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Comment Otherland anyone? (Score 1) 286

Since reading Otherland a few years back (Tad Williams), I have been very curious about new advances in the neurobiological fields. While Williams was not the first to come up with these kind of ideas, he had definitly changed the path i have chosen for univerity study.

Does anyone recall the experiment that implanted electrodes in the brains of chimps, and they where able to play pong just using thought?

I think that, more than ever before, in the next decade, some of the most life changing science for people with disibilities is going to emerge. not just from the pure medical (and social) reasons - helping the blind, motor disabled ... -, i think people soon will want and have the ability to plug into the net and be _completly_ imersed in the virtual enviroment.

I know this sounds terribly geeky, and anti social, but just imagine what the combination of all these technologies may do, one day, for paraplegic patients, who have very little, or no ability to comunicate with the outside world.

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