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Comment I made that mistake once (Score 1) 435

I had been laid off and ended up quickly taking a new job for $15k less than I was making before, but offered me a chance to build some additional skills I wanted. After about a year, I found a job I was a perfect match for, and while talking to the recruiter, she asked how much I was currently making. I gave her the answer, which was probably $40-50k less than what the job was likely to pay. She laughed and hung up on me. I was not amused.

Comment Re:Awsum, TTY in your name (Score 1) 525

My wife had very strict requirements in the naming of our kids. She scrutinized every suggestion I ever made, just to see if there was some strange connection to technology that I was trying to sneak in there.

When it came time to name my son, I managed to massage the suggestions in such a way that his initials came out to be TTY. As she mulled the name over in her head, she said, "Hmm, TTY. I've heard of that, what does that stand for?" I replied with an uninterested voice, "Um, I think it stands for teletypewriter. I think they use it for deaf people on phones."

That didn't sound very geeky to her, so she let it slide. To this day, she doesn't realize how awesome it is that my son's initials are TTY :)

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