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Journal Journal: Why Media Ownership Rules with current Copyright Cuts...

The FCC recently caught a lot of flack for the Commission's decision to relax media ownership restrictions in response to its the biennial review Congress requires.

I'm working on an article discussing why the FCC's rules are irrelevant now that the LOC and other copyright sources of law have setup the broadcastor's greatest possible competition to fizzle--internet media.

I'm looking at issues of diversity of content, localism, innovation, efficiences and anti-competitive effects of conglomeration, and other amusing buzzwords..

My views are solely my own and do not represent those of the FCC.

The Courts

Journal Journal: Moral Rights and Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)

It's interesting to see that author's rights issues are starting to creep up more and more in FOSS discussions--most recently on debian-legal.

I was shocked to see noone talking about it two or three years ago when I was first exposed to the continental moral rights doctrines. I wrote an article on it, which (understandably) wasn't received very well by my fair use friends. It was way too long and needed a good editting and reorg, but ah how time flies.

In any event I need to make sometime and look at this issue again.

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