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GNU is Not Unix Stories

Ask Slashdot: Switching To a GNU/Linux Distribution For a Webdesign School 233 comments
Largest DebConf Ever Will Hit Heidelberg In Mid-August 41 comments
Purism Offers Free (as in Freedom) Laptops (Video) 77 comments
Interviews: Ask Richard Stallman a Question 359 comments
The Free Software Foundation's Statement On Canonical's Updated Licensing Terms 75 comments
MediaGoblin 0.8.0 "A Gallery of Fine Creatures" Released 32 comments
Debian GNU/Hurd 2015 Released 52 comments
GCC 5.1 Released 78 comments
GNU Hurd 0.6 Released 229 comments
How Ubiquiti Networks Is Creatively Violating the GPL 225 comments
GCC 5.0 To Support OpenMP 4.0, Intel Cilk Plus, C++14 57 comments
GNU Nano Gets New Stable Release 119 comments
RMS Talks Net Neutrality, Patents, and More 165 comments
The GNU Manifesto Turns Thirty 214 comments
After 30 Years of the Free Software Foundation, Where Do We Stand? 201 comments
RMS Objects To Support For LLVM's Debugger In GNU Emacs's Gud.el 551 comments
GnuPG Gets Back On Track With Funding 51 comments
GPG Programmer Werner Koch Is Running Out of Money 222 comments
Serious Network Function Vulnerability Found In Glibc 211 comments
Librem: a Laptop Custom-Made For Free/Libre Software 229 comments
Trisquel 7 Released 39 comments
Slashdot Asks: Appropriate Place For Free / Open Source Software Artifacts? 46 comments
GNU Emacs 24.4 Released Today 156 comments
Apple Yet To Push Patch For "Shellshock" Bug 208 comments
Stallman Does Slides -- and Brevity -- For TEDx 326 comments
MediaGoblin 0.7.0 "Time Traveler's Delight" Released 73 comments
Richard Stallman Answers Your Questions 394 comments
After a Long wait, GNU Screen Gets Refreshed 77 comments
GNU Mailman 3 Enters Beta 57 comments
Not Just Apple: GnuTLS Bug Means Security Flaw For Major Linux Distros 144 comments
Interview: Ask Richard Stallman What You Will 480 comments
Louis Suarez-Potts Talks About Making Money with FOSS (Video) 33 comments
GNU Hurd Gets Improvements: User-Space Driver Support and More 163 comments
LLVM & GCC Compiler Developers To Begin Collaborating 279 comments
GNU Guile Scheme Gets a Register VM and CPS-Based IL 42 comments
Emacs Needs To Move To GitHub, Says ESR 252 comments
Free Software Foundation Endorses a "Truly Free" Laptop 340 comments
GCC 4.9 Coming With Big New Features 181 comments
MELT, a GCC Compiler Plugin Framework, Reaches 1.0 58 comments
GCC 4.9 To See Significant Upgrades In 2014 191 comments
GNU Make 4.0 Released 179 comments
RMS On Why Free Software Is More Important Now Than Ever Before 319 comments
GNU Hurd 0.5, GNU Mach 1.4, GNU MIG 1.4 Released 206 comments
New Unix Implementation Turns 30 290 comments
Meet the Director of the Software Freedom Conservancy (Video) 29 comments
First Batch of Libreplanet 2013 Videos Released, Hosted Using Mediagoblin 46 comments
Shuttleworth Answers FSF Call for Free Software Drivers on Edge 112 comments
German Court Finds Fantec Responsible For GPL Violation On Third-Party Code 228 comments
"Feline Herd" Offers Easier Package Management For Emacs 142 comments
FSF Launches Fundraiser For Replicant 63 comments
When GPL Becomes Almost-GPL — the CSS, Images and JavaScript Loophole 224 comments
MySQL Man Pages Silently Relicensed Away From GPL 243 comments
Ask Slashdot: Is GNU/Linux Malware a Real Threat? 252 comments
Debian GNU/Hurd 2013 Released 264 comments
Debian 7.0 ("Wheezy") Released 191 comments
RMS Urges W3C To Reject On Principle DRM In HTML5 320 comments
FSF Certifies Atheros-Based ThinkPenguin 802.11 N USB Adapter 85 comments
Spain's Extremadura Starts Move To GNU/Linux, Open Source 182 comments
