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Submission + - IPOPT wins Wilkinson prize 2011 (

An anonymous reader writes: The open source software IPOPT for solving large nonlinear and nonconvex optimization problems has won this years Wilkinson Prize for Numerical Software awarded by Argonne National Laboratory, the Numerical Algorithms Group, and the National Physical Laboratory.

Congratulations to the authors Andreas Waechter (IBM T. J. Watson Research Center) and Carl Laird (Texas A&M University)!


Submission + - Airport body scanners useless: German police (

OverTheGeicoE writes: The German government just finished a 10-month test of millimeter-wave body scanners made by L3 Communications. It appears they are not happy with the results. The devices raise false alarms 7 times out of 10, and are confused by layered clothing, boots, zippers, pleats, and even incorrect posture. Australia recently started a trial, and the second person in at the Sydney airport set off the alarm repeatedly due to sweaty armpits.

Back in the US, TSA is trying software upgrades to address privacy concerns. Upgraded scanners will show only outlines to TSA staff, not naked images. Upgrades are being rolled out for millimeter-wave scanners now, and will be tested on X-ray scanners starting "in the fall." (The German and Australian scanners already had this technology, it appears.)

Back in the US, TSA is trying software upgrades to address privacy concerns. Upgraded scanners will show only outlines to TSA staff, not naked images. Upgrades are being rolled out for millimeter-wave scanners now, and will be tested on X-ray scanners starting "in the fall." (The German and Australian scanners already had this technology, it appears.)


Submission + - Outgoing Federal CIO Warns Of 'IT Cartel' In DC (

CWmike writes: "In a wide-ranging discussion Friday with President Barack Obama's top science advisors, Federal CIO Vivek Kundra warned of the dangers of open data access and was sharply critical of government IT contracting, telling the committee: '...We almost have an IT cartel within federal IT' that's made up of very few companies that benefit from government spending 'because they understand the procurement process better than anyone else.' He added: ''It's not because they provide better technology.'"
Social Networks

Submission + - Amazon May Be Challenging Zynga in Social Games (

donniebaseball23 writes: Few people know that Amazon's been a minor games publisher since 2008, but the company may be preparing to take on the social gaming space in a big way. Noted RPG designer Jonathan Tweet confirmed to IndustryGamers that he's been hired by Amazon to create a new social game. Amazon certainly has the resources to become a very serious contender if it wishes to take on the likes of Zynga and EA.

Submission + - 7 days with a Google Chromebook (

jfruhlinger writes: "Now that Chromebook laptops are finally here, the question is: can you really do serious work with them? The only way to find out is to dive on in, and so Steven Vaughn-Nichols spent a week using a Chromebook for all his daily computing tasks. In the end, he was mostly positive on the experience — but was frustrated by a number of rough edges, including poor documentation and a failue of some components of the system to work together."

Submission + - New Server Powered by 768 Atom Cores (

1sockchuck writes: Pushing the boundary of high-density computing, SeaMicro today introduced a new server that packs 768 Intel Atom cores into a 10u chassis. SeaMicro is one of several companies using low-power processors in servers to help manage soaring electricity use in data centers. SeaMicro is also seeking to accelerate innovation in the server sector, releasing a more powerful server just four months after its last update.

Submission + - Woman Arrested for Groping TSA Screener (

CelticWhisper writes: "A Colorado woman was arrested at Phoenix Int'l Airport when she seized the left breast of a TSA screener processing her at the airport's security checkpoint. Police say she squeezed and twisted the screener's breast with both hands. She now faces a felony charge of sexual abuse.

Submitter's shameless plug: those interested in tracking and fighting TSA civil-rights abuses are invited to visit, where this and other stories are reported and forwarded to government officials and the media."


Submission + - Information Aggregation Taken to the Edge of Ridic (

TyroneShoe writes: There have been plenty of stories on the net about the dangers of too much personal information residing in one place and the resulting privacy concerns — think Google, Facebook, etc. However, as bad as the potential abuses at these sites may be, the information they contain is generally accurate. However, a new generation of data aggregators have decided that accuracy is not part of their business model and one of the worst offenders is Spokeo ( This site may be known to some of you but I just discovered it this morning and am shocked about the information on the site. Apparently both my wife and I, with a combined household income of $190,000 and credit ratings over 750 are "Financially unhealthy". My wife, to my shock, is Protestant?... I'm pretty sure she is Jewish, as am I despite my being reported as Catholic on the site. The question begs: At what point does this kind of data aggregation overstep the bounds of reason and step into the realm of the ridiculous? Could I sue Spokeo for libel as a result of their publishing incorrect data about myself?

Submission + - Inside Las Vegas' biggest data centre (

twoheadedboy writes: "Las Vegas data centres are just as opulent as the casinos which litter the vibrant city. SuperNAP is the biggest in all Las Vegas, with 400,000 square feet of servers using around 100 megawatts of power. There's some serious security too, comprised mostly of ex-US Marines who patrol the perimeter on foot and in Humvees, all armed with assault rifles. Private military contractors are needed in the IT world too, it seems. IT Pro got a look around this impressive DC."

