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Submission + - SPAM: ZigaBid A Bid Website to Negotiate Tickets

zigabid writes: "This is a story about Zigabid and front row ZZ Top seats at The Shoreline in Mountain View, but it starts with Rush.
On Monday August 9th 2001 at 3pm I got news that my grandfather just died. At 3:30 pm my old friend John calls me up and says he has an extra ticket to Rush at the Shoreline."

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Submission + - Zigabid (

zigabid writes: Winter is upon us, while Christmas is just around the corner. It’s the time when everyone eagerly anticipates holidays, and plan different things to make the most of the holidays. Some travel back home, some plan attending music concerts and entertainment events, while some prefer to stay at home. What are your BIG plans for the forthcoming vacation?

Submission + - Craigslist is a great one-stop hub for many things (

zigabid writes: "Craigslist is a great one-stop hub for many things including concert, sports, and event tickets. It has also been a prime place for bulk sellers to get free advertising and unload last minute deals on inventory. People are hungry for last minute deals, yet are hesitant to pull the trigger with the fear of being scammed."

Submission + - ZigaBid Photo - Reviews (

zigabid writes: The network allowed me to speak a couple of sellers whose tickets I was interested in. I settled on tickets to the seats in Field box at last and bought them at a discount to their face value price. Tickets were delivered on time; in fact my grandson received them & I still remember the smile on his face. Since then Zigabid’s been my only place to buy tickets. And I recommend both naive and savvy users to use this network for ticket trading.

Submission + - SPAM: ZigaBid Offical Facebook Profile

zigabid writes: "Zigabid doesn’t take care of buyers only, but it also provides a legitimate marketplace for sellers as well. The ticket reseller enables sellers and buyers to interact directly with each other and negotiate the ticket price till it’s acceptable to both parties."
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