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Comment Re:Original premise of Uber. (Score 1) 130

From what I understand Uber is pretty much finished in my country.

They decided that their vetting procedure is better than the Nation's passenger vehicle licensing requirements, so stopped requiring their drivers to have passenger vehicle licenses.

The Land Transport agency has put them straight there.

The are trying to operate in a very competitive environment (in my city) and if they're not cheaper than the current over supply of taxis, then they're not going to get much business.

The only time I've been in an Uber taxi, I asked the driver if he liked it and he said it was his last shift, as it didn't pay enough.

He was going to drive one of his cousin's taxis instead, it paid better.

Comment Re:Strange (Score 1) 20

A quick look at the Wikipedia page for Samsung lists quite few scandals, including trying to protect the CEO from any dirt: You can even say the Samsung chairman is more powerful than the President of South Korea

The there's this guy, pardoned for multiple crimes so he could remain on the Olympic Committee.

When one of the crimes is bribing government officials, I guess a pardon is not too far away.

Comment Strange (Score 1) 20

This whole affair is really weird.

Since the end of the Korean War (and probably before) Korea has been one of the most corrupt countries on Earth, that's one of the reasons they have Chaebols.

Now, all of a sudden Koreans are worrying about their elites paying each other off for favours? It's hardly a new thing and no-one important has been prosecuted over these sorts of deals before.

I wonder what has changed?

Comment Re:Another known trick (Score 1) 22

I saw two guards changing the money cassettes in an ATM in my local mall a couple of weeks ago, and I am quite pleased that I live in a country where they don't carry guns at all.

Also skimming still goes on

The article says that they were arrested after bank staff saw unusual transactions, which might be true, but I would be willing to bet a whole dollar that the police were onto them as soon as they arrived.

Four Romanians in New Zealand for a holiday? Yeah, right.

Comment Re:How does Fedora compare to Ubuntu? (Score 1) 153

Thanks Qbertino for asking a sensible question, and brickhouse98 (you're mighty mighty, just letting it all hang out) for giving an informative answer.

God there are some stupid pointless flamewars on this site, and when I saw this article I hoped this thread might be an exception, but the first bunch of posts are all "Year of Linux on the desktop" crap and grammer Nazi nonsense.

Then you two come along and start a real thread.

Comment Re:I feel sorry for you guys. No joke. (Score 1) 395

There was a news piece just after the US election that our (New Zealand) immigration website had a huge spike in traffic from the US, and an extra 2,000 or so requests for information.

They also did the usual thing where they went out and found an American tourist who was prepared to say something nice about the place, (this is standard practice for the media here) but the guy they picked was also going to apply for residency.

We might get a few Yanks coming over, which would be nice.

Comment Re:futurist (Score 1) 522

Modern man doesn't need to be especially strong or fast or equipped to survive winter

Winter is an awful lot easier to survive if there is not 2 metres of snow on the ground, and the landscape swarming with huge hungry animals desperate for a feed.

Lots of places on Earth fit that description, so humans will be able to survive there fine.

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