LLVM Clang Compiler Now C++11 Feature Complete 291 comments
Most Projects On GitHub Aren't Open Source Licensed 630 comments
Systemd Ditches GNU C Library for Their Own 92 comments
2012 Free Software Award Winners Announced 43 comments
GCC 4.8.0 Release Marks Completion of C++ Migration 269 comments
The Pirate Bay's Oldest Torrent Is Revolution OS 130 comments
Trisquel 6.0 'Toutatis' Is Now Available 109 comments
First Debian/Ubuntu Bootable ARM64 Images Released 34 comments
Two Years of GNU Guile Scheme 2.0 107 comments
Liberated Pixel Cup Code Winners Announced 25 comments
GNU Texinfo 5.0 Released 173 comments
Evil, Almost Full Vim Implementation In Emacs, Reaches 1.0 252 comments
GNU Hurd To Develop SATA, USB, Audio Support 274 comments
Arch GNU/Linux Ported To Run On the FreeBSD Kernel 79 comments
Fedora 18 Released 118 comments
Richard Stallman Answers Your Questions 527 comments
The Android SDK Is No Longer Free Software 535 comments
GNU C Library 2.17 Announced, Includes Support For 64-bit ARM 68 comments
GNU Grep and Sed Maintainer Quits: RMS and FSF Harming GNU Project 476 comments
GNU Hands Out Trisquel At a Microsoft Store 274 comments
Live Interview: Luke Leighton of Rhombus Tech 68 comments
Ubuntu Community Manager: RMS's Post Seems a Bit Childish To Me 529 comments
RMS Speaks Out Against Ubuntu 597 comments
Linus Torvalds Delays Linux 3.7, Releases 3.7-rc8 Kernel Instead 86 comments
Ask Richard Stallman Anything 573 comments
Rare Photos: Gnu Crashing a Windows 8 Launch Event 313 comments
FSFE Interview With 'Terms of Service: Didn't Read' Founder 43 comments
3-D Model Support Comes To MediaGoblin 37 comments
FSF Opens Nominations For Free Software Awards 2012 56 comments
Eben Moglen Explains Freedom and Free Software in Two Video Interviews 78 comments
The FSF Adopts the Kickstarter Approach To Fund-raising 35 comments
Freeside Internet Services: Doing Well With Purely Free Software (Video) 53 comments
Interviews: Ask Free Software Legal Giant Eben Moglen 56 comments
FSF Certifies First Device in "Respects Your Freedom" Program 79 comments
Prime Minister to French Government: Favor FOSS Wherever Possible 112 comments
A $20 Software Defined Radio For GNU Radio 53 comments
Bringing Free Software To a Street Near You 78 comments
Rhombus Tech A10 EOMA-68 CPU Card Schematics Completed 155 comments
Happy Birthday, Debian! 172 comments
GCC Switches From C to C++ 406 comments
Debian Changes Default Desktop From GNOME To XFCE 328 comments
How Will Steam on GNU/Linux Affect Software Freedom? 580 comments
Debian Derivative Optimized for the Raspbery Pi Released 95 comments
Liberated Pixel Cup: Art Entries Closed; Code Competition Begins 34 comments
GLIBC 2.16 Brings X32 Support, ISO C11 Compliance, Better Performance 95 comments
GRUB 2.00 Bootloader Officially Released 163 comments
Microsoft Blocks FSF Donation Website As a 'Gambling Site' 301 comments
Locked-Down Tablets Endanger FLOSS For End Users 242 comments
Emacs 24.1 Released 161 comments
RMS Robbed of Passport and Other Belongings In Argentina 386 comments
Liberated Pixel Cup Art Contest Launches 63 comments
SFC Expands GPL Compliance Efforts To Samba, Linux, and Other Projects 104 comments
Linux 3.4 Released 385 comments
FreeBSD 10 To Use Clang Compiler, Deprecate GCC 711 comments
Gimp 2.8 Finally Released 737 comments
GNU Media Goblin 0.3.0 Released 43 comments
Is GPL Licensing In Decline? 266 comments
Open Source Project Licenses Trending Toward Open Rather than Free 369 comments
Guile Scheme Emacs-Lisp Compatibility Matures 46 comments
Glibc Steering Committee Dissolves; Switches To Co-Operative Development Model 102 comments
