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Submission + - Opiate Maintenance Treatment is a Tale of Two Cultures (

yincrash writes: Opiate maintenance treatment is a tale of two cultures. People who can afford Suboxone get to keep their addiction private. People who are restricted to methadone clinics pay the price of stigma. Experts generally agree that Suboxone is more effective than methadone, but not by much. Studies have found that the recommended dose of Suboxone is better than low-dose methadone, but no better than high-dose. Yet methadone poses a greater risk of overdose and is easier to abuse. All things being equal, therefore, Suboxone is the preferred treatment. But all things are not equal, and most unequal is a patient's ability to pay.

Submission + - How to become informed in judicial elections? 1

yincrash writes: "Today I've been looking up information on local elections and have found it virtually impossible to determine information on judicial elections, both with regards to information on the candidate, and what makes a good judge. Is there a good way to find information on these candidates? seems to agree that this is basically an impossible task. What do slashdotters do in an information vacuum? Just abstain from voting? Write-in something in protest?"

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