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Hardware Stories for 2000

Recharging Laptop From Plane Headphone Jacks? 19 comments
A Semi-Radical Approach To Avoiding fsck 116 comments
VIA Samuel 2 Processor Preview 65 comments
Hardware QWERTY-to-DVORAK Conversion? 13 comments
What's The Best Multitool For The Job? 25 comments
Novelty/Unusual Cases, Keyboards, Rodents, Etc? 6 comments
Strange DVD Behavior When Used w/ TV Tuner Cards? 10 comments
More On Flexible Transistors 27 comments
Free Cable Modem From The Shack 163 comments
Serial ATA 1.0 Draft Released 123 comments
Visor Phone Released 137 comments
What's The Best Combo DVD/VCD/CD/MP3 Player? 184 comments
Fastest Commercial Supercomputer To Be Built 106 comments
Linux Intel Chipset Comparison 38 comments
Upgrading Quantum Snap Server Capacity? 13 comments
Headphones For Noisy Environments? 16 comments
What PDA Would You Recommend? 28 comments
3Dfx No More -- NVidia Purchases Video Card Maker 320 comments
Digital Cameras As Web Cams? 16 comments
The Robot Diaries 81 comments
Shrinking Tapes And Increasing Bit Densities? 15 comments
Palm Talks About New OS 142 comments
Can the HP Jornada 820C Run Something other than WinCE? 9 comments
Ask Kevin Lawton About Plex86 212 comments
The Most Powerful Mouse in the World 212 comments
Where Can You Buy Low-End Computers? 30 comments
Getting Youngsters Started In Electronics? 20 comments
Turning Microchips Into Lasers 12 comments
PDA Keyboards Compared 93 comments
Magnetic RAM from IBM 153 comments
Quality Control In Computer Companies 249 comments
Voodoo5 6000 Preview 68 comments
Scanning The Landscape Of Palmtop GUIs 122 comments
Hacking the Sony WebTV Plus? 9 comments
Linux Cell Phone/PDA 94 comments
Low Power Servers & Desktops? 28 comments
Specialized MP3 Compression Hardware? 26 comments
99 Minute CDs? 11 comments
Hardware Based Screen Capture? 17 comments
Nvidia's NV20 161 comments
Rocket eBook File Format? 5 comments
Any Thoughts On Raidzone NAS Products? 3 comments
New 8-Node PPC Cluster From Terra Soft 49 comments
Project Pengachu: Handheld Linux for $50? 84 comments
Mobile Videophone 58 comments
New YOPY Cousin To Use Head-Mounted Display 36 comments
Tom's Hardware Retracts P4 Endorsement 262 comments
What Lighting Is Good In A Computer Environment? 15 comments
New Glue Could Reduce Computer Trash 48 comments
MP3 Dictaphone Devices? 9 comments
Palm IIIc, OS 3.5.2 And Grafitti Problems? 8 comments
USB And PS2 Ports On KVM Switches? 18 comments
Visor Add-Ons That Make It Wearable? 11 comments
Hardware For Home Security? 39 comments
C`t Throws Athlons And P4s In The Gladiator Pit 198 comments
Easter Eggs In Consumer Electronics? 13 comments
COMDEX and Linux Handhelds 87 comments
A Drive With The Works: DVD-[R,RW] And CD-[R,RW] 174 comments
Firewall On A PCI card 137 comments
Chip News To Crunch On 90 comments
TrollTech Releases Embedded Qt PDA environment 93 comments
PDA + Cellphone + ISP = Internet Access? 15 comments
Where Can You Obtain Surplus Mechanical Parts? 18 comments
Rugged, Reliable, Low Power Linux Hardware? 10 comments
PCI Card Lets You Watch HDTV (And Save To Disk) 165 comments
Keyless Keyboard 151 comments
Hacking Oracle's $199 Net Appliance 92 comments
Information For Creation Of Springboard Modules? 6 comments
Hacking The Bush IBX100 Internet Set-Top Box? 2 comments
Benchmarks for NICs? 10 comments
New 3D Cards On Slower PCs 189 comments
Upgrading the Bandwidth on a ViaTV Video Phone? 4 comments
Palm Used in Contemporary Art 105 comments
VIC20 As Wap Client 73 comments
Linux Drivers for Cirque *Cat Touchpads? 4 comments
Obfuscated Circuitry? 224 comments
Computer, Arise From Your Grave 150 comments
The Fundamentals Of Cache 60 comments
Configuring X to Run on VAIO Desktop LCD Screens? 12 comments
Handspring's New Palm-OS Entrants: Color and Speed 115 comments
Watch Camera 100 comments