GCC Turns 25 192 comments
GPL, Copyleft On the Rise 277 comments
How Far Should GPL Enforcement Go? 432 comments
Why Linux Vendors Need To Sell More Than Linux 290 comments
Ask Slashdot: How Best To Deal With a GPLv2 License Infringement? 240 comments
GPL, Copyleft Use Declining Fast 808 comments
Evolution Of Debian Package Dependencies Resemble Predator-Prey Relationships 58 comments
The RMS Tour Rider 373 comments
Ask Slashdot: GNU/Linux Laptops? 708 comments
Battle For Open Standards In Dutch Public Education 89 comments
Celebrate Software Freedom Today 107 comments
Skein Hash... In Bash 90 comments
Sixteen Years Later: GNU Still Needs An Extension Language 425 comments
The Tech Sector's Best Beards 6 comments
Emacs Has Been Violating the GPL Since 2009 295 comments
Registration Opens For Software Freedom Day 2011 16 comments
Test Driving GNU Hurd, With Benchmarks Against Linux 335 comments
Watch Out Linux, GNU Hurd Coming 463 comments
Chris Dibona On Free Software and Google 107 comments
Court Case To Test GNU GPL 371 comments
Stallman: eBooks Are Attacking Our Freedoms 510 comments
Man Creates Open Source Flashlight 172 comments
GPL'd Driver and Linux Support For New H.264 Capture Card 119 comments
RMS Cancels Lectures In Israel 609 comments
Fedora 15 Released 171 comments
GRUB 1.99 Released With Support For ZFS and BtrFS 175 comments
Miguel De Icaza Forms New Mono Company: Xamarin 286 comments
Unarchiver Provides LGPL RARv3 Extraction Tool 183 comments
2 RMS Books Hit Version 2.0 163 comments
GPL Violations By D-Link and Boxee 251 comments
Bashing MS 'Like Kicking a Puppy,' Says Jim Zemlin 648 comments
FSF Suggests That Google Free Gmail Javascript 413 comments
100% Libre, Trisquel 4.5 STS 'Slaine' Released 207 comments
Apple Remove Samba From OS X 10.7 Because of GPLv3 1075 comments
RMS On Header Files and Derivative Works 247 comments
GNU Free Call Announced, SIP-based VoIP 145 comments
AMD Provides Fusion Support For Coreboot 71 comments
Intel Announces a BIOS Implementation Test Suite 66 comments
Australian Telco Telstra Complies With GPL 90 comments
Why Debian Matters More Than Ever 345 comments
The Beards of FOSS 0 comments
FSF Announces Support For WebM 333 comments
Most Android Tablets Fail At GPL Compliance 198 comments
Debian 6.0 To Feature a Completely Free Kernel 283 comments
Stallman Worried About Chrome OS 393 comments
Paid Developers Power the Linux Kernel 191 comments
GNU Savannah Site Compromised 99 comments
GNU/Linux and Enlightenment Running On a Fridge 222 comments
VLC Developer Takes a Stand Against DRM Enforcement 717 comments
FSF Announces Hardware Endorsement Criteria 273 comments
Free Software Foundation Turns 25 183 comments
Stallman Crashes Talk, Fights 'War On Sharing' 309 comments
Can an Open Source Map Project Make Money? 304 comments
Glibc Is Finally Free Software 337 comments
Eben Moglen Calls To Free the Cloud 173 comments
Software Freedom Conservancy Wins GPL Case Against Westinghouse 225 comments
If Oracle Bought Every Open Source Company 237 comments
WordPress Creator GPL Says WP Template Must Be GPL'd 571 comments
Remix This Game — a Free Software Experiment 152 comments
Finding Open Source Projects Looking For Help? 151 comments
Bluecherry Releases GPL'd MPEG-4 Driver 45 comments
New LLVM Debugger Subproject Already Faster Than GDB 174 comments
Frank Zappa's Influence On Linux and FOSS Development 195 comments
GCC Moving To Use C++ Instead of C 546 comments
FSF Asks Apple To Comply With the GPL For Clone of GNU Go 482 comments
Do Build Environments Give Companies an End Run Around the GPL? 374 comments
Would You Die To Respect a Software License? 233 comments
