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Submission + - CIA says most voting machines can be hacked (mcclatchydc.com)

ISoldat53 writes: "The CIA, which has been monitoring foreign countries' use of electronic voting systems, has reported apparent vote-rigging schemes in Venezuela, Macedonia and Ukraine and a raft of concerns about the machines' vulnerability to tampering." mcclatchydc.com
The Internet

Submission + - ISP's vs Web Services....who will win?

Son of Rea writes: "The internet is getting more restrictive and harder to use because of limitations imposed by ISPs. The biggest example of this is bandwidth limitations. These limitations prevent users from using modern services, so it seems like there would be a major conflict with internet businesses and ISP's. With high ISP limitations, many internet businesses will lose out on customers, so it would be in their best interest to discourage ISP limits. With a 5 gig per month bandwidth limit, nobody will be able to effectively back up their hard drives to the net, download movies from netflix, purchase downloadable games, and countless other examples of services that require large amounts of bandwidth. ISP's are further limiting our ability to use the internet. Frontier replaced a bunch of modem/routers with ones that don't allow port forwarding. So now I can't use Remote Desktop to fix my mother's computer. This is just the latest example of how we're losing use of the internet. So I was wondering who you think will win this battle (or are the web companies even fighting ISP's?) and why?"

Submission + - SPAM: Authors to be

Clive Worth writes: "This clip tells you about my book that is full of advice to help others like me who are dyslexic, yet I am now an Author or anyone who wants to write a book and become an Author."
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Submission + - TJX data criminal gets five years in prison (networkworld.com)

jbrodkin writes: "The leader of an identity theft ring that stole credit card numbers from TJX has been sentenced to five years in prison and fined $600,000. Irving Escobar of Miami, Fla., pleaded guilty to charges of an "organized scheme to defraud." Escobar and his team used stolen data to make counterfeit credit cards, which they used to buy gift cards at Wal-Mart and Sam's Club. They redeemed the gift cards for jewelry and electronic equipment in what Florida's attorney general calls "a modern-day version of money laundering" that resulted in a loss of $3 million nationwide."

Submission + - poll:favorite acronym

An anonymous reader writes: whats your favorite acronym? 1- WTF 2- LOL 3- PITA 4- TFA 5-

Submission + - What causes cell phone connection errors?

Anonymous Cell Phone User writes: Earlier today, I called a friend on my cell phone and was connected to "Tom", a stranger. I knew I didn't have the wrong number because my friend's number was saved in my phone. I tried the same number again and got my friend this time. My friend told me he had just gotten a call from somebody wanting to speak to Tom, but his caller ID had said that the call was from me. This has happened to me a few times, both when I tried calling somebody on a landline from my cell phone and also when somebody tried to call me on my cell phone from a landline (it might also have happened between two cell phones once, but I'm not sure about that). The information in the caller ID seems to always match the intended call, but the voices get switched. I have had this happen with a Cingular/ATT contract in the USA and with a Vodaphone pay-as-you-go card in Germany (different phones). I am wondering if this error is due to a limitation of the GSM protocol or how it's implemented. I'm hoping that there's some cell phone / telecommunications expert here that can shed some light on the issue. Can anybody here explain how/why these errors happen?
Data Storage

Everything You Know About Disks Is Wrong 330

modapi writes "Google's wasn't the best storage paper at FAST '07. Another, more provocative paper looking at real-world results from 100,000 disk drives got the 'Best Paper' award. Bianca Schroeder, of CMU's Parallel Data Lab, submitted Disk failures in the real world: What does an MTTF of 1,000,000 hours mean to you? The paper crushes a number of (what we now know to be) myths about disks such as vendor MTBF validity, 'consumer' vs. 'enterprise' drive reliability (spoiler: no difference), and RAID 5 assumptions. StorageMojo has a good summary of the paper's key points."

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