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Comment I just had one of these calls today (Score 4, Funny) 87

I answered in a very simple-minded voice, and told "Paul," after he explained that they're tracking all sorts of malicious traffic coming from my computer that I liked it that way. When he tried to confirm that statement, I told him I liked to share. By that point I was far enough off of his script that he gave up and hung up the phone.

I think next time I'm going to sound all cagey and worried that people were finding out about the kinds of malicious scripts I've been writing.

Comment I made that mistake once (Score 1) 435

I had been laid off and ended up quickly taking a new job for $15k less than I was making before, but offered me a chance to build some additional skills I wanted. After about a year, I found a job I was a perfect match for, and while talking to the recruiter, she asked how much I was currently making. I gave her the answer, which was probably $40-50k less than what the job was likely to pay. She laughed and hung up on me. I was not amused.

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