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Comment Re:MacBook Pro (Score 1) 288

While I'm generally with you on this, I have found myself getting frustrated with apple lately.

In the 10+ years that I have been working in OSX (through 4 or 5 macbook pros), bluetooth has always been a bit sketchy, and little details, like the fact that you can ONLY control iTunes with your bluetooth headset controls is just fucking stupid. There are lots of little examples like that where apple tries to corral you into their market place, and it seems to be getting worse.

That being said, winning by not losing, is still winning, right? I have found that OSX just sucks less than any of the other options.

Someone seriously needs to bury systemd, Why are we turning Linux into a monolithic slab? Is that part of a Microsoft sabotage campaign?

Comment It's all just shit anyway. (Score 1) 342

Seriously, everyone is talking about the features of a good cinema or how annoying all the teenagers are, but Nobody has even touched on the fact that all the movies running these days are just complete shit. There is nothing original happening. Everything is either the nth sequel to some shitty film that never should have had a sequel or it's a remake of a film that was good the first time around and is still just as good today.

Personally, I don't go to the cinema any more because I would rather sit at home with a good book. In fact sitting at home with a bad book is preferable to 3 hours of shit like Batman vs Superman. I would almost prefer spending three hours sitting in the emergency ward with multiple stab wounds.

Submission + - The Power of Lazy Programming

snydeq writes: Whoever said working hard is a virtue never met a programmer, writes Peter Wayner in his roundup of tools and techniques that prove the power of lazy programming. 'Coders who ignore those “work hard, stay humble” inspirational wall signs often produce remarkable results, all because they are trying to avoid having to work too hard. The true geniuses find ways to do the absolute minimum by offloading their chores to the computer. After all, getting the computer to do the work is the real job of computer programmers.'

Comment Re:rotten at the top (Score 1) 341

I say aggressively prosecute everyone you can prove was in on it, top to bottom.

I couldn't agree more. Certainly a criminal investigation involving 5300 employees should be able to provide enough evidence to prove that the managers were involved, or at least cognizant of the crime, enough managers should be able to point fingers up the stack as well, and bring some serious penalties against the senior management.

All of these people should be doing time, and/or should be banned from employment in a position of trust. The higher up the stack should also involve some hefty fines too.

Comment Re:This is serious business (Score 1) 244

Yes, many parts of the world did fine without bees for a long time, but that was before those parts of the world were trying to sustain billions of people, and I'm sure those parts of the world will continue just fine without european honeybees after all the people have starved to death.

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