[In]expensive Immersion? 62 comments
What Are Your Ten Best Palm Apps? 37 comments
Online Hardware Swap-Meet 131 comments
Underwater Computer For Ocean Research 76 comments
Force-Feedback Devices Provide Virtual Texture 128 comments
Technical Comparison Of Windows CE vs. PalmOS? 35 comments
Why Do We Still Use Clock Frequencies? 45 comments
Super Large, Super Hi-Res LCD Screens? 197 comments
'Case-less' Rackmounts and Multi-Machine Power Supplies? 13 comments
How Should I Treat My Notebook Battery? 16 comments
Parts For Discontinued Hardware? 9 comments
Rebuilding Colossus 70 comments
The Vanishing Desktop 64 comments
Affordable Backup Hardware for Today's Systems? 22 comments
Aussies Put Old Pay-TV Dishes To Use -- As A LAN 159 comments
Computer Or Docking Station? 91 comments
A Look At The Panasonic ShowStopper 109 comments
Recommendations On Supercomputing Hardware? 32 comments
Palm Pilot Robot Kit 69 comments
Why Design New Processor Cores? 14 comments
8-Port Router/Firewall For 100Mb WAN? 7 comments
Inside the CueCat Hardware 186 comments
Sony plans to release new toy: Airboard 66 comments
Palm/Motorola to Develop Combo handheld/phone 91 comments
A Do-It-Yourself Embedded Linux Box 93 comments
More Information on Total mPOWER? 9 comments
ZapStation CD/MP3/DVD Player/Server 86 comments
Yopy Running Game Boy And Heretic 93 comments
3dfx Voodoo 5 Review 72 comments
Handspring To Release 65k Color Visor 127 comments
"Cloudy Future" For CueCat 252 comments
Bridge Ethernets Over T1? 9 comments
Apple Airport Vs. Orinoco RG-1000? 16 comments
ATI's HyperZ Demystified 47 comments
3Com To Charge $20 For Palm OS 3.5 101 comments
19" Monitor Goes Portable 112 comments
Oh, No! I've Broken My Visor! How Can I Fix It? 15 comments
Japanese PDA Hacks and Customizations 59 comments
Speak To Your Palm 97 comments
Linux Ported to Cisco Routers, BSD chosen by router manufacturers 174 comments
Front Ports for PCs? 38 comments
Nokia Media Terminal 78 comments
MP3 Player Released For Handspring Visor 146 comments
Shielding Your Office from Magnetic Fields? 46 comments
Michael Ethetton - Special Guest in #Palm 26 comments
New Sony Palm, With Removable Memory Stick 113 comments
Palm M100 "Kaizo" Hack: 8 Megs On the Cheap 99 comments
What OS Does InfoGear's iPhone Use? 3 comments
Reusing Old Satellite Dishes? 22 comments
NVidia Seeks 3dfx Injunction 12 comments
A Look At the Fastest IDE Drive Yet 173 comments
Fiberless Optical Networks 143 comments
GNU/Linux On The Prowl: PocketLinux 87 comments
Global PC-What's Under the Hood? 5 comments
Why Faster CPUs? What About SMP? 35 comments
Agenda's Linux Based Handheld 130 comments
What Will Be The Next Generation Of RAM? 180 comments
nVidia GeForce 2 Ultra Unveiled 205 comments
Cleaning Your Keyboards? 26 comments
SubZero Chilled Alcohol PC Cooling 157 comments
New GHz Competitor In Processor Market Soon 93 comments
Storing Massive Images Direct From Digital Camera? 20 comments
The new Palm VIIx 212 comments
Linux on a Wrist Watch? 276 comments
HP Plans The Uber-Calculator 194 comments
Tivo Hacking A-OK - Says Tivo 95 comments
986MB/s With BSD And Gigabit Ethernet 34 comments
486 PC In 5 Cubic Inches? 188 comments
Jim Gettys On Itsy/GNOME/KDE And Small Devices 75 comments
Replacing A Palm's ROM With An EEPROM? 6 comments
High Sustained HD Transfer Rates on a Budget? 18 comments
What Happened To The Small Form Terrabyte HDs? 4 comments
Are Set-Top Boxes A Solution For Novice Users? 6 comments
Webclipping Slashdot for Palm VII 85 comments
GPS On Unix? 13 comments
Laptop Screens-HPA Vs. TFT, DSTN, et al 13 comments
SETI@Home -- Running On A PCI Card 264 comments
Information on the HP C3450A? 3 comments
Are Virtual Dedicated Servers Worth The Cost? 9 comments
Silent PCs With Thermoelectric Panels? 46 comments
First Look At The New Palms 167 comments
Phoneline Extention via Airwaves? 5 comments
Maxtor's 80GB Drive 217 comments
