy As Believed 304 comments
Users Report Warping of Apple's iPhone 6 Plus 421 comments
Apple's TouchID Fingerprint Scanner: Still Hackable 70 comments
Do Specs Matter Anymore For the Average Smartphone User? 253 comments
Apple Sells More Than 10 Million New iPhones In First 3 Days 206 comments
Friendly Reminder: Do Not Place Your iPhone In a Microwave 240 comments
Ask Slashdot: Is iOS 8 a Pig? 504 comments
Why the iPhone 6 Has the Same Base Memory As the iPhone 5 264 comments
Inside Shenzen's Grey-Market iPhone Mall 53 comments
Apple Locks iPhone 6/6+ NFC To Apple Pay Only 336 comments
iOS 8 Review 216 comments
Apple Edits iPhone 6's Protruding Camera Out of Official Photos 425 comments
Sapphire Glass Didn't Pass iPhone Drop Test According to Reports 207 comments
Early iPhone 6 Benchmark Results Show Only Modest Gains For A8 208 comments
iPhone 6 Sales Crush Means Late-Night Waits For Some Early Adopters 222 comments
Mining iPhones and iCloud For Data With Forensic Tools 85 comments
Apple Announces Smartwatch, Bigger iPhones, Mobile Payments 730 comments
Judge Lucy Koh Rejects Apple's Quest For Anti-Samsung Injunction 30 comments
The Biggest iPhone Security Risk Could Be Connecting One To a Computer 72 comments
China Bans iPad, MacBook Pro, Other Apple Products For Government Use 115 comments
Georgia Tech Researchers Jailbreak iOS 7.1.2 136 comments
Private Data On iOS Devices Not So Private After All 101 comments
CNN iPhone App Sends iReporters' Passwords In the Clear 40 comments
Chinese State Media Declares iPhone a Threat To National Security 143 comments
Apple Gets Its First Batch of iPhone Chips From TSMC 45 comments
European iPhone Chargers Prone To Overheating 128 comments
Apple To Face Lawsuit For iMessage Glitch 238 comments
Apple's Revenge: iMessage Might Eat Your Texts If You Switch To Android 415 comments
Apple Can Extract Texts, Photos, Contacts From Locked iPhones 202 comments
Death Wish Meets GPS: iPhone Theft Victims Confronting Perps 664 comments
iOS 7 Update Silently Removes Encryption For Email Attachments 68 comments
How Apple's Billion Dollar Sapphire Bet Will Pay Off 195 comments
Apple Patent Could Herald Interchangeable iPhone Camera Lenses 160 comments
Tor Project: Fake Tor App Has Been In Apple's App Store For Months 78 comments
How Steve Jobs Got the iPhone Into Japan 104 comments
Apple's Messages Offers Free Texting With a Side of iPhone Lock-In 179 comments
New iOS Keylogging Vulnerability Discovered 72 comments
LinkedIn Ditches Feature That Was a 'Dream For Attackers' 70 comments
Apple Will Refund $32.5M To Settle In-App Purchase Complaints With FTC 252 comments
Apple Denies Helping NSA Subvert iPhone 284 comments
Apple Again Seeks Ban On 20+ Samsung Devices In US 235 comments
Apple Fined In Taiwan For iPhone Price Fixing 74 comments
Apple Forges Agreement With China Mobile 79 comments
Evad3rs Announce iOS 7 Jailbreak For Latest Apple Devices 110 comments
Apple Developing Curve Screen iPhones and Improved Sensors 243 comments
Irony: iPhone 5S Users Reporting Blue Screen of Death 192 comments
Shuttleworth: Apple Will Merge Mac and iPhone 414 comments
The Story of the Original iPhone's Development 221 comments
Why iOS 7 Is Making Some Users Feel 'Sick' 261 comments
Steve Jobs Video Kills Apple Patent In Germany 100 comments
CCC Says Apple iPhone 5S TouchID Broken 481 comments
Ask Slashdot: Is iOS 7 Slow? 488 comments
Apple Starts Blocking Unauthorized Lightning Cables With iOS 7 663 comments
iOS 7 Lock Screen Bug Leaves Certain Apps Vulnerable For Access 135 comments
Crowdfunded Bounty For Hacking iPhone 5S Fingerprint Authentication 148 comments
Why Apple Went 64-Bit With the iPhone 5s 512 comments
Can the iPhone Popularize Fingerprint Readers? 356 comments
Apple Unveils iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S 773 comments
NSA Can Spy On Data From Smart Phones, Including Blackberry 298 comments
Apple Launches iPhone Trade-In Program 116 comments
Behind the Story of the iPhone's Default Text Tone 102 comments
Apple Announces a Trade-in Program For Third-Party Chargers 117 comments
Apple Isn't the Next Microsoft (and That's a Good Thing) 269 comments
Obama Administration Overrules iPhone Trade Ban 397 comments
iPhone Hacked In Under 60 Seconds Using Malicious Charger 170 comments
After a User Dies, Apple Warns Against Counterfeit Chargers 457 comments
iFixit Giving Away 1,776 "iPhone Liberation Kits" 260 comments
