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The Science of Incivility 108 comments
Two Years After Snowden Leaks, Encryption Tools Are Gaining Users 69 comments
Illinois Supreme Court: Comcast Must Identify Anonymous Internet Commenter 233 comments
Amazon Overhauling Customer Reviews 116 comments
Samsung Fixes Cellphone Keyboard Vulnerability 41 comments
Venus May Have Active Volcanoes 45 comments
Windows 10 Will Be Free To Users Who Test It 280 comments
Facebook's Absurd Pseudonym Purgatory 289 comments
Where Is Europe's Silicon Valley? 266 comments
Open Source Hardware Pioneer Ladyada Interviews the New MakerBot CEO 38 comments
Sprint Begins Punishing Customers For FCC's Net Neutrality Rules 272 comments
Microsoft Funds First US-Based Chinese Research University Degree Program 27 comments
Amazon Is Only Going To Pay Authors When Each Page Is Read 172 comments
Kim Jong Un Claims To Have Cured AIDS, Ebola and Cancer 162 comments
School Lunch Program Scans Student Thumbprints For 'Tracking Purposes' 141 comments
Study: Sixth Extinction Event Is Underway 294 comments
5G Network Speed Defined As 20 Gbps By the International Telecommunication Union 81 comments
AMD Reveals Radeon R9 Fury X Specs and Preliminary Benchmark Performance Results 87 comments
'Brain-to-Text' Interface Types Thoughts of Epileptic Patients 31 comments
Unicode Consortium Releases Unicode 8.0.0 164 comments
Secunia Drops Public Listing of Vulnerabilities 19 comments
The Death of Aibo, the Birth of Softbank's Child-Robot 152 comments
Schneier: China and Russia Almost Definitely Have the Snowden Docs 157 comments
Triggering a Mouse's Happy Memories With Lasers Gives It the Will To Struggle On 66 comments
Turning Neural Networks Upside Down Produces Psychedelic Visuals 75 comments
DuckDuckGo Sees Massive Growth In Post-Snowden World 112 comments
Ask Slashdot: Best API Management System? 50 comments
The Problems Apple Music Needs To Fix Before Launch 110 comments
The Tools Don't Get You the Job 255 comments
Electric Airplane Takes Off 5 comments
IMAX Tries To Censor Ars Technica Over SteamVR Comparison 190 comments
Orbiting 'Rest Stops' Could Repair Crumbling Satellites 59 comments
June 30th Leap Second Could Trigger Unexpected Issues 233 comments
Planned Sequel To Fairphone Promises an Ethical, Repairable Phone 83 comments
UK's Legalization of CD Ripping Is Unlawful, Court Rules 301 comments
SourceForge Suspends Independent Project Mirroring 124 comments
Editing DNA For Fame and Fortune 62 comments
Twitter To Introduce Curated Information Stream 37 comments
Google Criticized For 'Opaque' Audio-Listening Binary In Debian Chromium 85 comments
Privately Owned Armored Trucks Raise Eyebrows After Dallas Attack 609 comments
Google Launches YouTube Newswire To Verify Eyewitness Videos 22 comments
BBC Develops "Mind-Control TV" Headset For iPlayer App 27 comments
Jimmy Wales: London Is Better For Tech Than "Dreadful" Silicon Valley 410 comments
Researchers Claim a Few Cat Videos Per Day Helps Keep the Doctor Away 59 comments
US Airlines Say Smaller Carry-Ons Are Not In the Cards 273 comments
Google Pulling Back the Veil On Its Custom-Built Data Centers 47 comments
E3 2015: A Lot of Nostalgia For Old Games 102 comments
Near Misses Lead To More Consumer Drone Legislation 164 comments
FCC Votes To Subsidize Broadband Connections For Low-Income Households 283 comments
Big-Data Animal Tracking As an Eye On Life and Planet 28 comments
Ask Slashdot: What's the Harm In a Default Setting For Div By Zero? 1067 comments
