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Wiring Programmers To Prevent Buggy Code 116 comments
Silent Circle's Blackphone Exploited at Def Con 46 comments
Babylon 5 May Finally Get a Big-Screen Debut 252 comments
Floridian (and Southern) Governmental Regulations Are Unfriendly To Solar Power 306 comments
Chicago Mayor Praises Google For Buying Kids Microsoft Surfaces 137 comments
Online Tool Flagged Ebola Outbreak Before Formal WHO Announcement 35 comments
Do Dark Matter and Dark Energy Cast Doubt On the Big Bang? 224 comments
F-Secure: Xiaomi Smartphones Do Secretly Steal Your Data 164 comments
John McAfee Airs His Beefs About Privacy In Def Con Surprise Talk 124 comments
NASA Releases Footage of "Flying Saucer" Braking Test, Declares Success 55 comments
Slashdot Asks: Should Schooling Be Year-Round? 421 comments
Enthusiast Opts For $2200 Laser Eye Surgery To Enhance Oculus Rift Experience 109 comments
Experimental Drug Compound Found To Reverse Effects of Alzheimer's In Mice 105 comments
Old School Sci-fi Short Starring Keir Dullea Utilizes Classic Effects 91 comments
Netflix Now Works On Linux With HTML5 DRM Video Support In Chrome 201 comments
For Fast Internet in the US, Virginia Tops the Charts 98 comments
Brookings Study Calls Solar, Wind Power the Most Expensive Fossil Alternatives 409 comments
E-Visits To the Doctor To Top 75 Million In the US, Canada This Year 35 comments
Wyoming's Natural Trap Cave Yields Huge Trove of Animal Remains 31 comments
Add a TV Tuner To Your Xbox (In Europe) 81 comments
FCC Mandates Text-to-911 From All US Wireless Carriers 80 comments
NFL Fights To Save TV Blackout Rule Despite $9 Billion Revenue 216 comments
New Process Promises Ammonia From Air, Water, and Sunlight 117 comments
The Meteors You've Waited All Year For 31 comments
Judge Rejects $324.5 Million Settlement For Tech Workers, Argues For More 268 comments
How Facebook Is Saving Power By 10-15% Through Better Load Balancing 54 comments
Leaked Docs Show Spyware Used To Snoop On US Computers 135 comments
Can We Call Pluto and Charon a 'Binary Planet' Yet? 115 comments
Study Finds That Astronauts Are Severely Sleep Deprived 106 comments
Ask Slashdot: Life Beyond the WRT54G Series? 427 comments
The ESports Athletes Who Tried To Switch Games 146 comments
Russia Cracks Down On Public Wi-Fi; Oracle Blocks Java Downloads In Russia 254 comments
Skype Reverses Decision To Drop OS X 10.5 Support, Retires Windows Phone 7 App 99 comments
Long-Wave Radar Can Take the Stealth From Stealth Technology 275 comments
Paint Dust Covers the Upper Layer of the World's Oceans 141 comments
Cornering the Market On Zero-Day Exploits 118 comments
WHO Declares Ebola Outbreak An International Emergency 183 comments
Oracle Hasn't Killed Java -- But There's Still Time 371 comments
Red Hat CEO: Open Source Goes Mainstream In 2014 65 comments
Network Hijacker Steals $83,000 In Bitcoin 101 comments
'Unparticles' May Hold the Key To Superconductivity 48 comments
Yahoo To Add PGP Encryption For Email 175 comments
IBM Creates Custom-Made Brain-Like Chip 105 comments
What Do You Do When Your Mind-Numbing IT Job Should Be Automated? 228 comments
AMD Prepares To Ship Gaming SSDs 110 comments
UK Police Won't Comment On The Tracking of People's Phone Calls 52 comments
Microsoft To Drop Support For Older Versions of Internet Explorer 138 comments
Facebook Acquires Server-Focused Security Startup 18 comments
