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Journal Journal: Just missed the axe 1

So the rumors of last week were true. Friday was supposed to be the day, but the week ended without incident. Monday I overhear a comment that leads me to believe an announcement will take place on Wednesday.

Wednesday I get in to work at 7:30, check the company intranet for signs of an announcement: nothing. I finish my morning workout and get back to my desk at 8:30. A co-worker has sent an email about a company facility in the U.K. being shut down. "Ok," I think, "this is it." Still no announcement on the intranet.

9:15. Our own facility manager (we are a remote site) sends an email: "All-hands group meeting at 10:00." In the meantime I've noticed a person I've never met in the cube of the support person across the aisle. A co-worker tells me he was fired, or quit.

After the announcement, I notice my manager standing at the cube of a member of my team (which consists of 4 people including the manager), and it looks like he's busy cleaning up--or out. I look over my cube wall and see another manager talking in hushed tones with a person I've never seen before.

10:00. I'm in a conference room with two dozen other folks in the group. The news is shared: 12% of the workforce has been cut to meet spending goals. Only 5% needed to go in our division. 4 people at our facility. 3 of them in my row of cubes.

Later I found out that the announcement was to originally have come on Friday, but was pushed back. It pays to keep an ear to the rumor mill.

Well, I'm still here. I was afraid, if things came down to it, that it'd be me instead of the other team member (I knew it wouldn't be the team lead). Hell, I just graduated college; I don't know anything. What's my worth to the company? But I am trying; which is more than can be said for the other guy, I suppose, who had a cube full of books and papers but was advancing his work at a snail's pace.

That's my story. I should get back to work now...

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