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Submission + - Google is gagging user advocates (

yuhong writes: "From the article: "So here we have a Googler who is working on identity stuff part-time as a Devil's Advocate (I guess the users are the devil's from Google's perspective, ugh), who has repeatedly helped disseminate information about Google+ identity policy, and who has always taken a balanced view in her public posts, asking for anti-pseudonym resources or suggestions from the community, all while being very clear that she doesn't speak for Google officially silenced and forced not to speak."
From a Google+ post on this: It is "ironic that these anonymity requirements are needed to talk about nymwars".
What is exactly happening at Google that caused this? Is it related to Vic's leadership style, "just agree with me, and I won't have to hurt you"?"


Submission + - SPAM: Sergey Brin admitted lack of emotion intelligence

yuhong writes: "Sergey Brin once admited to Ken Auletta about a lack of emotional intelligence, according to Beet.TV. And according to this blog post, it seems that it dates back to when Gmail and AdSense was being developed. "It didn't occur to Larry, Sergey, or any of the other engineers in senior roles at Google that serious people they respected would strenuously object to the privacy implications of having Google's computers reading emails and then placing ads in them based on the content of those messages. In their virtual reality, they remained oblivious to the political reality that awaited them.""
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