WebAssembly: An Attempt To Give the Web Its Own Bytecode 126 comments
Is Microsoft's .NET Ecosystem On the Decline? 250 comments
Ask Slashdot: Are There Any Search Engines Left That Don't Try To Think For Me? 424 comments
Adblock Plus Can Now Be Rolled Out To Every Single Employee In a Company 127 comments
Video Games Can Improve Terror Attack Preparedness, Even If You Don't Play Them 76 comments
LibreOffice Now Available On Apple's Mac App Store 132 comments
An Extra-Large Nanocage Molecule For Quantum Computing 22 comments
The Rebirth of Arcade Racers -- On Kickstarter 79 comments
Shuttleworth Loses $20m Battle With S. African Reserve Bank Over Expatriated Funds 117 comments
ECMAScript 6 Is Officially a JavaScript Standard 80 comments
86.2 Million Phone Scam Calls Delivered Each Month In the US 193 comments
Encryption Would Not Have Protected Secret Federal Data, Says DHS 142 comments
Canadian Government Servers Compromised By Anonymous 79 comments
More Warehouse Robots Coming To Market As Softbank Invests $20M In Fetch 38 comments
British Government Instituted 3-Month Deletion Policy, Apparently To Evade FOIA 86 comments
E-Detective Spy Tool Used By Police and Governments Has Major Security Holes 64 comments
The Internet of Things Is the Password Killer We've Been Waiting For 124 comments
Reasons To Use Mono For Linux Development 355 comments
Russian Official Calls For "International Investigation" of the Apollo Program 307 comments
UrtheCast Releases Its First Commercial Videos of Earth 45 comments
FCC To Fine AT&T $100M For Throttling Unlimited Data Customers 205 comments
Is Surespot the Latest Crypto War Victim? 26 comments
Privacy Advocates Leave In Protest Over U.S. Facial Recognition Code of Conduct 161 comments
"Let's Encrypt" Project To Issue First Free Digital Certificates Next Month 97 comments
Should Nuclear Devices Be Kept On Hand To Protect Against Near Earth Objects? 272 comments
Uber Drivers Are Employees, Not Contractors, Says California Labor Commission 346 comments
Interviews: Ask Brian Krebs About Security and Cybercrime 53 comments
After Uproar, Disney Cancels Tech Worker Layoffs 229 comments
Elop and Others Leaving Microsoft, Myerson Taking Bigger Role 121 comments
Russian Troops Traced To Ukrainian Battlefields Through Social Media 180 comments
First Net Neutrality Lawsuit Will Target Time Warner Cable 88 comments
Researchers Find Major Keychain Vulnerability in iOS and OS X 78 comments
Bank's IT Failure Loses 600,000 Payments 96 comments
Samsung Cellphone Keyboard Software Vulnerable To Attack 104 comments
USAF Cuts Drone Flights As Stress Drives Off Operators 298 comments
Apple De-Certifies Monster Cables After Lawsuit Against Beats 288 comments
GitHub Seeks Funding At $2 Billion Valuation 80 comments
The Future of AI: a Non-Alarmist Viewpoint 367 comments
European Court: Websites Are Responsible For Users' Comments 401 comments
Aura: Harnessing the Power of IoT Devices For Distributed Computing 56 comments
AMD Announces Fiji-based Radeon R9 Fury X, 'Project Quantum', Radeon 300 Series 76 comments
Unreal Engine Code Issues Fixed By Third-party Company 72 comments
Sunday Times Issues DMCA Takedown Notice To the Intercept Over Snowden Article 125 comments
US Lawmakers Demand Federal Encryption Requirements After OPM Hack 91 comments
TRIM and Linux: Tread Cautiously, and Keep Backups Handy 182 comments
Energy Harnessed From Humidity Can Power Small Devices 41 comments
Amazon Pulls Kodi Media Player From App Store Over Piracy Claims 122 comments