The Doctor Will Skype You Now 97 comments
Why the "NASA Tested Space Drive" Is Bad Science 315 comments
China Cracks Down On Mobile Messaging 58 comments
Google Fit Preview SDK Arrives For Android Developers 13 comments
Valve Discloses Source 2 Engine In Recent DOTA 2 Update 97 comments
The Hidden Cost of Your New Xfinity Router 224 comments
Why Bhutan Might Get Drone Delivery Copters Before Seattle Does 102 comments
TEPCO: Nearly All Nuclear Fuel Melted At Fukushima No. 3 Reactor 255 comments
Parallax Completes Open Hardware Vision With Open Source CPU 136 comments
Ask Slashdot: Best PDF Handling Library? 132 comments
Expensive Hotels Really Do Have Faster Wi-Fi 72 comments
With Chinese Investment, Nicaraguan Passage Could Dwarf Panama Canal 322 comments
California Man Sues Sony Because Killzone: Shadowfall Isn't Really 1080p 286 comments
Google Will Give a Search Edge To Websites That Use Encryption 148 comments
2D To 3D Object Manipulation Software Lends Depth to Photographs 76 comments
Oracle Database Redaction Trivial To Bypass, Says David Litchfield 62 comments
New Car Heads-Up Display To Be Controlled By Hand Gestures, Voice Commands 142 comments
Massive Russian Hack Has Researchers Scratching Their Heads 102 comments
Snowden Granted 3 More Years of Russian Residency 266 comments
Apple and Samsung Agree To Drop Cases Outside the US 46 comments
Algorithm Predicts US Supreme Court Decisions 70% of Time 177 comments
Ancient Worms May Have Saved Life On Earth 54 comments
City of London Police Take Down Proxy Service Over Piracy Concerns 133 comments
US Intelligence Wants Tools To Tell: Who's the Smartest of Them All? 162 comments
Transatomic Power Receives Seed Funding From Founders Fund Science 143 comments
Man-Made "Dead Zone" In Gulf of Mexico the Size of Connecticut 184 comments
Skype Blocks Customers Using OS-X 10.5.x and Earlier 267 comments
Idiot Leaves Driver's Seat In Self-Driving Infiniti, On the Highway 406 comments
Ecuador To Forge Ahead With State-Backed Digital Currency 85 comments
San Jose Police Apologize For Hiding Drone Program, Halts Until Further Review 59 comments
China Bans iPad, MacBook Pro, Other Apple Products For Government Use 115 comments
Ask Slashdot: Datacenter HDD Wipe Policy? 116 comments
Microsoft Tip Leads To Child Porn Arrest In Pennsylvania 353 comments
Microsoft's Olivier Bloch Explains Microsoft Open Source (Video) 101 comments
Xiaomi Arrives As Top Smartphone Seller In China 82 comments
Rosetta Achieves Orbit Around Comet 54 comments
Ask Slashdot: "Real" Computer Scientists vs. Modern Curriculum? 637 comments
Facebook Seeks Devs To Make Linux Network Stack As Good As FreeBSD's 195 comments
Researchers Make Fruit Flies Perform Aerobatics Like Spitfire Pilots 51 comments
Wikipedia Reports 50 Links From Google 'Forgotten', Issues Transparency Report 81 comments
Interviews: Dr. Andy Chun Answers Your Questions About Artificial Intelligence 33 comments
Aaron's Law Is Doomed and the CFAA Is Still Broken 134 comments Shuts Down Amid Reports Google Is Acquiring Twitch 56 comments
Alleged Massive Account and Password Seizure By Russian Group 126 comments
40% Of People On Terror Watch List Have No Terrorist Ties 256 comments
Digia Spinning Off Qt Division Into New Company 59 comments
Hack an Oscilloscope, Get a DMCA Take-Down Notice From Tektronix 273 comments
MIT Considers Whether Courses Are Outdated 205 comments
