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Submission + - Microsoft caught with hand in cookie jar ( 1

dlane writes: "Representatives of the NZ Open Source Society have successfully opposed a Microsoft software patent application related to XML use in representing productivity data. This was a very broad patent, found subject to prior art: i.e. a very low quality patent that shouldn't have been submitted much less granted. As it was, it took the NZOSS members and their legal team 8 years to get MS to abandon the application.

This isn't the first time they've tried this: another bad application ( was submitted to NZ's patent office although it had been disallowed in other jurisdictions (including US) due to prior art. NZOSS representatives challenged the application and were able to force MS to change the wording to the point where it was no longer seen as a threat to developers.

Whenever Microsoft claims support for "improved quality patents" realise that what they mean is "other people's patents". Feel free to highlight their hypocrisy."

Comment goodbye democracy! (Score 1) 2

They tried to pass this a while back, by simply reverting the changes made in select committee at the last moment.

They tried to sneak it through again as part of a multilateral copyright agreement (ACTA) done under the greatest of secrecy.

The majority of New Zealand DO NOT WANT this copyright law. How can they pass it and still call New Zealand a democracy?!

Submission + - Outrage as New Zealand Passes Anti-Filesharing Law ( 2

master5o1 writes: "The Pirate Party of New Zealand is disappointed that the Government used urgency to pass the Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Bill after the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Bill.

"Not only is the urgency process being abused," party secretary Noel Zeng stated, "but our government is also exploiting the people of Christchurch by using their unfortunate situation to pass underhanded legislation.""

Comment Re:hmm... (Score 1) 374

Tim O'Reilly already provided the answer; "Piracy is a progressive taxation".

For more obscure works (eg sci-fi by Cory Doctorow, indie films such as Sita, Ink) free copying has a beneficial, promotional effect.

For already popular works (already heavily promoted legal music and movies) piracy replaces sales more than it encourages new sales.

CP is in the earlier category.

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