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Science Stories for 2001

Jupiter To Be Visible 25 comments
Neuronal Learning Observed 103 comments
Watson To Be Knighted 14 comments
Flying on Mars 149 comments
So You Want to Be A Marine Biologist 149 comments
Rock Denied Moon Status 11 comments
Laser Pointer Holograms 124 comments
The Quest for the Spin Transistor 43 comments
MicroElectroMechanical Systems in Review 63 comments
The Little Algae That Could 196 comments
The Early Days of TV Science Fiction 90 comments
Coffee-Powered Batteries 22 comments
Royal Institute Christmas Lectures 147 comments
Hacking Cassini To Detect Gravity Waves 91 comments
Fish Changes Colors When Detecting Pollution 34 comments
Coolest Space Science Images of 2001 80 comments
Possible Explanation of Unpredictable Sun 17 comments
The Humble Space Telescope 75 comments
Interview With a SETI Astronomer 83 comments
The Forever War 161 comments
New Deep Sea Squid 190 comments
3rd Chromosome Deciphered 194 comments
802.11b Space Suits 130 comments
Asteroids May Have Brought Sugar to Earth 65 comments
Oceans Potentially More Common In Solar System 182 comments
Fossilised Rain Drops Found In India 9 comments
Space Elevator Could Cost Less Than You Thought 83 comments
Canadian Researchers Create Supernova In-lab 308 comments
DigitalGlobe To Sell 61cm Resolution Satellite Photos 244 comments
International Space Station: Canada to the Rescue? 300 comments
Deep Space One Mission Comes To An End 160 comments
Bright Asteroid Visible Tonight 14 comments
Space Station & Shuttle Evade Debris 151 comments
Cassini Probe Has Camera Problems 142 comments
Mars Odyssey Detects Signs of Water 167 comments
Single-Photon LED: Key To Uncrackable Encryption? 228 comments
NASA Plans "Carl Sagan Center" To Study Cosmos 11 comments
What Science/Bioinformatics Magazines Do You Read? 16 comments
Lunar Lasers 405 comments
Self-Assembling, Nanometer-Scale Wires 6 comments
Emergence 103 comments
God's Copy Protection 25 comments
Hawking Bets Kane $100 That There Is No Higgs Boson 14 comments
The Standard Model and USA Today 19 comments
Celestial Double Feature 7 comments
Oxford Dictionary Does Science Fiction 144 comments
IO's volcano on a plane of sulphur 6 comments
Evidence of Bacterial Life on Europa 71 comments
Patented Seeds 70 comments
3D Images Of Valles Marineris 76 comments
Nobel Prizes Awarded 159 comments
Space Station Gets A Blanket 5 comments
US Space Station Cuts Hurts Canada's Space Science 28 comments
Ebola + HIV = Great Gene Therapy? 23 comments
Thermal Solar Plant To Be Erected In Australia 371 comments
Designing An Astrophysical Virtual Observatory 4 comments
Geminid Meteor Shower 88 comments
'Beer Belly' Enzyme Discovered In Time For Xmas 42 comments
Philips Improves Electronic Paper 138 comments
Scientists Activate Neurons With Quantum Dots 30 comments
Ancient Sunken City Discovered Off Shores of Cuba. Maybe 439 comments
Bioinformatics Books for the Technically Inclined? 27 comments
Space Shuttle Endeavour's On-Board Souvenir Stash 39 comments
The Left Hand of Darkness 126 comments
Global Warming Mostly Confirmed - On Mars 325 comments
UCSB Group Debuts Working Spintronics Gate 8 comments
World Map of Lightning Activity 33 comments
Severed Optical Nerves Can Be Made To Grow Again 187 comments
"Dark Matter" Observed 209 comments
Space Shuttle Endeavour Launches (at last) 90 comments
Higgs Boson Not Found at 115 Gev 76 comments
Quantum Holography 207 comments
Insect Robots For Mars Exploration 120 comments
78000 Pics From Mars Mission 17 comments
2nd Space Tourist To Visit ISS In April 2002 184 comments
Ground-based Telescope as Sharp as Hubble 36 comments
Physicists War Over a Unified Theory 451 comments
World's First SMS Text Messaging May Fade Soon 91 comments
"Bronze Age Pompeii" Discovered 148 comments
Cluster Cracks Jupiter's Moons 14 comments
NASA Chooses Pluto Mission 139 comments
Waste Heat to Electricity? 330 comments
