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Submission + - Democrats May Reinstate Fairness Doctrine.

Slithe writes: Last week at the National Conference for Media Reform, Dennis Kucinich stated that Fairness Doctrine may be reinstated. The Fairness Doctrine was an FCC regulation that required broadcast media to present controversial issues in an honest, equal and balanced manner. It was repealed in 1987, and the Supreme Court ruled that the Doctrine was constitutional when applied to radio stations because of "the limited nature of the public airwave spectrum." Critics of the Fairness Doctrine have stated that it was only used to intimidate and silence political opposition. At the convention, Kucinich said, "we know the media has become the servant of a very narrow corporate agenda. We are now in a position to move a progressive agenda to where it is visible."

Submission + - Full Mac OS X Support in KDE

JRiddell writes: "KDE Dot News is reporting that KDE is going native for Mac OS X users. 'Just because KDE has been designed to be portable across Linux, FreeBSD and other UNIX/X11 environments for an age now, doesn't mean we aren't up for the occasional challenge. With version 4, Trolltech released Qt for the Mac, Windows and now even embedded environments under the GPL. Since Qt is the base upon which KDE is developed, KDE is now free to offer native support for these platforms.' The article also discusses some of the branding clarifications needed as a result of this port."
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Submission + - Torvalds says GPL v3 and DRM are just 'hot air'

An anonymous reader writes: In an interview with ZDNet Australia at, Linus Torvalds is quoted saying DRM "is technologically an inferior solution to not doing DRM. It actually makes it harder for people to do what they want to do. It makes it harder to do things that you really should be able to do." he goes on to talk about GPL v3: "if you look at the number of licenses that people have been using over the years, it is just another licence. It is not that big a deal."

Submission + - Learn C# (.NET) or Java/other Linux friendly lang?

An anonymous reader writes: I've been working as a software tester for the last 8 years, and I'd like to finally make the jump into development. I've been playing around with PHP/Perl for years, so I'm not a total amateur, but I've never felt either of those languages offer many career opportunities. At the moment there seems to be plenty of C#/Java jobs, but whether this will always be the case, who knows. So my question is this, in your opinion do you see better long term career opportunities in either C# or Java? Which one would you learn if you were starting all over again? For the record, I have an equal amount of love for Windows and Linux.

Submission + - An Open Game Console Standard Proposed

Derick Eisenhardt writes: "Today I am proposing for game developers and hardware manufacturers to come together to work on an open standard for game consoles. The Open Game Console Consortium will be working together to define a standard and certification program so that multiple manufacturers can release their own consoles that all play the same exact games.

One of the primary goals of our project is to give game developers a console platform where they will have the freedom to create games on their own terms. The Big Three's oligopoly over the videogame industry and subsequent splintering of the market isn't helping our industry any more than the needless battle between BluRay and HD-DVD is helping the movie industry. Please come join us as we venture into a new era of console gaming."

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