AT&T Rolls Out iPhone Wireless Emergency Alerts 199 comments
Prosecutors Push For Anti-Phone-Theft Kill Switches 257 comments
Microsoft Office Finally Gets iOS App 139 comments
iPhone Apparently Open To Old Wi-Fi Attack 90 comments
Apple's War Against Jailbreaking Now Makes Perfect Sense 321 comments
The Strange History of Apple and FlatWorld 89 comments
What Features Does iOS 7 Need? 262 comments
iPhone 4, iPad 2 Get US Import Ban 213 comments
Researchers Infect iOS Devices With Malware Via Malicious Charger 201 comments
Chicago Sun Times Swaps iPhone Training For Staff Photographers 316 comments
Paul Otellini: Intel Lost the iPhone Battle, But It Could Win the Mobile War 117 comments
iTunes: Still Slowing Down Windows PCs After All These Years 519 comments
Apple Deluged By Police Demands To Decrypt iPhones 239 comments
Apple Devices To Outsell Windows For First Time Ever In 2013 391 comments
European Carriers Complain To EU About Anti-Competitive Contracts With Apple 146 comments
Apple Makes Two-Factor Authentication Available For Apple IDs 63 comments
We Didn't Need Google's Schmidt To Tell Us Android and Chrome Wouldn't Merge 107 comments
Apple Releases Patch For Evasi0n Jailbreak (After It's Used 18 Million Times) 112 comments
LazyHusband Smart Phone App Compliments Your Wife for You (Video) 190 comments
Galaxy S 4 Dominates In Early Benchmark Testing 276 comments
CES: American-Made, Industrial-Strength Smartphone and Tablet Cases (Video) 57 comments
Apple Now Working With the NYPD To Curb iPhone Thefts 123 comments
New Zealand Frontline Police Get Apple Devices in Efficiency Measure 114 comments
iOS 6.1 Leads To Battery Life Drain, Overheating For iPhone Users 266 comments
Woz Says iPhone Features Are 'Behind' 587 comments
Mars Rover Curiosity: Less Brainpower Than Apple's iPhone 5 256 comments
Press, Bloggers Fall For iPhone Cup Holder 'Joke' 98 comments
The Strange Math of Apple's Alleged Massive iPhone 5 Order Cuts 298 comments
Your iPhone Will Soon Detect Bad Breath 114 comments
Catch Up Via Video With World of Commodore 2012 51 comments
TSMC Preparing To Manufacturer A6X Chip As Apple Looks to Ditch Samsung 172 comments
Pirated iOS App Store Site Shuts Down 432 comments
Apple's Pinch+Zoom Patent Invalidated By Preliminary USPTO Ruling 149 comments
California Sues Delta Air Lines Over Mobile Privacy 100 comments
iPhone Infringes On Sony, Nokia Patents, Says Federal Jury 166 comments
New Hampshire Cops Use Taser On Woman Buying Too Many iPhones 936 comments
Australian Police Warn That Apple Maps Could Get Someone Killed 452 comments
Steve Jobs Patent On iPhone Declared Invalid 247 comments
iPhone Finally Coming To T-Mobile In 2013 154 comments
Richard Stallman: 'Apple Has Tightest Digital Handcuffs In History' 515 comments
Housewives On Trial In China For Smuggling In iPhones 150 comments
Samsung Hits Apple With 20% Price Increase 447 comments
Foxconn Denies Plans For New US Operations 96 comments
Samsung's Galaxy S III Steals Smartphone Crown From iPhone 348 comments
iPhone Interface For Ham Radio Mates Old With New 51 comments
Apple Loses Trademark Claim Against iFone in Mexico 192 comments
An Open Standard For Wireless Charging? 82 comments
Shake-up at Apple: Forstall Out; iOS Executive Fired For Maps Debacle? 487 comments
Foxconn Thinks the iPhone 5 Is a Pain 312 comments
Apple Now Shipping Lightning To 30-Pin Adapters 173 comments
Foxconn Workers On Strike Over iPhone 5 Production 184 comments
Will Your Next iPhone Be Built By Robots? 251 comments
Apple Acknowledges iPhone 5 Camera Flaw 472 comments
Galaxy Tab Sales Ban Lifted, Samsung Sues Apple Over iPhone 5 196 comments
Apple CEO Tim Cook Apologizes For Maps App, Recommends Alternatives 451 comments
iPhone 5 A6 SoC Teardown: ARM Cores Appear To Be Laid Out By Hand 178 comments
Teardown Finds iPhone 5 Costs Apple About the Same As Did 4S 143 comments
Riot Breaks Out At Foxconn 456 comments
Verizon-Branded iPhone 5 Ships Unlocked, Works With Other Networks 100 comments
iPhone 5 Teardown Shows Boost To Repairability 171 comments
Motorola Seeks Ban On Macs, iPads, and iPhones 446 comments
AT&T Facing Net Neutrality Complaint Over FaceTime Restrictions 95 comments
Apple Confirms iPhone 5 Preorders Top 2 Million In 24 Hours 428 comments
Ask Slashdot: Best Protection Plan For Your Phone? 225 comments
iPhone 5 GeekBench Results 470 comments
