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Underground Piracy Sites Want To Block Windows 10 Users 394 comments
The Top 10 Programming Languages On GitHub, Over Time 132 comments
Some Observers Perceive the Universe To Be Much Younger Than We Do 139 comments
Ubuntu Core Gets Support For Raspberry Pi 2 GPIO and I2C 57 comments
Why Google Wants To Sell You a Wi-Fi Router 198 comments
Ask Slashdot: Maintaining Continuity In Your Creative Works? 95 comments
Standardized Tests Blamed, Asian Students Ignored In Google-Gallup K-12 CS Study 184 comments
Cheap Thermal Imagers Can Steal User PINs 101 comments
Re-Examined IceCube Data Firms Up Case For Extra-Galactic Neutrinos 27 comments
Big Changes From Mozilla Mean Firefox Will Get Chrome Extensions 187 comments
COBOL Comes To Visual Studio 2015 86 comments
Mobile Phone Data Can Track the Spread of Infectious Diseases 21 comments
John S. Lewis On the Space Commodities Market 61 comments
JAXA Prepares To Try Making Whiskey In Space 67 comments
Apple Launches Free iPhone 6 Plus Camera Replacement Program 68 comments
NASA's Hurricane Model Resolution Increases Nearly 10-Fold Since Katrina 89 comments
Amazon To Stop Accepting Flash Ads 221 comments
Yet Another Compromising Preinstalled "Glitch" In Lenovo Laptops 89 comments
WordPress Hacks Behind Surging Neutrino EK Traffic 51 comments
Two US Marines Foil Terrorist Attack On Train In France 468 comments
Extortionists Begin Targeting AshleyMadison Users, Demand Bitcoin 286 comments
Ask Slashdot: Do You Press "6" Key With Right Or Left Hand? 240 comments
Object Storage and POSIX Should Merge 66 comments
Amazon Work-Life Balance Defender: Prior Employer Nearly Killed Me and My Team 211 comments
Gamers Are Fans of Games, Not Genres 119 comments
MIT 3D Prints With Glass 43 comments
Meet Linux's Newest File-System: Bcachefs 132 comments
The Real NASA Technologies In 'The Martian' 60 comments
Do You Have a Right To Use Electrical Weapons? 698 comments
A New Take on Wearable Devices 29 comments
Firefox Will Run Chrome Extensions 152 comments
City of Munich Struggling With Basic Linux Functionality 394 comments
Jeb Bush Comes Out Against Encryption 494 comments
Twenty Years Later, Nintendo's Virtual Boy Is Still an Oddity 43 comments
San Jose May Put License Plate Scanners On Garbage Trucks 258 comments
Big Data's Future: Predictive Analytics, Internet of Things 1 comments
New Blood-Cleansing Device Removes Pathogens, Toxins From Blood 60 comments
Linux Foundation Project Will Evaluate Security of Open Source Software 37 comments
MDM Vulnerability In Apple iOS Sandbox Facilitates 'Rogue Apps' 13 comments
The Boeing 747 Is Heading For Retirement 345 comments
How Viking 1 Won the Martian Space Race 53 comments
UK Government Signs New Deal With Oracle 54 comments
Germany Says Taking Photos Of Food Infringes The Chef's Copyright 280 comments
SMART Technologies Kapp IQ Digital Whiteboard
Bozza Wants To Be Africa's Answer To iTunes, Spotify and Netflix 42 comments
MIT Researchers Discover "Metabolic Master Switch" To Control Obesity 381 comments
Do Old Programmers Need To Keep Leaping Through New Hoops? 242 comments
Hyperloop Getting Closer To Reality, Groundbreaking Set For 2016 107 comments
More Ashley Madison Files Published 301 comments
Intel's Collaborative Cancer Cloud, an Open Platform For Genome-Based Treatments 16 comments
NVIDIA Launches $159 Mainstream Maxwell-Based GeForce GTX 950 85 comments
Engaging Newbies In Email Encryption and Network Privacy 83 comments
Project Sunroof, FCC Fines, IDF 2015 - the Wrap
Now Google Must Censor Search Results About "Right To Be Forgotten" Removals 179 comments
Startup Builds Prototype For Floating Data Center 96 comments
HooperFly is an Open Source, Modular Drone (Video) 24 comments
Another Step In Quantum Computing: A Functional Interconnect 43 comments
Regionally Encoded Toner Cartridges 'to Serve Customers Better' 379 comments
Movie Studio Sues Individual Popcorn Time Users For Infringement 144 comments
Protecting College Students From Data Security Threats
Finland Considers Minimum Income To Reform Welfare System 755 comments
College Budgets and Forecasting Moves To the Cloud
