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Submission + - Open Source attempt to crack GSM encryption (

Lexta writes: "Karsten Nohl, chief research scientist with H4RDW4RE, a Sunnyvale, Calif.-based security research firm, is mounting what could be the most ambitious attempt yet to compromise the GSM phone system". The intended approach is to create and open source project to spread the computation of a giant look up table across more than 80 machines. Interestingly they've openly stated that nVidia's CUDA technology will be used to execute parallel elements of the problem on GPU's as well.

Submission + - What Drugs Do Astronauts Take? (

astroengine writes: Science fiction is stuffed full of examples of pill-popping space explorers and aliens enjoying psychedelic highs. After all, space is big, it can get boring/scary/crazy up there. It's little wonder, then, that our current space explorers consume a cocktail of uppers, downers, tranquilizers and alcohol to get the job done. Robert Lamb on tranquilizers in the space station: "Sure, it hardly makes for a civilized evening aboard ISS, but it beats someone blowing the hatch because they think they saw a something crawling on one of the solar panels."

Comment Re:As a broadcast engineer... (Score 1) 97

If they can figure out a way to implement something like the Emergency Alert System [Wikipedia] on the internet, you might be able to convince me

I would suspect that it should be possible to railroad connections using packet inspection and mangling and railroad people off to a page, video stream, audio stream, Autocad document, or whatever. It would be a fairly brutal thing to do, but it would be functionally equivalent to BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP and a blue screen on your TV. Of course, the repercussions are significantly more severe. On the other hand, the EAS already doesn't help me if I am one of the many who have given up on broadcast television and radio entirely. And, uh, I am. It's not like I "don't watch TV" but I don't watch broadcast TV. I rent TV shows via Netflix.

Comment Not so bad... (Score 5, Insightful) 123

I'm assuming good faith, but personally, I'm not concerned that it took so long to release the source code. Most likely, the developers were under a deadline to have the phone in working order, and had to postpone lower-priority tasks to meet that deadline. These lower-priority tasks were probably such trivial things as comments, changed names, formatting, and all those other bits that get neglected under heavy pressure.

Comment Re:No, we all choose to play (Score 1) 30

No, spot on. You'll learn more when you read Caritas in Veritate- the Popes have been saying much the same since Rerum Novarum, over 120 years ago.

Give people a place, a way provide for themselves, and give everyone a place regardless of ability- and the rest will come, says the distributist.

I'm about to post a journal on another interesting set of arguments I just found on myths about the middle ages period in Europe. Most of what we now know as distributism, was present in feudalism for a thousand years.

Comment Re:Translation correct - source incorrect (Score 1) 455

That's not even the court's job. The court's order need not list it - it's up to TPB and Brein to come to an understanding of which works would fall under Brein's claims and to keep this updated over time.

*cue the "if there is a list, we can work out how to work around that list - for teh lulz!" thoughts*

Comment Re:An F-15 is much bigger than a P-51. OMG BLOAT! (Score 1) 452

I don't think hardware has reached a "good enough" point so much as we don't see new machines that stomp our old machines eighteen months after we buy them. My three year old Macbook Pro benchmarks around 80% as fast as the current model (or similarly high-end PCs). No big incentive to replace it.

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