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Comment java (Score 1) 125

Contrary to many other aspects of life, I see popularity as a major boon to the usefulness of a programming language (not just for professional reasons). I looked at the first few pages of a Java book and saw that I had to write a class just for "hello world" and haven't delved any deeper since. Of course, it is VERY popular apparently. I have heard plenty of bad things, but does anyone have anything good to say about Java?

Comment Re:What happened to all the jolly coloreds? (Score 1) 117

ROFL Nigga said "halfrican"! Dave Chappelle is coming out with another special, if you prefer your comedians to be particular-individuals-of-a-colored-persona-Amer-Pan-Africans. With those references you must be pushing 100, which is old even for slashdot. So congratulations on that.

Comment Re:Rose tinted glasses (Score 1) 516

Yeah it kinda seems like technology just makes it easier to exploit the working class in most cases. Look at the most successful technology companies like Google, Facebook, Uber, Twitter, etc... It's all advertising (convincing you to buy stuff you don't really need/propaganda) or actively working against the poor class (Uber). I really can't think of one example of a technology company reducing the income gap or decreasing poverty.

Comment Re:Overused (Score 1) 920

Okay, you are not "defending guns" but you own them, whatever. I am sure most legal gun owners support the laws you mentioned. What I am pointing out is that you are voraciously defending not just specific policies, but the progressive side of the "conservative vs progressive" feud. A side that would hang you out to dry for simply owning guns. That is, if we are picking sides and all that.

Comment Re:You mean hardly at all? (Score 1) 149

Also there are hammers that are suited for specific tasks. Are you knocking down cinder block walls? Better bring a 22 ouncer. You wouldn't want to use that same 22 ounce for framing unless you want to walk around with a sore forearm all day. Do you need to tap around on a starter? Grab your ball peen. Finishing nails? Hope you aren't trying to use that framing hammer on delicate trim. Roofing hammers, soft-mallets, hard mallets, sledges... I think the analogy to programming languages is actually pretty good.

Comment boo hoo (Score 1) 483

Yeah it's so sad that people will go from living on the equivalent of 1,000 USD a year to making 20-30k a year, while these poor displaced Americans might have to get a job at Walmart, the horror! Eventually, the barbarians at the gate will find a way in. They are highly motivated because they are literally hungry. With education, training, and opportunity these foreigners can do just as good a job as anyone else. But hey, at least this is a chance to cross the aisle and have the parties agree on something. Don't make me do the ironic capitalist-utopia rant from "Network".

Comment Whether actual or imagined... (Score 1) 433

1) Learn to suspend judgment. Science-y people tend towards authoritative, binary thinking; something is either wrong or right, someone either has these intentions or not. Maybe the person sort of hates you and on occasion, either willfully or subconsciously, does things to kind of dick you over. Maybe you subconsciously hate this person and are looking for "excuses" to place blame. You have to learn to leave things up in the air. Maybe they are gaslighting, so fucking what? Maybe you are forgetting things, so try and be more attentive. Many psychological disorders are a result of the mind imposing order that is not actually there. 2) Learn to say fuck it, but in a healthy way. Don't overthink it. Realize that the whole matter (worst case scenario) is just a result of some petty bitch's ego. Do you really care about some faggot's inter-office manipulations? Just do your work if you enjoy it. If it is too stressful and you can afford it, jump ship. But realize you will 99% regret it if you do. 3) Don't sink to the same games. People dick each other over. People can be manipulative. Don't give in to the pressure to get a competitive advantage by cheating life and being insincere or dishonest. Anyone who does isn't worth wasting energy over. A full-on gaslighting campaign is rare, but the point is to not expend energy worrying about it. I have personally experienced the most hardcore black psych tactics from groups like scientology, and it doesn't amount to much when you put it in perspective. An individual or small group is not going to successfully gaslight anyone unless you are vulnerable already. An individual is not really gaslighting as much as being a dick. Most cases of gaslighting are figments of the imagination and can be overcome with good psychological hygiene (avoiding neurotic behavior, obsessive thought, compulsions). Successful gaslighting techniques are carried out by cults who control most aspects of a person's life already, not overly-sensitive faggots whose only strategy of conflict resolution is passive-aggressive manipulation. The thing that would fuck them in the ass the hardest would be if you just got better at your job and appeared more laid-back around the office.

Comment Re:The Illusion of Capacity and Greed. (Score 1) 635

There has to be some leeway in this. In elementary school, I scored 99% percentile on OLSAT tests, was put in the gifted program, let on the academic bowl team a year earlier than other students, and scored between 130-140 on IQ tests. There is absolutely no one in my family that is even approaching competent. They are the sort of people that buy stuff from scammy infomercials and give away their social security numbers to people who call on the telephone. I have met a lot of extended family also. They are either religious fundamentalists or wife-beating alcoholics. I never practiced for these tests, never studied. I mostly just watched cartoons, ate poptarts and candy, and had pinecone wars in the woods.

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