Baseball Team Hacks Another Team's Networks, FBI Investigates 105 comments
Google Expands Security Rewards To Bugs In Android Devices 20 comments
FDA Bans Trans Fat 851 comments
Linus Torvalds Says Linux Can Move On Without Him 323 comments
Report: Aging Java Components To Blame For Massively Buggy Open-Source Software 130 comments
Should Edward Snowden Trust Apple To Do the Right Thing? 196 comments
Metamaterial Forms Near-Perfect Mirror 64 comments
Facebook Has a New Private Mobile Photo-Sharing App, and They Built It In C++ 173 comments
Apple Will Pay More To Streaming Music Producers Than Spotify -- But Not Yet 141 comments
The Words That Indicate Malicious Domain URLs 84 comments
Microsoft Announces Customizable Xbox Elite Wireless Controller 99 comments
FBI Investigating Series of Fiber Cuts In San Francisco Bay Area 168 comments
Malware Attacks Give Criminals 1,425% Return On Investment 124 comments
Skype For Web Beta Goes Worldwide 76 comments
Belgian Privacy Watchdog Sues Facebook 72 comments
Julian Assange To Be Interviewed In London After All 262 comments
Hacks To Be Truly Paranoid About 106 comments
US Navy Solicits Zero Days 59 comments
CDC: Americans Getting Heavier, Average Woman Weighs As Much As 1960s Man 409 comments
LastPass Reporting a Security Breach, Including Authentication Hashes and Salts 206 comments
Remote Massachusetts Towns Welcome Broadband's Arrival 90 comments
Restaurateur Loses Copyright Suit To BMI 389 comments
Microsoft Announces Xbox One Backward Compatibility 193 comments
Rethinking Security: Securing Activities Instead of Computers 55 comments
Cuba's Answer To the Internet Fits In Your Pocket and Moves By Bus 78 comments
Philae's Lost Seven Months Were Completely Unnecessary 419 comments
SpaceX Is Building a Hyperloop Test Track 124 comments
Ask Slashdot: A Development Environment Still Usable In 25 Years Time? 257 comments
'Warm Neptune' Exoplanets May Have Lots of Helium 20 comments
Open Source JavaScript Library Released For Accessibility Testing 21 comments
Journalist Burned Alive In India For Facebook Post Exposing Corruption 219 comments
Bethesda Unveils New Doom Game, Announces Dishonored 2 113 comments
Monitoring Brain Activity With Mesh Electronics 31 comments
Pirate Party Founder Rick Falkvinge Launches News Service 66 comments
Police Scanning Every Face At UK Download Festival 134 comments
Glen Greenwald: Don't Trust Anonymous Anti-Snowden Claims 222 comments
North Korea Blocks Data Access For Foreigners 28 comments
A First: CubeSat-Style Probes To Accompany InSight Mars Lander 22 comments
US Teen Pleads Guilty To Teaching ISIS About Bitcoin Via Twitter 312 comments
ISP Breaking Net Neutrality? The FCC's Got a Complaint Form For That 99 comments
The Danger of Picking a Major Based On Where the Jobs Are 306 comments
Woz To Be Immortalized In Wax 72 comments
Swift: Apple's Biggest Achievement For Coders 337 comments
How Facebook Is Eating the $140 Billion Hardware Market 89 comments
Ask Slashdot: Dealing With Service Providers When You're an IT Pro? 479 comments
Santander To Track Customer Location Via Mobiles and Tablets 130 comments
UW Researchers Prototype Sonar-Based Contactless Sleep Monitoring 40 comments
Online At Last: Comet Lander Philae Wakes Up 62 comments
210 Degree VR Headset With 5K Display Revealed By 'Payday' Developer Starbreeze 79 comments
Amazon Publishes Opaque Transparency Report 22 comments
A Tale of Election Intrigue Wins Bruce Schneier's 8th Movie-Plot Contest 57 comments