Campus Wireless Heads To the Dorm Room
New Rules Say UK Video Bloggers Must Be Clearer About Paid Endorsements 36 comments
Bruce Schneier On Cisco ROMMON Firmware Exploit: "This Is Serious" 57 comments
Evidence That H-1B Holders Don't Replace US Workers 417 comments
Stopping Universities From Hoarding Money 274 comments
Former Russian Troll Wins Lawsuit Against Propaganda "Factory" 49 comments
Tiny Pebbles Built the Gas Giant Behemoths 32 comments
Lightning Wipes Storage Disks At Google Data Center 141 comments
Google Releases Version 1.5 of Its Go Programming Language, Finally Ditches C 221 comments
How Long Until We Have a Home Robot That Lives Up To the Hype? 114 comments
KDE Applications 15.08.0 Released 68 comments
Reflection DDoS Attacks Abusing RPC Portmapper 34 comments
HTV-5 On Its Way To the ISS 87 comments
Google Targets Low-Cost Android One Phone At African Markets 43 comments
Another Slew of Science Papers Retracted Because of Fraud 186 comments
Former Rep. Louis Stokes, the Man Who Saved the Space Station, Dies At Age 90 50 comments
Linus Torvalds Isn't Looking 10 Years Ahead For Linux and That's OK 108 comments
Could the Best Windows 10 Laptop Be a Mac? 435 comments
MIT and Samsung Researching Solid-State Batteries 60 comments
Two Arrests In Denmark For Spreading Information About Popcorn Time 244 comments
Inside Ames: Asteroid Mining Could Pave Way For Space Colonies
Interviews: Ask Dr. Tarek Loubani About Creating Ultra-Low Cost Medical Devices 54 comments
The Crowdfunded Board Game Renaissance 57 comments
Intel Discloses Detailed Skylake Architecture Enhancements 53 comments
New Genes May Arise From Junk DNA 110 comments
Air Traffic Snafu: FAA System Runs Out of Memory 234 comments
Italian City To Dump OpenOffice For Microsoft After Four Years 316 comments
Another Wave of Publications Shut Down Online Comments 226 comments
Researchers Grow Tiny Human Brain In Lab 244 comments
Debian Founder: How I Came To Find Linux 136 comments
New Tool Allows Scientists To Annotate Media Coverage of Climate Change 185 comments
Sprint Drops Two-Year Contracts 112 comments
Hackers Publish Cheating Site's Stolen Data 319 comments
Microsoft Patches Remote Code Execution Hole for Internet Explorer 56 comments
IBM 'TrueNorth' Neuro-Synaptic Chip Promises Huge Changes -- Eventually 97 comments
Bitcoin Fork Divides Community 185 comments
Intel Promises 'Optane' SSDs Based On Technology Faster Than Flash In 2016 80 comments
Enormous Red Sprites Seen From Space 30 comments
Mice Brainpower Boosted With Alteration of a Single Gene 105 comments
Windows Memory Manager To Introduce Compression 231 comments
FCC Fines Smart City $750K For Blocking Wi-Fi 188 comments
AMD Still Struggling With Linux Gaming 100 comments
Google Announces a Router: OnHub 278 comments
Revisiting How Much RAM Is Enough Today For Desktop Computing 350 comments
Intel Skylake Gen9 Series Graphics Architecture Unveiled 29 comments
Multiple Vulnerabilities Exposed In Pocket 88 comments
The Tech Problems Inside Nintendo's Amiibo Toys 70 comments
The Agonizingly Slow Decline of Adobe's Flash Player 220 comments
Jason Scott of Is Trying To Save a Huge Storage Room of Manuals 48 comments
Splitscreen Gaming Is a Culture, Not a Mode 147 comments
US No-Fly List Uses 'Predictive Judgement' Instead of Hard Evidence 264 comments
Uber Lowers Drunk Driving Arrests In San Francisco Dramatically 204 comments
Trump Targets the Abuse of H-1B Visas 492 comments
Implanted Optogenetic Light Switch Lets Scientists Flip Neurons On and Off 26 comments
Breathing Beijing's Air Is the Equivalent of Smoking Almost 40 Cigarettes a Day 182 comments
You Can Have My TIPs When You Pry Them From My Cold, Dead Hands 170 comments
Mars One CEO Insists, Our Mars Colonization Plan Is Feasible 147 comments
Wuala Encrypted Cloud-Storage Service Shuts Down 128 comments
DirectX 12 Performance Tested In Ashes of the Singularity 96 comments
"Father Time" Gets Another Year At NTP From Linux Foundation 157 comments
How an Obscure Acronym Helped Link AT&T To NSA Spying 54 comments
Debate Over Amazon Working Conditions Goes Back Years 268 comments