Gmail Recognizes Addresses Containing Non-Latin Characters 149 comments
European Rosetta Space Craft About To Rendezvous With Comet 62 comments
Verizon Throttles Data To "Provide Incentive To Limit Usage" 316 comments
Edward Snowden Is Not Alone: US Gov't Seeks Another Leaker 204 comments
Why Morgan Stanley Is Betting That Tesla Will Kill Your Power Company 502 comments
EFF: US Gov't Bid To Alter Court Record in Jewel v. NSA 78 comments
T-Mobile Smartphones Outlast Competitors' Identical Models 127 comments
The FBI Is Infecting Tor Users With Malware With Drive-By Downloads 182 comments
Big Bang Actors To Earn $1M Per Episode 442 comments
Hotel Charges Guests $500 For Bad Online Reviews 183 comments
Interviews: Ask Tim O'Reilly About a Life Steeped In Technology 39 comments
Senior RIKEN Scientist Involved In Stem Cell Scandal Commits Suicide 127 comments
Ushahidi Helps Track Everything From Election Violence to Oil Spills (Video) 18 comments
Ask Slashdot: Good Technology Conferences To Attend? 131 comments
Inside the Facebook Algorithm Most Users Don't Even Know Exists 130 comments
The Man Who Invented the 26th Dimension 259 comments
PayPal's Two-Factor Authentication Can Be Bypassed Using eBay Bug 33 comments
Open Source Pioneer Michael Tiemann On Open Source Business Success 41 comments
Ex-Autonomy CFO: HP Trying To Hide Truth 59 comments
Leaked Docs Offer Win 8 Tip: FinFisher Spyware Can't Tap Skype's Metro App 74 comments
LinkedIn Busted In Wage Theft Investigation 108 comments
Ross Ulbricht's Lawyer Requests Suppression Of Silk Road Evidence 54 comments
Synolocker 0-Day Ransomware Puts NAS Files At Risk 150 comments
Australia Rebooting Search For MH370 92 comments
Harvesting Wi-Fi Backscatter To Power Internet of Things Sensors 138 comments
SpaceX Chooses Texas Site For Private Spaceport 113 comments
Least Secure Cars Revealed At Black Hat 140 comments
Sony Tosses the Sony Reader On the Scrap Heap 172 comments
"Secret Serum" Used To Treat Americans With Ebola 390 comments
Barry Shein Founded the First Dialup ISP (Video) 116 comments
Want To Work Without Prying Eyes? Try Wearing a Body Sock 75 comments
Robotic Suit Gives Shipyard Workers Super Strength 125 comments
Comcast Gives 6 Months Free Internet To Poor and Unpaid Bill Amnesty 71 comments
Tesla's Already Shopping For More Office Space 100 comments
Linux Kernel Shuffling Zombie Juror Aka 3.16 Released 63 comments
Planes Can Be Hacked Via Inflight Wi-fi, Says Researcher 151 comments
Book Review: Introduction To Cyber-Warfare: A Multidisciplinary Approach 27 comments
Satya Nadella At Six Months: Grading Microsoft's New CEO 151 comments
Spain's Link Tax Taxes Journalist's Patience 113 comments
Interviews: Ask James Cameron About The Deepsea Challenge 3D Movie 45 comments
Ask Slashdot: What To Do About the Sorry State of FOSS Documentation? 430 comments
Japan To Launch a Military Space Force In 2019 150 comments
Extracting Audio From Visual Information 142 comments
Animal Behaviour Specialists Map Out the Social Networks of Cows 66 comments
How Facebook Sold You Krill Oil 114 comments
NFL Players To Use Tablet Computers During Games 107 comments
Putin Government Moves To Take Control of Russia's largest space company Energia 252 comments
Google Spots Explicit Images of a Child In Man's Email, Tips Off Police 790 comments
San Francisco Airport Testing Beacon System For Blind Travelers 61 comments
Apple $450 Million e-Book Settlement Wins Court Approval 93 comments