Still Suits and Body-powered Devices 136 comments
Chandra Captures Venus In A Whole New Light 7 comments
GM DNA Spreading... 29 comments
Beyond Contact: a Guide to SETI 176 comments
Endeavour Launch Rescheduled 6 comments
Genetically-Engineered Super-Athletes? 308 comments
Cheap and Easy Heatloss Detection? 23 comments
Endeavour to Launch with Heightened Security 9 comments
Giant Black Hole Found 283 comments
Superconductors that possibly work at room temp. 22 comments
Launching Spacecraft From Aircraft 149 comments
Boeing to Develop a Fuel Cell Powered Airplane 205 comments
Alien Atmosphere Hubbled 230 comments
Listening to Leonids 136 comments
New National Science Lab? 16 comments
European Space Agency Developing GPS Rival 360 comments
Photo of First Extra-Solar Planet? 30 comments
Hydrogen Micro Turbine Only 4mm In Diameter 353 comments
Open Source And Genetics 81 comments
Science Fiction into Science Fact? 892 comments
Plan For World's Largest Wind Farm 23 comments
Virtual Astronomy 74 comments
Mining On The Moon 339 comments
Linking Hardware To Wetware 195 comments
First Cloned Human Embryo 355 comments
Coming Back Soon... The Tasmanian Tiger? 206 comments
Thin, Flexible Printable Battery For Smartcards 83 comments
First Inter-Satellite Laser Link Established 49 comments
China Plans Manned Space Launch By 2005 211 comments
Ideas for Scientific Experiments to be Done in Space? 22 comments
More Evidence Supports Massive Asteroid Strike 84 comments
Laser for Satellite to Satellite Communications 170 comments
Non-commercial Manned Rocket Test (pre1) 126 comments
Free Scientific Software for Developing World? 212 comments
Mapping Gravity 194 comments
Scientists build DNA based computer 333 comments
Beer and Bacteria to be used in Toxin Cleanup 115 comments
78,000 Mars Global Surveyor Photos Online 14 comments
Nations Report Card For Science 25 comments
Nerve Cells Connected to Semi-Conductors 16 comments
Intelligence is Inherited 79 comments
Worlds First Plastic Magnets 24 comments
First-hand Account Of The Leonid Shower 39 comments
233 sq. mile Iceberg 24 comments
Follow Up on USNA Shoestring Satellite 5 comments
Invaders from Space! Leonid Showers tonight. 239 comments
Combining Nanotech and Radiology 125 comments
Scourge: The Once and Future Threat of Smallpox 248 comments
The Real Mission to Mars 159 comments
Death Star Caught In Act, All Wet 14 comments
Intelligent Scalpels Through Touch Technology 87 comments
Update on SuperK Detector Failure 187 comments
(Mostly) Confirmed: New Mersenne Prime Found 331 comments
NASA On Mining Extraterrestrial Sources 214 comments
OMB Deputy Director Will Head NASA 17 comments
Monster European Environmental Satellite 252 comments
SuperK Neutrino Detector Severely Damaged. 191 comments
World Solar Challenge Set To Begin 78 comments
Self-Assembling Nanocomputers 147 comments
Major Meteor Shower Next Weekend 141 comments
Wind Tunnel for Birds 126 comments
Pluto-Kuiper Express A Go (Again ... For Now ...) 5 comments
IceCube Neutrino Telescope 65 comments
Pointing the Way for Micro Motion 10 comments
Neutrinos, Muons and the Standard Model 230 comments
God's Debris 334 comments
Satellite Observing Black Holes 4 comments
USNA "Budget" Satellite Launched and Functioning 190 comments
Ballooning into Space 153 comments
NuTeV result disagrees with Standard Model 8 comments
Pluto Mission Approved 17 comments
Parasitic Wasp Reprograms Its Host Spider 39 comments
SOHO Produces Images of Sunspot Interiors 45 comments
XML for Ancients 118 comments
Leonid Meteor Shower 86 comments
Oldest Technology Gets Older 22 comments
NASA Considers Privatizing Space Shuttles 307 comments
Antarctic Ozone Hole Leveling Off 353 comments
Northern Lights Not So Northern 23 comments
Growing Wires In Water 10 comments
NASA Task Force Recommends Radical Changes 170 comments
Meteor May Have Wiped Out Middle East Civilization 513 comments