Google's Project Sunroof Tells You How Well Solar Would Work On Your Roof 105 comments
WearDuino Uses Arduinos to Make Wearable Medical Sensors (Video) 14 comments
BitTorrent Clients Can Be Made To Participate In High-Volume DoS Attacks 47 comments
Tech Trains More Powerful Athletes
Android M's Official Name Is Marshmallow 92 comments
Virginia Ditches 'America's Worst Voting Machines' 393 comments
Interviews: Ask Engineer and L5 Society Cofounder Keith Henson a Question 111 comments
Ask Slashdot: Buying a Car That's Safe From Hackers? 373 comments
Police Training Lacks Scientific Input 277 comments
Data-Crunching Could Kill Your Downtime At Work 170 comments
The Network Is Hostile 124 comments
'Drinkable Book' Pages Clean Dirty Drinking Water 89 comments
IBM Launches Linux-Only Mainframes 157 comments
Rupert Murdoch Won't Be Teaching Your Children To Code After All 57 comments
Could a Digital Pen Change How We Diagnose Brain Function? 23 comments
F-35 Might Be Outperformed By Fourth-Generation Fighters 732 comments
Container Explainer
SteamOS Has Dropped Support For Suspend 378 comments
Georgia Aquarium Battles Federal Government Over Belugas 90 comments
The Promise of 5G 158 comments
Legal Scholars Warn Against 10 Year Prison For Online Pirates 168 comments
Ask Slashdot: How To "Prove" a Work Is Public Domain? 213 comments
How 'Rock Star' Became a Business Buzzword 80 comments
The 10th Anniversary of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter 18 comments
Ecuador Declares State of Emergency Over Volcano 44 comments
Donald Trump Thinks Going To Mars Would Be "Wonderful" But There Is a Catch 442 comments
The 2015 Underhanded C Contest Has Begun 52 comments
Death Star Science: The Physics Of Destroying An Earth-Sized Planet 173 comments
Is There an Ed-Tech Critic In the House? 61 comments
Registered Clinical Trials Make Positive Findings Vanish 118 comments
How Weather Modeling Gets Better 43 comments
Health Watchdog To Bring Legal Action Against Soylent Over Lead, Cadmium Levels 135 comments
Paywalled Science Journals Under Fire Again 131 comments
Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales Is Now Chairing Lessig's Presidential Bid 119 comments
Mozilla Tests Improved Privacy Mode For Firefox 125 comments
XKCD Author's New Unpublished Book Becomes Scientific Best-Seller 90 comments
One Petabyte of Data Exposed Via Insecure Big Data Systems 50 comments
How California Is Winning the Drought 390 comments
The Realities of a $50 Smartphone 141 comments
AT&T Helped the NSA Spy On Internet Traffic 82 comments
Lawsuit Over Two-Word Tweet Moves Forward 220 comments
The Lingering Effects of Ebola 19 comments
The Challenge of Working At Amazon 396 comments
Evolutionary Robotics 30 comments
Documents Indicate Apple Is Building a Self-Driving Car 118 comments
Federal Judge Calls BS On Homeland Security's 2008 STEM 'Emergency' 142 comments
New Rules From the FCC Open Up New Access To Wi-Fi 64 comments
Google Research Leads To Automated Real-Time Pedestrian Detection 57 comments
Motorola Quickly Shows Next Moto 360 Smartwatch, 'Flat Tire' Display Lives On 44 comments
Can Cuba Skip Cell Phone Connectivity? 138 comments
London Deploys Cycle Superhighways Despite "Old Men In Limos" 258 comments
How to Quash Firefox's Silent Requests 294 comments
Commodore Smartphone Hits Trademark Opposition 46 comments
HBO, Netflix, and Amazon Targeting Kids 46 comments
Astronomers Discover Nearby 'Young Jupiter' Exoplanet 28 comments
Inside Ames: Why Rain and Solar Panels Dont Get Along
FreeBSD 10.2 Released 103 comments
Octopus Genome Sequenced 43 comments
Windows 10 Still Phones Home With Data In Spite of Privacy Settings 316 comments
'My Name is C.H.I.P. and I'll Be Your $9 Computer Today' (Video) 111 comments
Former Employees Accuse Kaspersky Lab of Faking Malware 90 comments
UK Industry Group Boss: Study Arts So Games Are Not Designed By 'Spotty Nerds' 207 comments
Physical Books Successfully Coexisting With Ebooks 134 comments
CNN and CBC Sued For Pirating YouTube Video 222 comments
Rosetta Probe's Comet Reaches Closest Approach To the Sun 16 comments
Cheap, 3D-Printed Stethoscope Challenges Top-of-the-Line Model 179 comments