Mozilla Dumps Info of 76,000 Developers To Public Web Server 80 comments
UK Spy Agency Certifies Master's Degrees In Cyber Security 45 comments
Sprint/T-Mobile Plan To Buy Spectrum Together May Be Blocked By FCC 28 comments
Study: Dinosaurs "Shrank" Regularly To Become Birds 138 comments
Google Sells Maine Barge For Scrap 79 comments
Ancient Skulls Show Civilization Rose As Testosterone Fell 387 comments
San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant Dismantling Will Cost $4.4 Billion, Take 20 Years 343 comments
Ask Slashdot: Bulletproof Video Conferencing For Alzheimers Home? 194 comments
The High-Tech Warfare Behind the Israel - Hamas Conflict 402 comments
The Social Laboratory 79 comments
Psychology's Replication Battle 172 comments
Lionsgate Sues Limetorrents,, and Others Over Expendables 3 Leak 207 comments
Windows XP Falls Below 25% Market Share, Windows 8 Drops Slightly 336 comments
How Google Handles 'Right To Be Forgotten' Requests 135 comments
How Many Members of Congress Does It Take To Pass a $400MM CS Bill? 180 comments
The XBMC Project Will Now Be Called Kodi 188 comments
Perlan II Project Aims To Fly a Glider To the Edge of Space 44 comments
The World's Most Hackable Cars 53 comments
Ask Slashdot: IT Personnel As Ostriches? 246 comments
Fixing a 7,000-Ton Drill 101 comments
PlayStation Now, Sony's 'Netflix For Games' -- Pros and Cons 75 comments
The Great Taxi Upheaval 218 comments
Cell Phone Unlocking Is Legal -- For Now 135 comments
If You're Always Working, You're Never Working Well 135 comments
Critics To FTC: Why Do You Hate In-App Purchasing Freedom? 171 comments
Driverless Buses Ruled Out For London, For Now 84 comments
Recipe For Building a Cheap Raspberry Pi Honeypot Network 68 comments
DNA Project 'to Make UK World Genetic Research Leader' 65 comments
Law Repressing Social Media, Bloggers Now In Effect In Russia 167 comments
Georgia Tech Researchers Jailbreak iOS 7.1.2 136 comments
Google+ Photos To Be Separated From Google+ 114 comments
Comparison: Linux Text Editors 402 comments
Microsoft Files Legal Action Against Samsung Over Android Patent Dispute 83 comments
Ask Slashdot: Should I Fight Against Online Voting In Our Municipality? 190 comments
Elon Musk Promises 100,000 Electric Cars Per Year 122 comments
Fooling a Mercedes Into Autonomous Driving With a Soda Can 163 comments
Getting Back To Coding 240 comments
Hotel Chain Plans Phone-Based Check-in and Room Access 120 comments
Inside BitFury's 20 Megawatt Bitcoin Mine 195 comments
AMD Launches New Higher-End Kaveri APUs A10-7800 and A6-7400K 117 comments
US Army To Transport American Ebola Victim To Atlanta Hospital From Liberia 409 comments
China Confirms New Generation of ICBM 224 comments
NASA Announces Mars 2020 Rover Payload 109 comments
Judge: US Search Warrants Apply To Overseas Computers 502 comments
Multipath TCP Introduces Security Blind Spot 60 comments
The CIA Does Las Vegas 124 comments
NASA Tests Microwave Space Drive 201 comments
Unboxing a Cray XC30 'Magnus' Petaflops Supercomputer 71 comments
Winners of Raspberry Pi Photography Contest 2014 14 comments
Researchers Create Virtual Reality 'Parties' To Treat Drug Addiction 47 comments
Nintendo Posts Yet Another Loss, Despite Mario Kart 8 203 comments
Was America's Top Rocketeer a Communist Spy? The FBI Thought So 165 comments
French Provider Free Could Buy US Branch of T-Mobile 111 comments