Do Native Firewire Hard Drives Exist? 11 comments
Linux Supported DVD-RW Coming Soon 132 comments
Modern Inkjets And Linux Support? 13 comments
NetBSD Progress On Sega's Dreamcast 78 comments
Multicast Over Old Wavelan Bridge? 1 comments
Mouse That Scans Your Fingerprints 90 comments
On Networking Two (Or More) Houses? 30 comments
MP3/CD Players Reviewed 194 comments
Can You Reuse A Laptop's LCD? 16 comments
D-I-Y Project Enclosures? 5 comments
Office Wireless Networks-How Reliable Are They? 8 comments
Gameboy Emulator For PalmOS 88 comments
Low-Profile Firewalls? 24 comments
Ethernet-Based Security Cameras? 8 comments
Sony Announces Upcoming 1.3GB CD Products 87 comments
Open Source Physical Security Systems? 4 comments
Palm Virii-Transferring On A Beam Near You? 12 comments
New Low Powered Computer Chip? 3 comments
Building A Stable NFS Box? 11 comments
Cyrix III Benchmarked 67 comments
For The Overclocking Junkie 208 comments
Memory Problems (And Fixes) For Palm-OS Devices 95 comments
A Palm-Compatible PDA for $100? 11 comments
ARM-Based ATX Mobos 118 comments
Multiprocessor G3/G4 Boards 196 comments
High Speed Floppy Drives? 20 comments
DIY Tiny Webserver 43 comments
Tech Industry Warns Of Memory / LCD Shortage 81 comments
Cleaning Computers and Other Electronics? 15 comments
Hacking The Tivo 132 comments
What's The Fastest Loading OS For x86? 37 comments
Reverse-Engineering Consoles 73 comments
Writing Protected Mode x86 OSes? 14 comments
24/7 Running PCs = Fire Risk? 38 comments
What's A Good Way To Handle Multiple /dev/dsp's? 17 comments
Under-the-Desk Exercise Equipment? 28 comments
Pilot Synthesis 93 comments
Is The x86 Obsolete? 336 comments
Cases for Multiple Single Board Computers? 11 comments
Make Your Own PDA? 14 comments
PDAs Converting Mobile Phones into WAP Devices? 10 comments
Racks vs Custom Mounting/Shelving Solutions? 14 comments
PalmOS Development With Linux? 3 comments
Backups-Cheap IDE Drives as Alternative to Tapes? 17 comments
Can the IPAQ Run PalmOS or Linux? 9 comments
Touch Screens For PCs? 10 comments
FreeBSD Cluster At Purdue 92 comments
Netpliance Sponsors 100 Creative Mobile Computing 62 comments
Computer/Stereo Audio In Every Room? 11 comments
HP Jornada Refund 38 comments
Embeded Linux Firewall Appliances? 15 comments
Linux DVD hardware support From SiS 75 comments
They Don't Make Them Like They Used To 124 comments
Compaq Itsy Usability movies 42 comments
Why Dr. Tom Dislikes Rambus, Inc. 122 comments
RAM Prices Expected To Skyrocket This Week 121 comments
Hackable Hardware? 12 comments
Sony MiniDisc DV Cam Does Java, Ethernet 61 comments
On Building Massive Data Storage Systems... 7 comments
Advertising Via GPS 161 comments
Super-Fast Hard Drives 154 comments
Add-On Shows DVD As It Should Be 181 comments
3dfx Delays Voodoo5 Schedule 164 comments
Net Access From your TI-85 113 comments
ECC Memory And Shuttle Athlon Motherboards? 9 comments
MP3Player/Cell Phone in One 72 comments
265V PS Needed For Braille Display 10 comments
Connecting Palm IIIe/III To The Internet Via Hotsync Base? 12 comments
Jor-not-a Pocket PC? 112 comments
Which Handheld for In-Field Service Work? 7 comments
Royal daVinci Linux Project 46 comments
Good Uses For Modem Teaming? 10 comments
3-D Monitor From Deep Video Imaging 202 comments
XFree86 On Computer Projectors? 4 comments
Surface Mapping Athlons For Fun And Knowledge 99 comments
IP Over SCSI? 22 comments
Goodbye, Number Nine 91 comments
New Mega Alphas 141 comments
Small Form LCD Projectors? 9 comments
16:9 Notebook Screens? 20 comments
In Search Of The Perfect Geek Desk? 44 comments
DV Tape Drives As PC Peripherals? 2 comments
Flaws in LCD Displays? 23 comments
Open-Sourcing Discontinued Hardware 91 comments
Experimental Micro Channel Support In NetBSD 10 comments
Alpha 21264 And Athlon 850 Review 70 comments
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