Submission + - Apple Lost 8 Out of 10 Patents Claims Against HTC (

sfcrazy writes: ITC, The U.S. International Trade Commission, has rejected 8 out of 10 patent claims made by Apple. Apple originally files a complaint that HTC infringes upon 10 of its patents. The judge ruled that HTC infringed only on 2 patents. HTC is in a very strong position fight Apple. It must be noted that ITC earlier gave a ruling that Apple infringes on the patents of HTC's subsidiary S3 Graphics as part of ITC Investigation No. 337-TA-724.

HTC has been fighting Apple vigorously and with ITC's ruling in its favor, HTC is in a very strong position to force Apple to bring on negation table.

Submission + - Forthcoming Flip Phones - Bravia S004 (Ericsson) - (

wesleydurham718 writes: In 2010, AT&T eventually relented. Nonetheless, Verizon Wi-fi provides far more than twenty smartphones that are compatible with Skype, and about 50 % of them sold with Skype's mobile app definitely on the smartphone.

HTC DROID Incredible Android SmartPhone critique, the following.

You will not hear considerably about flip phones these days. The "trend" looks to be concentrated so much on touch-sensitive models with virtual keypads and so on. On the other hand the cellular giant Sony Ericsson is likely to introduce a unit named Bravie S004 (hopefully in the center of August or November — not official while). As apparent it would seem that Japan, coupled with Korea are keeping the highest amounts of flip phones consumers all around the earth.

Back again in the day most of this type models lack some characteristics this sort of as a potent digital camera, entertaining utilities etc. But with this unit consists of a staggering 8 mega pixel digital-digital camera with picture resolutions as large as 3264??2448. The video playback will also be substantial in the specifications way too. Other functions these kinds of as car-target, smile/experience detection talents, LED flashes and a computer software for image edition will be incorporated. For network features, in accordance to the manufacture there are a lot of popular options which are embedded in to this flip mobile phone, 3G, HSDPA, 2G for instance.

For connectivity there is the unavoidable Bluetooth (2. — higher-velocity). The only good reason for this "old" wireless network even now to be made use of, is for the reason that of the headsets that supports this protocol. Anyway USB (for Computer to telephone entry), Infrared and even WiFi can be added as a result of an exterior input. The processor velocity is quite extraordinary as well, 1GHZ really should be much more than sufficient to complete even the most complicated application handlings. This once more could boost some red lights to other flip phones out there.

The memory involved has 800 Megabytes of usable area for the consumer. The internal show is powered by a colour depth of 16 Million (TFT) and the three.2 inch display screen has a display resolution of 480x852. Other amenities this sort of as an Accelerometer, Snoozing alarms and so forth are also embedded. The body weight is not as substantial as, like in several other flip phones in comparison. It really is all around 140 g mark.

The video clip playback codec assistance are not fully discovered still, but H.264 assistance is surely there (default video clip-capturing used) and some favorite audio file formats these as MP3, MIDI, WAV, WMA, AAC/+, eAAC are just to title a handful of. There will be handful of colour options you can select. Anyhow one particular disappointment is the chat time of the battery which is below 4 hrs. You often has to be skeptical about the manufacture rating when it comes to this. And also following thinking of the usage of electricity-hungry 3G style features this can definitely drop additional. So let's hope that Ericsson would take into account increasing the battery capability. Anyway, it is nonetheless as well early to leap into conclusions, but from the hardware requirements this could be one of the most dominating flip phones in the foreseeable future!.

htc chacha new smartphones, htc chacha new smartphones, htc chacha new smartphones


Submission + - Dawn Sends Signal, Now Orbiting Asteroid Vesta (

astroengine writes: "Mission managers of NASA's Dawn asteroid probe had a long Saturday, waiting for news from the asteroid belt. Eventually they got the news they were hoping for: Dawn had entered Vesta orbit. This is the first time in history that an object in the asteroid belt has been orbited by an artificial satellite.

It's taken four years for the ion thruster-propelled spacecraft to reach the asteroid and there was some uncertainty as to whether the probe had been captured by the asteroid's gravity at all. But after a long period of waiting, mission managers received the signal after Dawn was able to orientate its antenna toward Earth."


Submission + - The Queen sets a code-breaking challenge (

mikejuk writes: Queen Elizabeth II has made her first ever visit to Bletchley Park, the home of the UK's World War II code-breaking efforts and now a museum. To mark the occasion The Queen has issued a code cracking challenge of her own "The Agent X Code Book Challenge" aimed at getting children interested in cryptography. Perhaps a royal programming or general technology challenge is next....

Submission + - Is Europe building Big Brother? ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Everyone knows governments are interested in collecting citizens' internet data but it's not just the US and UAE. The European Union is pulling in both directions on the issue, arguing both for and against automated surveillance and imposing an onerous data retention regime, reports the CS Monitor. One Irish group, Digital Rights Ireland is suing its own government on the issue and plans on taking the matter to the European Court of Justice.

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