iPhone 5 Scorns Standards Promise To European Commission 543 comments
Is iPhone Battery Usefulness On the Decline? 222 comments
Fragmentation Comes To iOS 244 comments
Apple Announces iPhone 5 1052 comments
Samsung Expected To Sue Apple Over iPhone 5 LTE Networking 283 comments
Chinese Students Say They Are Being Forced To Build Your Next iPhone 481 comments
AT&T Promises To Expand LTE To More US Markets 105 comments
Apple Says "No" To Releasing New Dock Connector Specs 393 comments
PC Makers In Desperate Need of a Reboot 622 comments
AT&T Defends Controversial FaceTime Policy Following Widespread Backlash 220 comments
Google Seeks US Ban On iPhones, iPads, Macs 404 comments
iPhone Bug Allows SMS Spoofing 92 comments
First Pictures of Apple's New Mini Connector 303 comments
The Strange Nature of the Nigerian App Market 110 comments
DOJ Says iPhone Is So Secure They Can't Crack It 454 comments
Why Apple Is Suing Every Android Manufacturer In Sight 738 comments
Samsung's Comparison of Galaxy S To iPhone 383 comments
Carriers Blame the iPhone For Data Caps and Increased Upgrade Fees 272 comments
Apple Comes Clean, Admits To Doing Market Research 221 comments
Fighting the iCrime Wave 170 comments
Google Warned Samsung Galaxy Tab Was "Too Similar" 251 comments
Ex-Sun Employees Are Taking Java To iOS 115 comments
Apple Blames Earnings Miss On iPhone 5 Anticipation 242 comments
Reports Say Apple Is Shrinking Its Docking Connector With iPhone 5 427 comments
Apple Yanks Privacy App From the App Store 136 comments
iOS 6 Beta 3 Jailbroken Already 68 comments
Judge Rules iDevice Speaker Docks Don't Infringe On Bose Patent 67 comments
Chinese Company Sues Apple Over Siri 174 comments
Amazon Reportedly Plans Smartphone 78 comments
First iOS Malware Discovered In Apple's App Store 171 comments
How a Lone Grad Student Scooped the FTC On Privacy Issue 120 comments
On the iPhone and Apple's Meteoric Rise To the Top 317 comments
New iPhone Prototypes Have Integrated NFC chips and Antenna 114 comments
Apple News From WWDC and iPhone 5 Rumors 683 comments
Apple To Unveil iOS 6 At WWDC 2012 110 comments
Ten Cops Can't Recover Police Chief's Son's iPhone 277 comments
Worried About Information Leaks, IBM Bans Siri 168 comments
Apple To Help Foxconn Improve Factories 166 comments
Why Verizon Doesn't Want You To Buy an iPhone 207 comments
Botched Repair Likely Cause of Combusting iPhone After Flight 181 comments
Apple Patent Reveals Gift-Giving Platform For NFC-Based iDevices 110 comments
Samsung Passes Nokia As Biggest Handset Manufacturer 133 comments
Motorola Scores Patent Wins Over Microsoft, Apple 158 comments
Patent Suit Targets Every Touch-based Apple Product 141 comments
Accountability, Not Code Quality, Makes iOS Safer Than Android 210 comments
Federal Court Allows Class-Action Suit Against Apple Over In-App Purchases 279 comments
Microsoft Passed On iPhone-Like Device In 1991 184 comments
iPhone Users Sue AT&T For Letting Thieves Re-Activate Their Stolen Devices 197 comments
Google Earns $2 Per Handset; Apple, $575 366 comments
AT&T To Unlock Out-of-Contract iPhones 146 comments
World's Creepiest iPhone App Pulled After Outcry 459 comments
Independent Audit Finds Foxconn Violates Chinese Work Rules 315 comments
Cops Can Crack an iPhone In Under Two Minutes 375 comments
Sprint CEO Defends Company's Decision To Bet It All On the iPhone 187 comments
Should Snatching an iPhone Be a Felony? 607 comments
This American Life Retracts Episode On Apple Factories In China 326 comments
Apple Wins Patent For "iWallet" 176 comments
Siri To Power Mercedes-Benz Car Systems 193 comments
Push Email Suspended On iPhones In Germany 164 comments
User Successfully Sues AT&T For Throttling iPhone Data 166 comments
Apple Settles Antennagate Class-Action Lawsuit 130 comments
AT&T On Data Throttling: Blame Yourselves 406 comments
Unauthorized iOS Apps Leak Private Data Less Than Approved Ones 179 comments
Southwest Airlines iPhone App Unencrypted, Vulnerable To Eavesdroppers 139 comments
Hackers Hit Apple Supplier Foxconn 193 comments
The iPhone Is a Nightmare For Carriers 438 comments
Halliburton To Dump Blackberry For iOS 188 comments
A5 Mystery Solved (Why Siri Won't Run On iPhone 4) 239 comments
Apple Overturns Motorola's German iPad and iPhone Sales Bans 120 comments
Siri Competitor Evi Arrives, But Already Overloaded 233 comments
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