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Slashdot Stories for 1998

Cell phones running on alcohol
LinuxWorldExpo Brochure ready for download
Crackers Commence Electronic Warfare Against Iraq
Nullsoft unveils ShoutCast-free broadcasting
Your PalmPhone
Linux 2.2.0pre2 / Gnome 0.99.1
Random Slashdot Awards
Mars lander to be launched sunday
Smurfable Network Detection
Glide Wrapper Troubles
Free Top Level Domain
War not won, says Nicholas Petreley
Linux Expo Opens Non-Profit Booths
Linux Desktop is DOA?
Can XFree86 Support Multiple Pointer Devices?
What's the Best Way to Manage Multiple POP Accounts?
How can you Make htdig Search Sites w/ International Characters?
What Statistical Packages are Available for Linux?
Ask Slashdot: Are there Linux Alternatives for AOL's Instant Messenger?
Ask Slashdot: How do you Start a User's Group?
Linus as Robin Hood?
US relaxes some encryption export laws
Cells with Infinite Reproduction
CDA has been struck another blow
Linux databases are here-but support costs $
thebazaar trying to contact developers
Detailed Nanotechnology Article
SlashNET To Host New Years Party
Korean MP3 wrapup and 1999 plans
Linux 2.2.0pre1 Hints (Plus LinuxPPC News)
2 week holiday in space for $25000
Internet Media to Offer Wireless T1-Equivalent
Microsoft Trial Summary
Debian Seeking Sponsorship for Linux Expo
More Dirt on the new SGIs
Judge Rules in Favor of Student Protest Website
Luring the Lurkers
AP Story on Red Hat
New Linux-based iMac Rival
Linux 2.2.0pre1
DES Challenge III
Apply for free Palm VII
Microprocessor Art
Petreley and a bit on Advocacy
Ghost Sites Catalogs the Dead Weba
Review:Elements of ML Programming
Norway says probe any machine you want
StarOffice Wars - the good, the bad, and the ugly
Berst has Linux as one of 98's top stories.
China Sentences Crackers To Death
Cor Blimey! A Java Spectrum emulator!
Beastie Boys MP3s pulled by Capitol
UK Linux Conference slated for January
NetBSD 1.3.3
InfoWorld on the Wintel split and readers on Linux
InstantASP for Linux and Apache
University prepares to build Mars-ready biohazard unit
The return of accoustic-coupled modems!
Kill a Furby (or other fun celebs)
1.25 Terabit IP Routers
Phrack 54 is out
Reverse Engineering the LEGO RCX
ClearType "Technology" Demo
Gecko Changes Everything
Has Microsoft Peaked?
LinuxExpo Call for papers extended
Web-controlled Xmas tree
Gob-smacking graphics
XS4ALL bought by KPN telecom
Cool new toy
GGI project to be hosted on Metalab
Christmas Eve Quickies
Review:XML by Example
Gimp-1.1.0 released has E CVS Review!
The Linux Kernel Archives Mirror System
Electronic Ink
Linux 1998 Timeline
Cookie Security Flaw Affecting All Major Browsers
Linux in MIT Technology Review
New TCP denial of service Attack
AMD K6-3 reviewed before public release
Micromachines and Bugs
The Dark Side of Tux
Interesting Crypto Story
Linux 2.1.132
Spencer Katt takes on the Linux Hike
Unix as an element of literacy
Christmas stories
Word Perfect for Linux is's #2
KDE/LinuxWorld-Apology to LinuxWorld, Everyone Happy
Is XFree86 3.3.3 on CD?
How do you Get Linux to Recognize ATA Drives Larger than 8G?
Multiple Domains & Sendmail
What HDD should you use in a Beowulf Cluster?
AT&Ts Future
Ask Slashdot: How do you Start an Open Source Project?
PCWeek Article on Linux's Enterprise Evolution
Internet World salutes Tux
Cool My.Netscape Channels
New virus that propagates on NT networks
Gnome User Guide Released
The Twofish Encryption Algorithm
Palm Developer Conference Report
The PDA Revolution hits InfoWorld
Linux is Time's #6 Tech Story of 98
MSNBC review of NetWinder
The Morning After: Digital Democracy II
KDE-1.1pre packages in RawHide, Red Hat Linux beta
New book: Linux Kernel Module Programmer's Guide
KDE Not Present at LinuxWorld?
SuSE 6.0 Beta Released
Fake Grassroots DivX support?
Adopt a Penguin or help save them
Alternative OS's bundled by Manufacturers
Good New Search Engine-running on Linux
Debilitating Hand/Wrist Problems
KDE 1.1 preview out
New Gnome
NORAD keeps an eye on Santa
New: The Gimp/Win32 available for Linux!
IBM Paints Linux Blue
Where do you look for Library Upgrades?
