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Comment Re:Upgrading? (Score 1) 314

1. You only need so much power to run Office and accounting software.

And with each release of MS-Office, Microsoft has consistently tried to make that not true. I have a Windoz laptop for work that I am forced to use. Starting up any Microsoft application is extremely painful.Fortunately, the only MS program I normally use is the crappy Lync IM client (OMG, how slow can you be?), as I fire up a VM of Mint first thing after waiting for the damn thing to settle down after booting.

Comment Re:Thunderbird needs to shift (Score 1) 418

I'd pretty much agree with your comments. Would also recommend that the crypto services be native as opposed to a plugin as well. I pretty much use Thunderbird exclusively and have for years.

I've lately been having to deal with Gmail's Web interface to work through all my late wife's email. It's not really very user friendly IMO, if you want to do anything besides really basic email. Perhaps it's likely that I don't know enough to make it work well for me. I still prefer to have physical posession of my mail rather than have it permanently on someone else's servers.

Comment Re:funding the lander. (Score 2) 53

When the Landers eventually died no one was sure why. It was thought maybe a bad instruction put them into a state that drained batteries or something.

Interesting. I'd always heard that they stopped transmitting because they were turned off because we didn't have funding to continue listening to them. Wouldn't be the first thing I was wrong about.

At that time James Tillman (U.W.) asked for a small 5K budget to put together a manual that would detail the RS232-like external connectors on the lander and explain how to repower and and communicate with the device from the outside--- should anyone ever happen to go there in the future and be physically present it would be easy to turn it back on. But that was never funded.

Pretty typical of government in general. Penny wise, pound foolish.

Comment Re:They've been going about it wrong for years (Score 1) 202

Swatch group (based in Biel) includes Breguet, Omega & Longines. And Flik-Flak. All as Swiss as cheese with holes in it.

There is actually a strategy behind this, not that you'd get it.

Indeed, and The Swatch Group, with their ETA movements, make the heart of many watches, not just those owned by Swatch.

"Swiss Made" has more to do with material and movement sourcing than anything else. You can actually buy "Swiss Made" quartz watches, though for me, if I'm going to pay for a "Swiss Made" watch, I prefer mechanicals.

Just about any quartz watch is going to be more accurate than even a well regulated mechanical watch. When buying a mechanical, you're buying more than just something to keep track of time. Personally, I like the engineering and craftsmanship that goes into a well made watch. It's something I've been fascinated with since I was a kid, that has carried over to today, when I can actually afford them.

Comment Why not ask the administrator of the server? (Score 4, Insightful) 434

Since we know that none of the Clintons have the skills to run their own email server, we need to get the administrator of the email server in to testify. He needs to publicly admit before the world that he was so incredibly incompetent that there are no backups of the server.

Congresscritter: Just to clarify, you're the person who managed the Clinton's email server?

Admin: Yes.

Congresscritter: Could you please supply the committee with backups of the email server?

Admin: There aren't any.

Congresscritter: Again, just to clarify... You're actually an IT professional?

Admin: Yes

Congresscritter: And you're going to go on record, to say that this email server was not backed up?

Admin: Yes.

Congresscritter: You realize Mrs. Clinton was a senior administration official whose duties involve, among other things, negotiations with foreign governments?

Admin: uh....yes

Congresscritter: And what would you have done if, during negotiations, the hard disk on this computer had crashed, completely wiping out her email?

Admin: uh....

Congresscritter: So you're going to state, for the record before the world that as an IT professional, you're completely and utterly incompetent?

Admin: I'm not incompetent

Congresscritter: Then provide us with the backups.

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