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Comment It's all true (Score 1) 65

Here we all are, moaning about the capture of Government by Corporations, and it's all true. The US Government is of the corporation, by the corporation, for the corporation, but what's the solution?

It seems the only way to change the situation is through violence, but history tells us that that's not a very good solution.

Does anyone have any thoughts?

Comment Re:The big question - SUPPORT! (Score 3, Insightful) 124

But what the Rpi does have over everyone else? Community and long-term support...

I came here to say exactly this.

I'm not much of a programmer, I can mess about with bash and a bit of Python if I'm forced to, and do you know what?

With a Raspberry Pi I can always find guidance to do exactly what I want, with the skills I have, written by some clever person who has made their knowledge available.

That just makes the Raspberry Pi better value.

Comment Re:12% is dangerously low (Score 1) 189

My wife's friends are all upper middle class middle aged women, and until a year or so ago they were 100% iPhone users.

A group of us went out to dinner on Saturday night and only about 4 out of 12 women there still use iPhones. It was so noticeable that my wife even asked me on the way home if she should get an Android phone "like the boys have" for her next phone.

Hardly a scientific study of course, but it was kind of striking.

Comment Re:They disrupeed our plans! We want blood! (Score 0) 131

The artists, who took time from their lives to produce the music, won't get paid.

The artists were never going to be paid.

Releasing a single gets them into more debt with their label, and as noted by an AC above, they will probably have to pay for this suit, which they will have no say about either.

You should read this it explains pretty well how labels screw bands.

Comment What's it Called? (Score 1) 344

The still nameless planet is believed to be Earth-like and orbits at a distance to Proxima Centauri that could allow it to have liquid water on its surface -- an important requirement for the emergence of life," said the magazine.

Of course it's still nameless stupid. We haven't got there yet to ask the locals what the planet's called.

Comment Re:FB should did it (Score 2) 447

maybe her own stupidity...

I'm not going to start name calling like several other posters have, but I can't really see even a stupid person picking up a shotgun and threatening a cop with it. I'm going to go right ahead and assume either meth or untreated mental health problems here.

It is entirely possible I'm wrong and she died because she was stupid, but I don't think so.

Comment Re:reciprocity (Score 2) 112

The Chinese also link different parts of their economy. New Zealand might start an investigation into the dumping of cheap, substandard steel into our market, shortly afterward this happens

Our government is desperate to shut down any talk of the two being linked, but everyone knows they are. China is a huge buyer of our exports, and have no problem using that power.

Comment Re: Star Office (Score 4, Interesting) 103

Has libreoffice fixed the slow load times?

I think it has, I use Libreoffice on Linux Mint on an oldish Dell laptop. It loads pretty well on that.

My son has been using it as his Office Suite for homework on a reasonably good Toshiba laptop and when I ask him if he likes using it he just shrugs and says "It works just as well as anything else". I guess the real problem will be compatibility with MS Office. Microsoft will do their best to make that as hard as they can I would think.

Comment Re:Thats nothing (Score 0) 424

This casts doubt on the entire electoral process in the US.

There is no doubt at all about the electoral system in the US. It is a sham, perpetuated by the moneyed interests who are the only ones to benefit from it. From gerrymandering to media bias, to first past the post electorates your representative democracy no longer represents ordinary voters.

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