Ask Slashdot: Set Top X terminals?
Getting Oracle 8 to work on Linux
A Unix Christmas
Red Hat Announces Certification Program
Patents and Open Source
Accelerated X for AlphaLinux
Promising Words from Corel
Gnome 0.99 beta out, but not Enlightenment DR-0.15
US computer systems are vulnerable
Microsoft Puts Spin On Its Own History
photography is phun
Byte bytes the dust
GGI project needs a web/ftp server
Digital Democracy: An Idea Whose Time Has Come
More on GIMP Devel
Compaq Linux RAID controller support
Technology advances influenced by extra-terrestrials?
Slashdot Proxy Setup
New KWord Screenshots
Assorted Important (and Not So) Slashdot Notes
Review:Mr. Bunny's Guide to ActiveX
LinuxWorld FreeBSD article
Good article on BeOS R4 at PC Magazine Online
RIAA's Encypted Music-Working with defense contractors?
IT managers allegeance to Microsoft wanes
Advanced spreadsheet at zero-cost
Wassenaar agreement not to apply to free software?
MIT Tech Review Article
What is Clustering?
Are IDE CD-Burners Supported Under Linux?
KDE Update
Is there Medical Billing software Available?
Rob Finishes College
Ask Slashdot: How do you get non-"Certified" SSL Keys to Work?
Classic Video Game Crackdown
First Photon Chip
Intel, S3 in pact-Intel gains access to Exponential patents?
Tax Credit Proposed for OSS Peoples
Women more likely to be Internet Addicts
Salon Magazine: The free software story
Download WordPerfect 8 for Linux Today
How do you build Red Hat Image Disks?
Linux Growth:212% for 98
Gnome-libs and Gnome-core enter Feature Freeze
MESA snapshot to be integrated into XFree86
US and UK unilaterally attack Iraq
Microsoft Exchange bug slows impeachment
Netscape may cut off
Nintendo-64 or PlayStation? Which to buy for XMas?
Ask Slashdot: Are There Any Alternatives to Ml.Org?
Human Cloning on the way
Maquarium G3 Upgrade
Linus for Top Newsmaker of 98
Microsoft Sued Over ErgoMouse for $1B is looking for Official Mirrors
Assorted Slashdot Things (And a Plug to Vote!)
Apple to Ship LinuxPPC?
Jikes Update
Review: The Aardvark is Ready for War
Free version of WordPerfect 8 for Linux tomorrow
EntireX DCOM for Linux released as free Download
Too Old for Technology?
Programmer Gagged
'No Linux Support' is one of only 2 cons to JDK 1
Forking Gimp Devel?
Logic and Memory on the Same Die
Another Star Wars Trailer
256 Node Alpha Cluster
Portable iMac-like machine?
the end of the world (as I know it)
Intel Sues an Ex Employee Turned Spammer
New Enlightenment Webpage
IDG/LinuxworldExpo Response
ZDnet Columnist Disses Linux
ICBMs as monster fireworks
Debian Adopts a Constitution
Interview with Corel
The Road To Linux: First Blood
Review:Linux Programmer's Reference
Sun and Oracle against NT.
Boston Globe column on OSS/Tim O'Reilly
LinuxWorld Snubs Speakers
IBM releasing Open Source MTA
Brits Fight back against Crypto Proposals
Review:Star Trek Insurrection
De-coding Worm DNA
from Pong to Nintendo 64
Impeachment and the Internet
More Mars Missions
Acer plans Linux server for educational market
Church of Mentos
MP3 Conference Announcement
CBS Article on Netscape open source success
New Gnome Eyecandy
Car Alarm Flame Thrower
RIAA to launch Secure Digital Music Initiative
Furby Autopsies
Salon Scoop on Sendmail
Sun on Jini & Linux
Jikes Open-Source Issues... a report from OSI
Omnigroup Releases source code
NASA seeks to verify Gravity shield
WebDAV approved as IETF Standard
PalmPilot for kids?
Computing's Holy Grail
Feature:Geek Gifts
Followup for Mitsubishi/Compaq Supercomputer Story
Sun's UltraPenguin Takes Flight
"Hacker" on the Loose says Washington Post
CNN on MP3
GLDoom Released
Star Trek Insurrection
Are there RPMs for XFree86-3.3.3
What's a good motherboard for SMP Linux
How can you Connect a Playstation Controller to a Linux Box?
Compaq Selling Linux Supercomputer
Predictions for next year
Pair of LinuxWorld Stories
Internic teams up with RealNames
Trooper Clerks
2Gig floppies for $30?
MySQL wins CNET's best affordable database.
Slashdot #1 on Distributed Key Processing
SGI details new Wintel machines
Cringley thinks MS will win lawsuit
Tucows to carry Linux software

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