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Comment Re:About time! (Score 2) 266

Actually the problem is that people aren't able to compare airlines based on space. You can sort by price, departure time, number of stops, airline, connection time, total time, arrival time, but I've not seen a flight booking site offer filters based on amenities or comfort metrics of any kind.

In the absence of that information, people are going to be making decisions without consideration of those things and so the airlines will race to reduce their costs.

This market failure is not caused by a lack of regulation of seat size, but by a lack of important information. There is apparently a desparate need for a new flight booking service to provide that information.

Comment Re:One hour of basketball dunking per day. (Score 1) 142

But we do introduce the game of basketball to students in phys ed. Some students won't have been exposed to it until then, and maybe it's a thing they like to do. We introduce a lot of different physical activities in phys ed class. That's what it's for!

You're not going to write a AAA game or whatever in hour-of-code class, but you're not going to do nothing but dunk in 40minutes of basketball class, either. In both cases you're going to go over just enough of the basics to hopefully have 5-10 minutes at the end to do something fun.

Comment Re:History repeat itself. (Score 1) 142

The only thing that could bring that future about would be AI that writes the programs for us.

Other than that, we're not going to run out of things that need to be stuffed in databases and crunched. As the databases or coding for databases becomes more efficient, governemnts will take advantage of the opportunity to demand even more things be tracked and ever more complicated legal requirements to be satisfied.

Comment Re:Growing Pains (Score 2) 102

It honestly never crossed my mind that dealers would be apt in this case. I fully expect that the dealer you sell it to not to bother at all with any electronic stuff, and the original dealer not to have any idea how to do a full factory reset of any data-retaining components (if that's even possible), and certainly no interest in telling you how to do it since you're not going to be a customer any more.

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