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Submission + - Seven points that changed everything (

yowlanku writes: About 2 years ago, when our startup Expresiv was still at infancy, we used to pass our days working on UI/UX from a $5 plastic chair (the first piece of furniture Expresiv owned) and spotty Wimax router. The walls smelt of fresh emulsion and floor was begging for carpet (or maybe it was our feet). But our spirit had never been higher because that was our first big shift and our own space in its entirety. During one of such evenings, I was pondering over this unconditional zeal I had in me. I tried to condense them in few phrases

Submission + - Nepal marking it's second Barcamp (

yowlanku writes: Barcamp Kathmandu is being organized for second time in Nepal. Though barcamp is widespread concept worldwide, this type of events are rare here. This time the theme of event is 'knitting innovators'.
Since large youth demographics are brain drained annually due lack of resource and opportunity, Barcamp focuses specially on promoting local ideas and innovators. Some of the interesting sessions pre-registered are Nepaluino (localized arduino) , crowdsourcing and microwork and messy political economy
see stopmotion promo of the event here

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