SAP Paid Bribes To Panamanian Officials 72 comments
Australian Courts Make Life Hard For Dallas Buyers Club Copyright Owner 25 comments
How Microsoft Built, and Is Still Building, Windows 10 193 comments
Hands On Samsung's New Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Galaxy Note 5 At Unpacked New York 77 comments
Off-Grid Home Ecocapsule To Hit the Market This Year 164 comments
England To Test "Electric Motorways" 74 comments
Climatologists: By 2100, the Earth Will Have an Entirely Different Ocean 417 comments
Facebook CIO Discusses Zuckerberg's "Will You Resign?" Email 141 comments
Oracle: Google Has "Destroyed" the Market For Java 457 comments
Samsung Pay Launches In Korea In August, US In September 30 comments
Fujitsu's Digital Room Lets You Write On Walls and Tables
Stagefright Patch Incomplete and Zero Day in Android Google Admin App Found 42 comments
Clinical Trials Begin For Russia's First Medical Exoskeleton 26 comments
Robotic Lawn Mower Gets Regulatory Approval 75 comments
Nintendo Fires Employee For Speaking About Job On a Podcast 152 comments
Ask Slashdot: Best Big Battery Phone? 208 comments
'Banned' Article About Faulty Immobilizer Chip Published After Two Years 87 comments
Printing Flexible Lithium-Ion Batteries 18 comments
Interviews: Game Designer Steve Jackson Answers Your Questions 38 comments
The UK's War On Porn: Turning ISPs Into Parents 231 comments
Redefining Security Visualization With Hollywood UI Design 55 comments
New IP Address Blacklist Based On Web Chatter 31 comments
Facebook Intern Gets Preemptive Ax For Exposing Security Flaw 103 comments
Time Runs Out On Sweden's Sexual Assault Charges Against Julian Assange 226 comments
Don't Hate the Phone Call, Hate the Phone (And the Network) 145 comments
Airline Begins Weighing Passengers For 'Safety' 373 comments
Facebook Awards Researchers $100k For Detecting Emerging Class of C++ Bugs 73 comments
California Fights Drought With 96 Million "Shade Balls" 234 comments
The History of the Patent Troll 40 comments
Spoken Language Could Tap Into "Universal Code" 83 comments
Russian Government Threatening To Block Reddit Over Cannabis 141 comments
Fossil CEO: Wearables Smothering Swiss Watch Business 202 comments
Samsung Unveils V-NAND High Performance SSDs, Fast NVMe Card At 5.5GB Per Second 61 comments
GitHub Desktop Launches To Replace Mac and Windows Apps 167 comments
Tel Aviv Has Become a "Beta City" For New Technology 86 comments
Drone Racing League Receives a $1 Million From Miami Dolphins Owner 46 comments
"Chaotic Architecture" At NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory 69 comments
Brain Scan Predicts the Success of Social Anxiety Disorder Treatment 39 comments
Will Ad Blockers Kill the Digital Media Industry? 519 comments
Tim O'Reilly and the 'WTF?!' Economy (Video) 111 comments
Fitbit Wants To Help Corporations Track Employee Health 206 comments
The LibreOffice Story 254 comments
The Fastest-Growing Tech State Is... Minnesota 155 comments
Thunderstrike2 Details Revealed 65 comments
Samsung Researchers Propose 4,600 Micro-Satellite Space Network 75 comments
Lenovo Installed Software On Laptops That Persisted After Complete Wipes 163 comments
Massachusetts Embraces Philanthropy-Funded K-12 CS Education 38 comments
Broken Windows 10 Update Causes Reboot Loops For Some Users 203 comments
Ubuntu Phones Now Available Worldwide (On Some Networks) 45 comments
Clinton Surrendering Email Server/Data To Feds After Top Secret Mail Found 676 comments
Russian Missile Parts Found At MH17 Crash Site 249 comments
Tech Firms, Retailers Propose Security and Privacy Rules For Internet of Things 57 comments
US Busts Insider Trading Hackers 113 comments
'Privacy Visor' Can Fool Face-Recognition Cameras 110 comments
OpenSSH 7.0 Released 75 comments
Cisco Developing Royalty Free Video Codec: Thor 145 comments
Kali Linux 2.0 Released 109 comments
Inside Ames: Star Trek Inspired Tricorder Takes Your Vitals
Researchers Fight VR Focus-Switching Headaches 46 comments
MIT Designs Less Expensive Fusion Reactor That Boosts Power Tenfold 337 comments

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