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Comment Re:people don't want to fiddle (Score 1) 1067

Just a minor point, you can upgrade the memory on Macs.

I think the iPad has its place, but the number of people that can simply dump their computers for a "post-PC" device seem small, most people seem to be using them in conjunction with PCs, not replacing PCs altogether.

Apple does seem to have a plan to improve on the platform's limitations. I don't think it's a post-PC world yet. It looks like there are about a billion computers in use right now, 90 million iPhone OS devices doesn't quite compare yet. Not only that, the iPad requires a cable hook-up to a computer to activate it, which seems pretty unnecessary and I think shows that the platform isn't really post-PC if it's still stuck with a PC umbilical cord.

Comment Re:What about the little guy? (Score 1) 282

Yup, there are many times in the past where I've wanted to order from but since the menu is behind flash, I end up ordering from somewhere else... Flash-only for a restaurant is a very bad idea, it really doesn't make business sense. Not only does it exclude smartphones but it also excludes any office where flash is blocked administratively, limiting lunch ordering options...

Comment Cut cut the cable this month (Score 1) 502

My wife and I just moved and decided that paying $150 for Comcast Silver + HBO + HD "Bonus" was just too much. We moved out to Portland and subscribed to Verizon ViOS and cut our "media" bill to $85/month (we got a higher tier). I got "permission" to build a sweet HTPC and hooked it up to our 46" TV.

With Hulu, Netflix, a vast library of personal DVDs on a jukebox system, and a fat pipe to the Internet, we've been doing quite well. Unfortunately we like our sports and ESPN360 isn't really there yet. When we want some background noise, Aussies rule Footie has been great, but we're really noticing the lack of NASCAR, March Madness, and are worried about actual coverage of June the World Cup. We're actually looking at satellite to at least get the World Cup without worries.

Comment Re:Maybe good... maybe bad (Score 4, Insightful) 282

Keep up, it's not Flash vs h.264, it's Flash vs Javascript and HTML5. Video format is not at question here. You're looking for the h.264 vs Theora war, that's in a different article.

Apple being douchey about video formats doesn't change the fact that they are fully supporting open web scripting standards.

Comment Re:Two Stupid People (Score 1) 291

This is one of the things I try to get across to so many people, but most just don't realize what a security threat their reminders are. I generally tell everyone "unless you have to put your credit card in, never use your real name." Anymore usually confuses them and they start defending their actions.

Avoiding names and dates etc will keep the majority of people out of your things. Of course, someone who has experience and knowledge of gaining access to unauthorized systems will of course still be able to do so, but the random kid won't be able to.

Comment Order (Score 0, Redundant) 330

Couldnt them had included a program to detect and clean that rootkit, then proceed to install the patch instead of just refusing?

Anyway, having a rootkit active means being walking over thin ice. You could clean it, but it could be used to install something that gives a more direct access, and the rootkit could not be required anymore to do what they want with your machine. Backup data and reinstall should be the recommended way of acting unless you are capable to detect the other changes.

Comment Re:Worst summary ever. (Score 5, Informative) 316

I am not sure that these suits even ask for damages other than for the time spent on prosecuting the infringement. But one of the issues is that since I am not party to the suits, I can't see that.

I also don't agree that my copyright interest has been removed from the program. Although one of the developers once said so, I don't think he knew what he was talking about.

Comment Re:Waitaminute: (Score 1) 316

The current suit is brought in the name of Erik Andersen. Erik worked for an embedded Linux company, now defunct, for a few years and was paid to maintain Busybox during that time. During that time the company's name appeared in copyright statements, and mine mostly disappeared.

Why then does this have anything to do with Erik? It is not his code. He was paid to write it and the copyright was assigned to his employer.

Comment Re:Republicans for Powerful Government!!! (Score 1) 316

And the only reason that the primary method of providing healthcare is insurance is because of government tax laws for businesses.

If it weren't for that, everyone would still pay for medical expenses out of pocket, with some people choosing to have disaster-level insurance for major procedures, just like they do for car wrecks, unexpected death, and home fires.

There is a problem with people who have chronic, recurring problems. The thing is, at that point that person is essentially a charity case - whether it's charity through higher premiums everyone else pays or through a government mandate, they are someone who costs more to keep alive than they will produce with their life. The insurance model breaks down. That is still not a particularly good reason for trying to still ram them into an insurance model of any sort, government or otherwise.

Personally I'd love a purely free market approach, untied from employment, for the vast majority of people to cover unexpected horrible events, and possibly a government funded program that yes, rations funds, to pay for the charity cases.

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