Can Employer Usurp Copyright On GPL-Derived Work? 504 comments
FSF Response To Steve Jobs's Letter 572 comments
Why Making Money From Free Software Matters 224 comments
Adding Some Spice To *nix Shell Scripts 411 comments
Checking For GPL Compliance, When the Code Is Embedded 75 comments
DarkPlaces Dev Forest Hale Corrects Nexuiz GPL Stance 131 comments
Oracle/Sun Enforces Pay-For-Security-Updates Plan 238 comments
Nexuiz Founder Licenses It For Non-GPL Use 246 comments
Free Software To Save Us From Social Networks 249 comments
Mozilla Foundation Begins Redraft Process For MPL 65 comments
PA Laptop Spying Inspires FSF Crowdsourcing Effort 135 comments
Jeff Jaffe Named CEO of W3C 145 comments
Second Life Tries To Backpedal On the GPL 207 comments
Denmark Chooses OpenDocument Format 198 comments
100% Free Software Compatible PC Launches 458 comments
Raw Therapee 3 Is Now Free Software 162 comments
GNU Emacs Switches From CVS To Bazaar 198 comments
How Can I Contribute To Open Source? 332 comments
Busybox Developer Responds To Andersen-SFLC Lawsuits 316 comments
SFLC Sues 14 Companies For BusyBox GPL Violations 309 comments
GNOME Developer Suggests Split From GNU Project 587 comments
Microsoft Finally Open Sources Windows 7 Tool 284 comments
Palm Sued Over Palm Pre GPL Violation 374 comments
Offset Bad Code, With Bad Code Offsets 279 comments
GNOME 3 Delayed Until September 2010 419 comments
Microsoft Takes Responsibility For GPL Violation 364 comments
MS Pulls Windows 7 Tool After GPL Violation Claim 186 comments
SFLC Finds One New GPL Violation Per Day 187 comments
AbiCollab Takes On Google Docs and Zoho Writer 82 comments
New DoD Memo On Open Source Software 146 comments
When Libertarians Attack Free Software 944 comments
Brian Aker Responds To RMS On Dual Licensing 212 comments
How Nokia Learned To Love Openness 180 comments
Harald Welte Calls Out Netgear's Open Source Sham 199 comments
London Stock Exchange Rejects .NET For Open Source 498 comments
De Icaza Responds To Stallman 747 comments
How To Save $1 Trillion a Year With Open Source 275 comments
How Hardware Makers Come To Violate Free Software Licenses 186 comments
GPL Wins In French Court Case 266 comments
Taking Free Software To the Streets 184 comments
The Credibility Issues of MS's CodePlex Foundation 137 comments
FSF Attacks Windows 7's "Sins" In New Campaign 926 comments
Leaving the GPL Behind 543 comments
GPLv2 Libraries — Is There a Point? 585 comments
Examining Software Liability In the Open Source Community 241 comments
The Ethics of Selling GPLed Software For the iPhone 782 comments
Emacs Hits Version 23 367 comments
SFLC Says Microsoft Violated the GPL 237 comments
Copyright Status of Thermodynamic Properties? 154 comments
The Battle Between Purists and Pragmatists 213 comments
Stallman Says Pirate Party Hurts Free Software 546 comments
Microsoft's Code Contribution Due To GPL Violation 508 comments
Microsoft Makes Second GPLv2 Release 218 comments
New Coalition To Promote OSS To Feds 99 comments
Canonical Fully Open-Sources the Launchpad Code 104 comments
Microsoft Releases Linux Device Drivers As GPL 362 comments
Open Source Software In the Military 91 comments
Launch of First International FOSS Law Review 30 comments
6 Reasons To License Software Under the (A/L)GPL 367 comments
Unsung, Unpaid Coders Behind Federal IT Dashboard 99 comments
IBM Releases Open Source Machine Learning Compiler 146 comments
Richard Stallman Says No To Mono 1008 comments
PLplot Notes Its 10,000th Commit 66 comments
City of Vancouver Adopts Open Standards 132 comments
FSF Settles Suit Against Cisco 194 comments
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