How to Navigate a Spacecraft to Mars 67 comments
Poor NASA 16 comments
The Dangers of Nanotech 236 comments
Knights of the Limits 40 comments
Quantum Computing: A view from the enemy camp 36 comments
Tiny X-rays of Tiny Animals 30 comments
Da Vinci Bridge Built 134 comments
Leonids on November 18 11 comments
First Picture from Mars Odyssey 8 comments
A Step Closer to Quantum Theory of Gravity 24 comments
Tunguska Mystery Blast Solved? 247 comments
Black Hole Sans Donut Puzzles Astronomers 119 comments
Dark Matter Measurements 246 comments
Ternary Computing 375 comments
Nanotech Living-Cell Treatment Medicine Tested In Rats 18 comments
New Shock Absorption Method For Buildings 12 comments
Teragrid: Massive Grid Computing 115 comments
Prehistoric Monster Crocodile Found 18 comments
NASA's Mars Odyssey Enters Orbit 129 comments
Holographic Sonar Cryptography 182 comments
Black Hole Spewing Energy 16 comments
Defusing The Kursk 14 comments
Odyssey Arriving at Mars Tonight 195 comments
Mmm, Carbon Magnets 7 comments
Too Many Asteroids To Keep Track Of? 14 comments
Invasion of Invincible Ants 25 comments
World's Most Exciting Chemistry Movies 120 comments
Desktop Biodetectors 66 comments
Genetic Algorithms "Naturally Select" Bett 1 comments
Physics and Archaeology 191 comments
Space-based Power Generation 217 comments
Carbon Magnets At Room Temperature 213 comments
Goldin to Retire from NASA 429 comments
Babbage, A Look Back 261 comments
Uranus Moon Theory Debated 21 comments
Hello Io, From Galileo 18 comments
Ulysses Reaches Unprecedented Solar Lattitude 6 comments
Global Storm on Mars 12 comments
Lego Mindstorms In Space 228 comments
Shrimpoluminescence 14 comments
Aurora Alert During The Nights Ahead 17 comments
Alcohol Haze At Galactic Heart 22 comments
Scientists Double Optical Fiber Transmission Capacity 229 comments
One Meteor Shower Coming Up 3 comments
Nobel Prize In Physics For Bose-Einstein Condensate 201 comments
Cutting Out the Middle Men in Scientific Publishing 196 comments
Kursk Finally Lifted 118 comments
Nobel Prize in Medicine Awarded for Cell Research 2 comments
Biking @ 80 MPH 344 comments
NASA to Go Commercial? 210 comments
SETI@Home to Crunch More Data 165 comments
Heart Kept Beating Outside of Body 18 comments
Bose-Einstein Condensate: On a chip 16 comments
The 1st Generation of Stars 236 comments
Private Rocketplane Test A Success 283 comments
One Step Closer To Quantum Computers 8 comments
"Cool Tropics" Greenhouse Paradox Explained 1 comments
The Art of Aerobraking 86 comments
Black Death's Genome Cracked 252 comments
Putting the Odyssey Spacecraft in Martian Orbit 11 comments
Unlimited Blood Supply From Stem Cells 31 comments
The Next Big Particle Accelerator 257 comments
Endangered Sheep Cloned 15 comments
British Researchers Say Fusion Is Close 443 comments
NASA Plans On Bringing Back Martian Rocks 184 comments
Launch Attempt for Kodiak Star Tonight 75 comments
GPS Test Successful From Outer Space 112 comments
Glass-Eating Microbes 19 comments
Bid to Tax Satellites Rejected 125 comments
Scientists Build Microscope Onto The Head Of A Rat 32 comments
Large Trove Of Dino Eggs And Embyros Discovered 16 comments
Lighting Technologies For Space Farming 15 comments
Macroscopic Quantum Entanglement 216 comments
Crystal Of Green Light Bends Matter 20 comments
Big Hopes for Tiny Satellites 152 comments
Why Physicists Don't Like To Talk About Friction 34 comments
Aurora Visible In Mid And Low Latitudes 8 comments
Ethics in Scientific Research 278 comments
NASA Kodiak Launch Delayed 4 comments
Purdue Builds Quantum-Computing Semiconductor 102 comments
Flare Sends A Gigaton Of Solar Detritus Toward Earth 148 comments
TransOrbital: The Commercial Race To The Moon 174 comments
Cool Neutron Stars? 8 comments
Deep Space 1 Completes Comet Fly-by 58 comments
Alaskan Space Port Prepares for First Launch 64 comments
Beer In Space 149 comments
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