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Comment Re: lower the reported sample rate (Score 2) 95

Did anyone actually read the actual paper? They were only able to track Firefox browsers on Linux due to the precision of the battery level outputs. Their recommendation was to limit the precision to two significant digits, something a home and Opera were already doing, and something all of them do on every other OS. So this is only applicable to that 2% of PC users running Linux desktops with their tin foil hats. For the vast majority of us, THIS DOESNT WORK!

Comment Re:What about all the competing content sources? (Score 3, Informative) 415

This made my day. What's funny is the lack of understanding that these companies and many stores offer more competition to consumers than ever before, and the average price is still ridiculously low. Even if you were to subscribe to every service and buy digital content from each company on a frequent basis, it would still be cheaper than shelling out $150-200/month for the same/similar level of content from cable providers. Hollywood is the only loser in this game as they're watching their home entertainment profits erode from foreign competition, indie stuff, and these companies just growing a pair and coming up with their own stuff.

Comment Re:Municipal Broadband? (Score 1) 417

Well, an efficient setup wouldn't have the municipality running the bill to your home like a lot of places do with garbage and water, but give the ISPs a single pipe they're all allowed to share to bill you. Your packets leave your house, make their way to your ISPs colo then on to the rest of the routers scattered across the net. The municipality would be responsible for keeping that pipe open to only a few customers vs. hundreds to millions. Problem with your connection? Call your ISP. Problem with your water, call your local municipality. The multiple ISPs are what will drive pricing down as they race for the bottom. You'll start out with a bunch of entrants but eventually, you'll be left with only about 3-5, but that's still more than a lot of places have. Plus, someone else can always come in and be the big hero and saviour of oppression from those 3-5.

Comment Re: Non-story? (Score 1) 112

3G and under require CDMA radios for CDMA carriers. They have to be provisioned on the carriers network to work properly or they simply won't connect except for emergency calls. 4G and LTE variants all require SIM cards on all networks. T-Mo and AT&T are the only carriers (major anyway) that use SIM cards for GPRS,EDGE,3G, and 4G. I'm not sure if the new iPads support anything less than 4G though. I know Samsung has stopped supporting anything less than 3G on a few of their tablets (Note 10.1 2014 for example).

Comment Re:Some content should be avoided... (Score 1) 171

You can also find a shorter version on the USPTO website.

If you attempt to copyright a trademark, your copyright will be denied. The reverse is true as well. Copyright a slogan and you won't be able to trademark it. Disney filed for a copyright for the mouse in Steamboat Willie (when they copyrighted the work itself), but trademarked the character's name "Mickey Mouse." Recent trademarks have gone back and trademarked the character's likeness since they're used for branding. Some examples come from Disney themselves when they successfully sued Dan O'Neill for copyright infringement for using Mickey Mouse character in a parody. You can see another example by searching the USPTO for "Mickey Mouse" and you'll notice the only image of the mouse is in a logo that's expired; however, you can find several active trademarks for just the name "Mickey Mouse."

So yes, they are mutually exclusive. One is protection for a creative work, the other your brand. Disney's copyrights to Steamboat Willie and several other works will enter public domain to be sold, remixed, edited, etc. However, no one will ever be able to say they're selling "Mickey Mouse" branded t-shirts without Disney's consent. Now, you can bet that Disney will attempt to block selling of the famous cartoon since they're using it as a mark (you can find it often on recent Disney movies).

Comment Re:Some content should be avoided... (Score 1) 171

.... and/or files a trademark application, Mickey Mouse will enter the public domain.

IP law doesn't work that way. You can either patent, copyright, or trademark. It's mutually exclusive. Once the copyright expires, they're done for and is the reason why they extended the copyright terms in the first place. Trademarks don't have expiration dates as long as the company is using the mark and continues to pay the registration fees (that also go on for eternity).

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