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Bandwidth Fines Bad, But Not Net Neutrality Issue 159

Frequent Slashdot contributor Bennett Haselton writes with his take on the recent Time Warner Cable fiasco: "Net Neutrality crusaders at recently called attention to Time Warner's plan (later rescinded) to impose fines on users for going over bandwidth limits. I agree generally, but I think this is easily confused with the reasoning in favor of Net Neutrality, and it's important to keep the arguments separate." Read on for the rest of Bennett's thoughts.

Biotech Company To Patent Pigs Screenshot-sm 285

Anonymous Swine writes "Monsanto, a US based multinational biotech company, is causing a stir by its plan to patent pig-breeding techniques including the claim on animals born by the techniques. 'Agricultural experts are scrambling to assess how these patents might affect the market, while consumer activists warn that if the company is granted pig-related patents, on top of its tight rein on key feed and food crops, its control over agriculture could be unprecedented. "We're afraid that Monsanto and other big companies are getting control of the world's genetic resources," said Christoph Then, a patent expert with Greenpeace in Germany. The patent applications, filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization, are broad in scope, and are expected to take several years and numerous rewrites before approval.'"

Vatican To Build 100 Megawatt Solar Power Plant 447

Karim Y. writes "The Vatican is going solar in a big way. The tiny state recently announced that it intends to spend 660 million dollars to create what will effectively be Europe's largest solar power plant. This massive 100 megawatt photovoltaic installation will provide enough energy to make the Vatican the first solar powered nation state in the world! 'The 100 megawatts unleashed by the station will supply about 40,000 households. That will far outstrip demand by Pope Benedict XVI and the 900 inhabitants of the 0.2 square-mile country nestled across Rome's Tiber River. The plant will cover nine times the needs of Vatican Radio, whose transmission tower is strong enough to reach 35 countries including Asia.'"

E-Merlin "Super-Telescope" Switched On 41

Smivs writes to tell us that one of the world's most powerful telescope arrays has been switched on with great success. Seven radio telescopes in the UK have been linked with optical fiber, replacing the older microwave tech that connected them previously. One researcher compared the move to a broadband upgrade from dial-up. Research teams will now be able to do in one day what previously took them three years.

Worm Threat Forces Apple To Disable Software? 201

SkiifGeek writes "After the debacle that surrounded the announcement and non-disclosure of a worm that targets OS X, the vulnerability in mDNSResponder may have forced Apple to remove support for certain mDNSResponder capabilities with the recently released Security Update 2007-007. 'Seeming to closely follow the information disclosed by InfoSec Sellout, Apple's mDNSResponder update addresses a vulnerability that can be exploited by an attacker on the local network to gain a denial of service or arbitrary code execution condition. Apple goes on to identify that the vulnerability that they are addressing exists within the support for UPnP IGD... and that an attacker can exploit the vulnerability through simply sending a crafted network packet across the network. With the crafted network packet triggering a buffer overflow, it passes control of the vulnerable system to the attacker. Rather than patching the vulnerability and retaining the capability, Apple has completely disabled support for UPnP IGD (though there is no information about whether it is only a temporary disablement until vulnerabilities can be addressed).'"

Submission + - Bad bosses take the elevator...

mritunjai writes: A new study validates what we've always suspected to be true. Promotions and career growth seem to be directly proportional to how much you can make your subordinates' life miserable.
Linux Business

Submission + - The "Art Of Community" (Video)

An anonymous reader writes: A video of the "Art Of Community Panel" at this year's OSCON has just ht the web. If you aren't familiar with what happened, Danese Cooper and Dawn Foster put together the "Art Of Community" and included some of the world's leading community authorities. The panel included (from left to right in the video): Danese Cooper (OSI), Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia), Dawn Foster (Jive Software), Sulamita Garcia (LinuxChix), whurley (BMC Software), Karl Fogel (O'Reilly), and Brian Behlendorf (Apache Founder). This ended up being one of the more popular panels at the conference and is well worth a watch.

Submission + - Why Not Nuclear Power? Politics! ( 1

Gooseygoose writes: "
A couple of days ago I was reading the CNN/YouTube Democratic presidential debate transcript. Of course I am always interested to hear what the candidates have to say about energy. There were a lot of good comments, and the usual spattering of dumb comments. But I won't dissect them right now. What got me to thinking were the comments of John Edwards..."

The Almighty Buck

Lenovo Aims $199 PC At China's Rural Population 111

athloi writes "Lenovo has announced they are gearing up to sell a basic personal computer for 'China's vast but poor rural market'. The pricetag could be as low as $199. 'The new Lenovo unit will include a processor and a keyboard and will use a buyer's television set as a monitor, Chen said. He said he had no details on the processor size or other features. The new PC goes on sale later this year at prices of 1,499 to 2,999 yuan ($199-$399), Chen said. Lenovo is the world's third-largest PC manufacturer, behind U.S.-based Hewlett Packard Inc. and No. 2 Dell.'"

Submission + - Amazon Selects Freshbooks to Demo FPS Beta (

Tech Set writes: "Amazon Flexible Payments Service is official (in Private Beta as of 3 a.m. PST) and FreshBooks was selected in advance to showcase the system — they integrated FPS and already have it up and running as of today.

FPS is Amazon's answer to Paypal and Google Checkout. It is currently enrolling developers during the Beta.

FreshBooks customers can now be paid quickly and easily by their clients through their clients' existing accounts. Because people only have to set up a payment method once with Amazon, payments become hassle-free.

By using Amazon FPS, FreshBooks is enabling Amazon customers to seamlessly transact with FreshBooks clients using the same accounts and payment instruments that they use for purchases on Using the money transmitter functionality within Amazon FPS, FreshBooks will move money between invoice senders and recipients using their Amazon Payments accounts.

FreshBooks is the first, largest, and fastest growing online invoicing service for freelancers and professional service companies.

Amazon FPS is currently in limited beta. Developers can sign up to use the service directly through Amazon Web Services at

Here's Amazon's post: -p.html"

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