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Submission + - Napster to go 100% MP3 (napster.com)

BigRedFed writes: "In either a return to it's roots or a desperate move to save it's business, Napster announced to Shareholder's today that they will be going 100% DRM free and releasing their whole library in MP3. The change is supposed to occur in the second "calendar" quarter of 2008. Details on any price changes or bit rate are non existent in the press release."

Submission + - Australia ratifies Kyoto (bbc.co.uk)

An anonymous reader writes: From BBC news:

Australian Labor Party leader Kevin Rudd has been sworn in as prime minister, following a landslide victory in parliamentary elections last week. Immediately after the ceremony, he signed documents to ratify the Kyoto Protocol on climate change, reversing the previous administration's policy.


Windows XP SP3 Build 3205 Released w/ New Features 286

jBubba writes "Windows XP SP3 build 3205 is the first official & authorized release of the next Windows XP service pack; and has been made available to testers as a part of the Windows Server 2008/Windows Vista SP1 beta program. NeoSmart Technologies has the run-down on the included 1,073 patches/hotfixes including security updates. Contrary to popular belief, Windows XP SP3 does ship with new features/components, most of which have been backported from Windows Vista. Some included features: 'New Windows Product Activation model: no need to enter product key during setup. Network Access Protection modules and policies have been brought to XP after being one of the more-well-received features in Windows Vista. New Microsoft Kernel Mode Cryptographic Module - the Windows XP SP3 kernel now includes an entire module that provides easy access to multiple cryptographic algorithms and is available for use in kernel-mode drivers and services. New "Black Hole Router" detection - Windows XP SP3 can detect and protect against rogue routers that are discarding data.'"

Submission + - GAO report says Energy Star deficient (canada.com) 1

walterbays writes: "The credibility of blue Energy Star labels that consumers use to identify energy efficient TVs and other home electronics could be damaged because many products are tested in standby mode rather than when turned on, while other tests could have been manipulated using computer controls"

Submission + - The Race to Secure Citrix Gateways (beskerming.com)

SkiifGeek writes: "After recent posts to the GNUCitizen blog, it seems that some in the Information Security industry have started to pay attention to the inadvertent risks posed by poorly secured and managed CITRIX gateway systems.

While some of the techniques in use are nothing new, it is disturbing that they are still functional after such a long period of time (going on 5 years) and so many systems offer up information so easily. With a number of .mil, .edu, and .gov sites identified as highly likely candidates for successful attack, the race will be on to secure them before the hackers start knocking."

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