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Comment Re:Similar happened to us (Score 1) 208

The new domain contact info resolved back to some Russian place. BTW, there was no commercial value to the site.

1. resurrect deceased domain
2. drive-by malware
3. profit!!!

i.e., it may have had no commercial value when legitimately operated in the past, but it may well be a source of illegal revenue now.

Comment Re:Taking the 5th is always right! (Score 1, Insightful) 367

It was modded off topic for defending an action of the 'bad guys' in this story. Slashdot modding is just piss poor.

And before any of you moderators get any ideas about down modding this post, I counter with a xkcd link:
It's got cameras in it and this story is about cameras. Now you have to mod me up.

Comment Re:Easy come.... easy go.... (Score 2, Insightful) 450

Interpol is international, I know in the name right, so why would they care what ANY country asks them to do?

Well maybe because:
1. The U.S. is a member nation
2. The U.S. pays the bills (like other member nations)
3. The secretary general of interpol is an American citizen, once of the U.S. Treasury. Citizenship should be enough to suggest interest in the U.S. but throw in his treasury and government ties and now you have all sort of good conspiracy theories on top.

Like any org, self preservation is goal #1. Who do you think the interpol agents operating on american soil will be working for, if not the country that preserves their existence (on our soil)?

Comment Re:Dangerous reading. (Score 1) 464

The Bible is a pretty good book, actually. Well written (no duh, a million monkeys and a few thousand years...) and quite entertaining in some parts. It also gives a good guideline what to do and what not to do in your life. In general, the stories tell of people doing "good" things and being rewarded and people doing "bad" things and being punished (let's ignore Hiob and similar stuff that makes God look like a total bastard).

And it should be read as such: A book that inspires you to do "moral" things. And I'm not talking about who you shag and where and how. Don't bother me with the petty crap. The ideals of the Bible (especially the stuff about Jesus) are truely a good idea to make the world a bit better.

Jesus was a pretty cool guy (provided he existed, please no discussion about it, it's definitly not important), and he set a pretty decent example of a truely good, honest, moral and very likable person. A true role model. Probably unattainable, but the perfect model of a truely and absolutely "good" person.

Just please ignore all the miracles and the ascent to heaven and the rubbish. If you believe in him, do you really want this guy to be worshipped like a God? Does he in any of his actions or words tell you that it's a good idea to worship him or to praise him? Be like him and you got way more accomplished!

But I guess that's more work than just groveling.

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