Report: Russia and China Crack Encrypted Snowden Files 546 comments
ESA Still Searching For Philae; May Have Zeroed In On a Possible Location 21 comments
Past a Certain Critical Temperature, the Universe Will Be Destroyed 143 comments
Droning For Sharks 48 comments
Toshiba Introduces a Cortana Keyboard Button For Windows 10 127 comments
Surface Pro 3 Handily Outperforms iPad Air 2 and Nexus 9 204 comments
Ask Slashdot: Feature Requests For Epoch Init System 1.3.0? 119 comments
75% of Russia's Satellite Electronics Come From US 127 comments
Germany Abandons Investigation Into NSA Spying on Chancellor Merkel 81 comments
As Drought Worsens, California Orders Record Water Cuts 599 comments
Ask Slashdot: How to Avoid The Worst of a Tech Bubble? 135 comments
Tech Jobs and Apple: Every Bit As "Fun" As Pleasure Island? 185 comments
Sony and Microsoft's Failed Releases Since E3 2014 26 comments
France Claims Right To Censor Search Results Globally 337 comments
Adam Nimoy "For the Love of Spock" Documentary On KickStarter 43 comments
Microsoft's Skype Drops Modern App In Favour of Old-Fashioned Win32 App 186 comments
What Source 2 Means For Valve's ESports 46 comments
Ask Slashdot: What Asset Tracking Software Do You Recommend? 68 comments
M0n0wall Fork SmallWall Has First Official Release 34 comments
Kaspersky Explains Why They Won't Say Who Hacked Them 124 comments
SF86 Data Captured In OPM Hack 173 comments
Logitech Introduces G29, G920 Racing Wheels For PS3, PS4, Xbox One and PC 67 comments
Dark Net's Top Selling Drug Dealer Is Making $1.5 Million This Year 132 comments
Thieves beware: the lights are listening 1 comments
Trade Bill Fails In the House 413 comments
Google Announces YouTube Gaming 50 comments
Commodore PC Still Controls Heat and A/C At 19 Michigan Public Schools 456 comments
Congress Decides To Delay US-Launched Astronauts, Keep Using Russian Services 173 comments
Starcoder Uses a Multiplayer Game to Teach Programming (Video # 2) 11 comments
FCC Nixes PayPal's Forced Robocalls Plan 122 comments
An AI Learned Magic: the Gathering, Now Creates Thousands of New Cards 104 comments
Drone Racing Poised To Go Mainstream 98 comments
Turning a Nail Polish Disaster Into a Teachable Math Moment 126 comments
NASA Building Air Traffic Control System For Drones 38 comments
Soft Robot Tentacle Can Lasso an Ant Without Harming It 49 comments
Face Recognition Tech Pushes Legal Boundaries 110 comments
Samsung, LG Smartwatches Give Up Personal Data To Researchers 46 comments
Is BlackBerry Launching an Android Phone? 113 comments
iOS 9 To Have Ad Blocking Capabilities 161 comments
3D Printed Steel Pedestrian Bridge Will Soon Span an Amsterdam Canal 107 comments
NASA Probe Reveals More Detail In Pluto's Complex Surface 66 comments
Solar Power Capacity Installs Surpass Wind and Coal For Second Year 259 comments
Third Platform insights with IDC's Nolan Greene
Google Launches Sidewalk Labs To Develop Smart Cities Tech 38 comments
Oculus Announces Partnership With Microsoft 105 comments
Oculus unveils Rift headset
Do Robots Need Passports? Should They? 164 comments
The Wrap - Apple Music, Twitter CEO, Sony digital cameras
New OpenSSL Security Advisory Announced 95 comments
Appeals Court Rejects ISP Stay of Neutrality Rules 53 comments
Starcoder Uses a Multiplayer Game to Teach Programming (Video # 1) 37 comments
An Origami Inspired Bacteria-Powered Battery 27 comments
Missing Files Blamed For Deadly A400M Crash 253 comments
