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Operating Systems

Submission + - Dell puts XP back in play

illeism writes: Dell has begun putting XP back on new machines.

Dell changed the policy in response to pleas posted on its Ideastorm website which invites customers to post suggestions about how the PC maker can meet their needs. The suggestion saying "Don't eliminate XP just yet" got almost 11,000 votes. In response Dell said it would offer the operating system on four models of Inspiron notebooks and two Dimension desktop PCs.
However, Microsoft will always pipe up on things like this saying:

Dell was responding to a "small minority" of customers who had a very "specific" request.
The Internet

Journal Journal: IE7 URL parsing bug identified

I tried accessing a ftp server by entering the ftp URL in IE7 and got such a stupid error message: The requested URL could not be retrieved. however, the same URL works for FF and IE6. after using Ethereal to track the traffic, i realized that IE7 didn't do a proper job in delimiting the password with the other fields in the URL when the password contains the special character @. after i googled the web and could not find a simliar post about this so i decided to put it here. you may hit into
Operating Systems

Submission + - Is now the time for a Windows alternative?

An anonymous reader writes: The current software industry environment raises questions about the possibility of an alternative commercial desktop operating system for PCs. Consumers seem to finally understand that they are responsible for market diversity, and that relying on government intervention will not improve the situation. As evidence of this, consider the increasing adoption of standards based applications such as Firefox and OpenOffice. Furthermore, frustration with draconian licensing models and protection environments has facilitated the emergence of DRM-free media. Thanks to the attention given to web applications, the availability of small legacy utilities is not perceived to be the issue it once was. Windows Vista is exuberantly priced, relying on an extortionary tiered licensing model that reeks of intentional crippling. Macs are actually gaining market share. Is hell freezing over? Could a low priced, snappy, easy to use, commercially backed desktop operating system a la BEOS actually succeed? I have the faint impression, that were BEOS released now rather than 6 years prior, it would be commercially viable. Any thoughts? (As a side note, we should celebrate Microsoft's efforts for preventing users from pirating Windows. If they are successful, the argument to force bundling on new PCs is questionable.)

Comment Google's Advantage (Score 3, Insightful) 459

Google embraces the things that geeks love to have in a company. This is something that Microsoft just doesn't get and will not in the near future, IMHO. The only ground that MS has to compete on is that of the "average" soccer mom computer user that doesn't know about Google.

I don't know how many times I've given out my gmail address to geeks the gotten the response "Oh, cool. Gmail!" But, to the average person, it just means nothing.

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