New Display Technology Corrects For Vision Defects 28 comments
Passport Database Outage Leaves Thousands Stranded 162 comments
Why TiVo's Founders Crashed and Burned With Qplay 50 comments
HP Gives OpenVMS New Life and Path To X86 Port 136 comments
Peter Hoddie Talks About His Internet of Things Construction Kit (Video) 53 comments
Ask Slashdot: When Is It Better To Modify the ERP vs. Interfacing It? 209 comments
UK Government Report Recommends Ending Online Anonymity 282 comments
CIA Director Brennan Admits He Was Lying: CIA Really Did Spy On Congress 266 comments
PHP Finally Getting a Formal Specification 180 comments
Fotopedia Is Shutting Down; Data Avallable Until August 10 45 comments
iFixit Takes Apart the Oculus Rift DK2, Finds Galaxy Note 3 Display Inside 57 comments
Nevada Construction Project Could Be Tesla/Panasonic Gigafactory 81 comments
Grad Student Rigs Cheap Alternative To $1,000 Air Purifiers In Smoggy China 182 comments
NASA's JPL Develops Multi-Metal 3D Printing Process 32 comments
"BadUSB" Exploit Makes Devices Turn "Evil" 205 comments
Unesco Probing Star Wars Filming In Ireland 181 comments
Nokia Buys a Chunk of Panasonic 54 comments
Crytek USA Collapses, Sells Game IP To Other Developers 121 comments
Countries Don't Own Their Internet Domains, ICANN Says 113 comments
"ExamSoft" Bar Exam Software Fails Law Grads 100 comments
Vint Cerf on Why Programmers Don't Join the ACM 213 comments
Chinese Government Probes Microsoft For Breaches of Monopoly Law 110 comments
Google, Linaro Develop Custom Android Edition For Project Ara 46 comments
SpaceShipTwo Flies Again 22 comments
Student Uses Oculus Rift and Kinect To Create Body Swap Illusion 88 comments
Journalist Sues NSA For Keeping Keith Alexander's Financial History Secret 200 comments
Amazon's eBook Math 306 comments
The Problems With Drug Testing 166 comments
Is the App Store Broken? 258 comments
Meet Apache Software Foundation VP Rich Bowen (Video) 14 comments
More Quantum Strangeness: Particles Separated From Their Properties 144 comments
Jesse Jackson: Tech Diversity Is Next Civil Rights Step 514 comments
Raspberry Pi-Compatible Development Board Released 47 comments
Quiet Cooling With a Copper Foam Heatsink 171 comments
UK To Allow Driverless Cars By January 190 comments
Black Hat Researchers Actively Trying To Deanonymize Tor Users 82 comments
Ask Slashdot: Is Running Mission-Critical Servers Without a Firewall Common? 348 comments
The Milky Way Is Much Less Massive Than Previous Thought 119 comments
An Accidental Wikipedia Hoax 189 comments
Nuclear Missile Command Drops Grades From Tests To Discourage Cheating 122 comments
Ford, GM Sued Over Vehicles' Ability To Rip CD Music To Hard Drive 317 comments
Comcast Confessions 234 comments
Reglue: Opening Up the World To Deserving Kids With Linux Computers 91 comments
Airbnb Partners With Cities For Disaster Preparedness 55 comments
Hackers Plundered Israeli Defense Firms That Built 'Iron Dome' Missile Defense 184 comments
Opportunity Rover Sets Off-World Driving Record 46 comments
University of Michigan Solar Car Wins Fifth Straight National Title 25 comments
The Hobbit: the Battle of Five Armies Trailer Released 156 comments
Old Apache Code At Root of Android FakeID Mess 127 comments
35% of American Adults Have Debt 'In Collections' 570 comments
EA Tests Subscription Access To Game Catalog 63 comments

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