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Submission + - China bans foreign funded cloud computing (

An anonymous reader writes: According to Chinese Government website MII and a blog post Chinese government issues new rules banning foreign-funded cloud computing server farm firms from participating in cloud computing sector in China. This is completely against the spirit of free trade and market economy. On one hand China wants other countries to accept their goods and bring down the trade barriers. On the other hand they bully technology companies and create trade barriers for entry of this companies in the name of national security and internal affairs. You can see the top 5 technology trends in Chinese government promoted technology blog where its clearly mentioned about Chinese government passing new laws to create entry barriers for foreign cloud computing players (

So they act like a dual standard on one hand wants their goods to move freely to other countries but when other countries demand similar access. They create barriers in the name of national security and internal country affairs. Recently based on article in business week google wants US to weight challenge china's censorship as trade barriers in WTO (

Indeed if you look at the overall Chinese technology landscape especially in Web 2.0 or cloud computing area. Local companies are just direct rip-off e.g check facebook against kaixin and or , its not just similar its almost identical. The same goes for games for example Zygna's Farmville rip-off is directly now available in both kaixin and renren along with the local company (listed in Nasdaq and controlled by

Hope in future all the countries who have a trade surplus with China would take the action at WTO to at least create a level field for their own cloud computing and innovative software service providers by opening up access to the market where such services are needed but are essentially blocked in favor of domestic companies.

Submission + - Opera 10.5 is officially out!! (

An anonymous reader writes: Opera 10.5 is out for windows. Dubbed as the fastest browser, is out with private browsing in a tab (which is nice to have a single private browsing tab). With new Cranken engine and Windows 7 aero integration, the look and feel of opera is very nice. More tests are needed to confirm any speed tests. At the moment, only the windows version is out, but the linux and mac versions shall be out soon as it says on the download page. Among other features, the widgets also seem to be nicely integrate on the desktop. It also passes the acid3 test 100/100.

Submission + - Support lies from Sony regarding Windows 7 upgrade (

xrooles writes: Windows 7 has been long waited for many around the globe due to the terrible performance of Vista. Although many of us are happy now that finally the Windows 7 is out and the personal computers would be put to good use. Sony intended to hold their support site till the release of windows 7 and all support pages said that the drivers and upgrade information will be available on or after the release date of Windows 7. Now that the OS is out, Sony has just chosen to write "Your model does not meet the minimum hardware requirements to get the full experience of Windows 7 and hence no Windows 7 drivers will be provided for your model". This has been done for many of their premium, high priced range of laptops sold last year. For most of these machines, it might even be possible to just install Windows 7 and then use some of the vista drivers to make everything work. It is another example of poor support and even worse with a blatent lie. I understand that it is probably not their liability to provide OS upgrade support, but what are my rights as a consumer to such lies?

Comment Re:Pretty good (Score 1) 489

I gave Opera 9.5 a whirl last week and was highly impressed. It's packed with nice features (Where do you think Firefox and IE get most of their ideas?) but still pretty fast and light. Other versions of Opera never did much for me, but this is the first proprietary application that I've run across in a long time that I would seriously consider using on a daily basis. The only areas where it's really lacking are modularity (extensions, instead of everything being built-in to the browser) and of course the fact that it's not free software.

is is not free now? It used to be shareware, but it is free now. Yes, it is not open source, but it is free and I truely love it.. I think it was the first browser with tabbed browsing and integrating google or infact any search bar. keyboard shortcuts and search bars existed since 2000 atleast.

Submission + - A luxurious public transit of the future... (

xrooles writes: Scientists at the TU Delft are working on a research programme directed towards the public transport of the future. Researchers are developing a limo-like mass transit option that picks up commuters near their homes, drives at high speeds on a dedicated track, and then slows to normal road speeds when it switches over to city streets. The creators of the streamlined Superbus say it could not only elevate the status of the bus by promising riders a relaxing, hi-tech, and luxurious environment, but could also get people where they're going in a fast, convenient, and fuel-efficient manner.
Discovery News writes that Rubber tires allow Superbus to drive on conventional roads — thereby offering near-home pickup — and a low-profile, racecar-like design gives it the aerodynamics to achieve speeds of 155 mph on a 10-foot concrete track — thereby offering fast service. While on the dedicated track, the vehicle's frame will zoom along just a few inches above the ground. In the city, the bus will rise up to a foot off the ground.


Submission + - Giant Magnetoresistance gets Physics Nobel!! (

xrooles writes: This year's Nobel Prize in Physics is awarded to ALBERT FERT and PETER GRÜNBERG for their discovery of Giant Magnetoresistance. Applications of this phenomenon have revolutionized techniques for retrieving data from hard disks. The discovery also plays a major role in various magnetic sensors as well as for the development of a new generation of electronics. The use of Giant Magnetoresistance can be regarded as one of the first major applications of nanotechnology.

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