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Comment How about Government poisoning your water? (Score 1) 188

What happens when government itself is poisoning your water?


Unchecked power - in any form - leads to bad things. Big government crusaders conveniently ignore much of human history where governments killed their own people.

Personally, I want both the anti-government and nanny-state government type crazies - and hopefully we end up somewhere in the sensible middle.

Comment Google is run by brilliant morons (Score 1) 98

After years of trying a myriad of communication apps, I though Hangouts was the one. A cross-platform system that unified all of my communications. Coupled with Google Voice/Google Fi/ on my Nexus 5x - it was damn good.

It took me a year to get all the iOS users around me to install Hangouts. They didn't want to be bothered with yet another communication app - but I stuck with it and eventually everyone got on Hangouts.

Now Google wants me to do the same with two more apps - and then force me to be tethered to my phone? Screw that.

My new iPhone arrives on Friday. I can't keep up with the corporate A.D.D. that afflicts Google's management.

Comment Without any real data, who knows how bad it is? (Score 1) 204

Anecdotes abound. I know tons of people with iPhone 6/s phones and work with many, many more. I don't know of a single person that has this issue.

Without actual failure numbers, it's impossible to know if this is a widespread issue or not.

Could it be that this issue only affects a tiny percentage of the millions of phones in use?

Comment Can we put police ticket quotas in this category? (Score 3, Interesting) 110

I've asked lots of cops about ticket quotas - and every one of them says they don't have quotas, but their chief wants them to meet or exceed "performance metrics" similar to other districts.

So yeah - that cop isn't "required" to write you that ticket, but if he wants his promotion - he will.

Comment He is asking those he has harmed to pardon him (Score 4, Insightful) 387

Do you honestly think the executive branch had no knowledge of the NSA's domestic spying activities? I'm willing to be ALL branches of government not only knew of these activities, but actively used them for their benefit.

There is no way anyone in government is going to pardon individuals that engage in actions that restrict government authority and power.

Comment Responsive websites suck - that's why (Score 1) 177

Native always gives a better user experience. I can't tell you how many responsive websites simply don't look right on tablets or are not optimized for the benefits of tablets.

Native apps are typically faster and easier to use - that's why most people want native apps.

Comment Doesn't matter what they call it. (Score 2) 177

Why would you buy a Microsoft phone over an iOS or Android device? Until Microsoft has a good answer for that question, it won't matter what they call the phone.

My wife works for a very large bank on an interaction design team. She recently bought a Windows 10 phone to get comfortable with the interface. Her boss asked "Why did you do that? Hardly any of our customers are Windows phone users - so we won't be working on that platform much longer."

If you can't get one of the worlds biggest banks to work on an app for that platform, the platform is doomed.

Comment The same NASA that pushed Thiokol to fly? (Score 0) 266

Your beloved government-run NASA pushed Thiokol to fly Challenger in conditions that were outside of the the tested design limits.

The free market does push for better, faster and cheaper. NASA, left to its own devices, has no motivation to lower the cost of space flight - frankly they have every incentive to be bigger and slower. NASA strategically located offices and subcontractors in various congressional districts, not for cost efficiency, but to encourage congress to keep the cash flowing.

Competition and free markets made the USA the biggest and most dynamic economy the world has ever seen. China's recent successes are due almost completely to opening of their markets - even their communist party was able to figure that out.

Comment What difference does it make? (Score 1) 629

Hillary's supporters don't care about Hillary - they care about the cause. Hillary is just one soldier in the war for this cause.

The cause is to grow government way beyond it's constitutional bounds. The cause is forcing you to disarm "for the benefit of society". The cause is higher taxes and even higher spending. The cause is national debt that our great grand kids will never be able to repay.

The cause is "it takes a village to raise a child" or stated another way "government should raise my child because I can't be bothered to".

Liberals envision a world where government is big enough to solve all problems.

Unfortunately, a government big enough to solve all of your problems is big enough to take everything you have.

Comment "Audiophiles" (Score 1) 99

You know the saying:

Audiophiles don't listen to music - they listen to music equipment. If you want to piss off an audiophile, find one with a really high end audio system. You can usually identify them by the $1000/foot "directional" audio cables connecting the equipment together - then tell them this:

Show them the cheapest XLR cable you can find and tell them everything they are listening to, most likely, went through those cables first.

Comment Only an Apple phenomenon? (Score 2, Interesting) 297

If life in an Apple contracted factory is bad, it must be even worse working for lower margin companies. Where is the outrage about the working conditions in the factories that supply the thousands of other companies that source their manufacturing in China?

If the Chinese people are unhappy with their worker and environmental protections, the Chinese people need to make those changes. We, in the west, can not and should not change China to what we feel is the "right" way.

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