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Bug Stories for 2009

One Expert Pegs Yearly Cost of IT Failure At $6.2 Trillion 242 comments
DRM Flub Prevented 3D Showings of Avatar In Germany 386 comments
Driver Gets Stuck On Cruise Control 38 comments
Are Complex Games Doomed To Have Buggy Releases? 362 comments
Office 2003 Bug Locks Owners Out 247 comments
Saboteur Launch Plagued By Problems With ATI Cards 230 comments
Microsoft Investigates Windows 7 "Black Screen of Death" 351 comments
Dell Defect Turning 2.2GHz CPU Into 100MHz CPU? 314 comments
FAA Computer Glitch Causes Widespread Airline Delays 133 comments
Bizarre Droid Auto-Focus Bug Revealed 275 comments
The First Windows 7 Zero-Day Exploit 289 comments
Shockwave Vulnerabilities Affect More Than 450 Million Systems 130 comments
Toyotas Suddenly Accelerate; Owners Up In Arms 1146 comments
Some Early Adopters Stung By Ubuntu's Karmic Koala 1231 comments
Fixing Bugs, But Bypassing the Source Code 234 comments
Intel Pulls SSD Firmware Day After Release 125 comments
MS Says All Sidekick Data Recovered, But Damage Done 279 comments
Entire .SE TLD Drops Off the Internet 207 comments
Major Snow Leopard Bug Said To Delete User Data 353 comments
Server Failure Destroys Sidekick Users' Backup Data 304 comments
Microsoft Plans Largest-Ever Patch Tuesday 341 comments
Sony Sued Over Bricked PS3s 438 comments
Coverity Report Finds OSS Bug Density Down Since 2006 79 comments
Universal "Death Stench" Repels Bugs of All Types 248 comments
Microsoft Says No TCP/IP Patches For XP 759 comments
Recovery Tool Includes Leak of Palm's WebOS 1.2 43 comments
The Story of a Simple and Dangerous OS X Kernel Bug 230 comments
Bug Means High School Students' Schedule Errors May Last Days 443 comments
Database Error Costs Social Security Victims $500M 299 comments
Microsoft Denies Windows 7 "Showstopper Bug" 241 comments
Twitter Offline Due To DDoS 398 comments
Linux, Twitter, and Red Hat "Win" Big At Pwnie Awards 63 comments
Firefox 3.5.1 Released 147 comments
Software Glitch Leads To $23,148,855,308,184,500 Visa Charges 544 comments
Some Overheating 3GS iPhones Glow Pink 364 comments
Investigators Suspect Computers Doomed Air France Jet 403 comments
Stuck Knob Causes Serious Window Damage To Atlantis 291 comments
Apple Issues Firmware Upgrade For MacBook Pro 52 comments
Univ. of Wisconsin's 30-Year-Old Payroll System Needs a $40 Million Fix 418 comments
Apple Finally Patches Java Vulnerability 177 comments
Software Bug Adds 5K Votes To Election 239 comments
Ridiculous Software Bug Workarounds? 655 comments
Microsoft Downplays IIS Bug Threat 114 comments
HP Recalls 70,000 Laptop Batteries 75 comments
Skype Billing Gone Haywire For Some Users 154 comments
Adobe Confirms PDF Zero-Day, Says Kill JavaScript 211 comments
Microsoft Extends Xbox 360 Warranty To E74 Errors 142 comments
Flawed Map Says L.A.'s Crime Highest Next to Police HQ 123 comments
Mozilla First To Patch Pwn2Own Browser Vulnerability 141 comments
Increase In Xbox 360 E74 Problems 346 comments
Intel CPU Privilege Escalation Exploit 242 comments
Public Bug Tracking and Open-Source Policy 118 comments
Google Solves Sharing Bug In Google Docs 69 comments
Homemade PDF Patch Beats Adobe By Two Weeks 238 comments
The Broken Design of Microsoft's "Fix it" Tool 165 comments
How To Track the Bug-Trackers? 174 comments
Bugs In Microsoft Technical Documentation Rising 146 comments
Seagate Firmware Update Bricks 500GB Barracudas 559 comments
Ubuntu's Laptop Killing Bug Fixed 271 comments
Hope For Fixing Longstanding Linux I/O Wait Bug 180 comments
More Than Coding Errors Behind Bad Software 726 comments

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