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Submission + - 33 developers quit (

mthwgk writes: may not be the number one free alternative to Microsoft Office for much longer. Since Oracle acquired Sun the future of the open source office suite has been uncertain. So uncertain in fact that a group decided to fork the code base and create an alternative implementation called LibreOffice under a new organization known as The Document Foundation.

Essentially LibreOffice is the equivalent of, but in no way is under the control of Oracle. The Document Foundation asked Oracle to come on board and to allow them to use the name. Oracle refused and asked anyone associated with LibreOffice to leave the project due to a conflict of interest.

That request has now led to an exodus, with 33 developers deciding to leave and concentrate on LibreOffice development. Anyone worried about this because they rely on should relax as it looks like The Document Foundation and therefore LibreOffice is here to stay. The group already has the backing of several companies including Google, Canonical, Red Hat, the FSF, The GNOME Project, and Novell. Adding 30+ developers from just adds to its viability and long-term success chances.

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