How Much Python Do You Need To Know To Be Useful? 263 comments
PHP At 20: From Pet Project To Powerhouse 281 comments
Pi Stays Sky High In 2015 Hacker SBC Survey 32 comments
Microsoft Research Paper Considers Serving Web-ads From Localhost 231 comments
Uber's Rise In China May Be Counterfeit 86 comments
WA Gov. Sides With Microsoft: Philanthropy-Funded K-12 CS Education Now the Law 166 comments
Australian ISPs Will Be Forced To Block (Some) Pirate Websites 45 comments
OpenBazaar, Born of an Effort To Build the Next Silk Road, Raises $1 Million 107 comments
Actor Christopher Lee Has Died at 93 96 comments
Ask Toolbar Now Considered Malware By Microsoft 212 comments
So Long Voicemail, Give My Regards To the Fax Machine 395 comments
Inspectors Warn Faulty Valves In New-Generation EPR Nuclear Reactor Pose Meltdown Risk 126 comments
AMD Radeon Fury and Fury X Specs Leaked, HBM-Powered Graphics On the Way 66 comments
Fake Mobile Phone Towers Found To Be "Actively Listening In" On Calls In UK 122 comments
Reddit Removes Communities To Address Harassment, Users Respond 474 comments
Astrobotic To Take Mexican Payload To the Moon 51 comments
Whitehouse Mandates HTTPS For Government Sites and Services 111 comments
Microsoft Manufacturing Surface Hub In the US 124 comments
Jaguar Land Rover Makes System For Mapping Potholes For Autonomous Vehicles 77 comments
Kaspersky Lab Reveals Cyberattack On Its Corporate Network 73 comments
German Parliament May Need To Replace All Hardware and Software To Stop Malware 189 comments
Why Our Brains Can't Process the Gravest Threats To Humanity 637 comments
Spotify Raises $526 Million As Apple Charges Into Streaming 72 comments
Xilinx and AMD: an Inevitable Match? 108 comments
Man With the "Golden Arm" Has Saved Lives of 2 Million Babies 97 comments
NASA Releases Massive Climate Change Data Set 310 comments
Nobel Prize-Winning Scientist Criticizes Role of Women In Labs 412 comments
Ask Slashdot: What Hardware Is In Your Primary Computer? 558 comments
MIT Team Creates Ultracold Molecules 34 comments
San Francisco Public Schools To Require Computer Science For Preschoolers 179 comments
US Tech Giants Ask Obama Not To Compromise Encryption 108 comments
49 Suspected Members of Cybercriminal Group Arrested In Europe 23 comments
SpaceX Wants Permission To Test Satellite Internet 98 comments
Freedom of Information Requests Turn Up Creationist Materials In Schools 479 comments
Ex-CIA Director: We're Not Doing Nearly Enough To Protect Against the EMP Threat 182 comments
Reactions To Apple's Plans To Open Source Swift 246 comments
Why So Many Robots Struggled With the DARPA Challenge 44 comments
Signs of Ancient Cells and Proteins Found In Dinosaur Fossils 51 comments
This 3D-printed robotic hand is a cheap, useful prosthetic
A Computer That Operates On Water Droplets 67 comments
Congress: We Didn't Know the FBI Was Creating a Small Surveillance 'Air Force' 106 comments
Internet Explorer 11 Gains HTTP Strict Transport Security In Windows 7 and 8.1 56 comments
White House Asks FISA Court To Ignore 2nd Circuit's Decision On Bulk Surveillance 165 comments
Wassenaar Treaty Will Hamper Bug Bounties 35 comments
Google and Facebook Cancel Satellite Plans 33 comments
David Revoy Makes Open Source Art With Open Source Tools (Video) 13 comments
Feds Want To Unmask Internet Commenters Writing About the Silk Road Trial Judge 183 comments
Ghost Towns Is the First 8K Video Posted To YouTube -- But Can You Watch It? 181 comments

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