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Comment Re:More "zero tolerance" idiocy (Score 2, Insightful) 804

First of all, children are NOT stripped of their rights in a school. They may have a reduced right set, but only as it pertains to 'In Loco Parentis'. As a government run institution, a school cannot legally make rules that strip away constitutionally protected rights outside of the 'in loco parentis' framework.

Comment Re:Reactionary flatlanders (Score 0) 163

Typical response from people with no idea where Vermont is. Unless every member of our state's ENTIRE POPULATION holds 2 or 3 positions at the plant, there aren't "millions" of jobs on the line... and as mellon pointed out, it's better for everyone to lose them via closure rather than via radiation poisoning.

Comment Re:Now 5 people use em! (Score 1) 445

So, you're comparing a third-generation iPhone with a first generation Android phone?

3G indicates support of third-generation wireless technology (in this case UMTS), which was not in the first iPhone. The iPhone 3G is actually the second iPhone model.

All iPhones have most of the same software features, including the original iPhone (non-3G). So far Apple has released OS updates for all models.

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