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Comment Re:Bliz (Score 3, Insightful) 250

They do NOT have a right to sue because it's their own responsibility to build software checks and balances that would prevent cheating but THEY ARE TOO TIGHTFISTED to do so

They DO have a right to sue. Anyone can sue pretty much anyone. That doesn't automatically mean they stand a chance of winning of course.

Comment Downtown traffic (Score 1) 655

If driverless cars are allowed as well, downtown traffic could get significantly worse: Right now, you have a choice of either use public transportation or a cab, or drive yourself and pay $$$ for premium parking.
With self-driving cars, there will be another option: Drive your own car to your office in downtown, and then send it along to park itself in some free or much cheaper parking place on the other side of town where it can wait until you are ready to be picked up again - that alone would lead to a lot of extra miles driven, and that's not even counting the disruption of stopping in traffic to let the owner back in at the end of the day.

Or come to think about it, why pay for parking at all? Need to do some shopping or a quick errand? I'm sure there will be plenty of people that would rather have their car circle the block on its own while they're inside instead of paying for parking....

Comment Re:Not Approved (Score 3, Insightful) 259

So some lowly peon opened their wallet and paid out of pocket for printing the Google vinyls? Bullshit.

Cities and counties typically have equipment at their own public works department which can print plastic decals for things like street name signs, speed signs, traffic signs, etc. It wouldn't take much to print some custom decals on the same machines. Just because it got printed doesn't necessarily mean that the powers that be signed off on it.

Comment How to remove ANY special filename in Windows (Score 5, Informative) 114

The Windows GUI will prevent creation and removal of any 'special' foldername that looks like a device: LPT1, COM6, CON, etc.

To remove any of those "special" file/foldernames after the fact, all you need is look for the short 8.3 notation of the filename that the filesystem uses behind the scenes, and which the GUI hides from the end user.
Open a command prompt and navigate to the folder that contains the special name
dir /x will show the associated "short" filename, e.g. co~123 instead of COM4

You can directly remove/rename/etc the file from the command prompt when referring to these short names:
remove a file: del co~123
remove a folder with its contents: rd co~123 /s

Comment Re:Why would people be lazy? (Score 3, Insightful) 866

The whole idea that people are inherently lazy and won't work without being forced to always puzzled me. Most of the people I know want to do something productive, but more often than not it's either not something they can get enough income from quickly enough to be able to drop their day job and start doing it full-time or it's not something they can get enough income from to keep the bills paid. Give them a guaranteed basic income and they won't sit around doing nothing, they'll start doing what they want to do (instead of the day job they have to have because it pays the bills).

One catch is that there are a lot of jobs that noone really WANTS to do,but do anyway because it beats starving: untrained menial labor like cleaning toilets or picking crops in the hot sun, as well as backbreaking heavy labor like mining coal, etc. By effectively releasing a somewhat captive workforce from their NEED to continue doing those jobs, expect the salaries in such fields to have to rise dramatically overnight in order for them to remain sustainable when a large percentage of current workers say "screw this!" and quit. This would either lead to significiantly higher raises for some jobs, or could even make entire sectors and industries entirely non-viable when having to compete with other other countries without universal basic income.

Universal basic income will ripple through the entire economy: prices for a lot of products like produce grown in your own country are likely to increase significantly, while more spending money on the underside of society will also lead to an increased demand for certain goods raising their prices. If foreign-grown foods are a lot cheaper, you may end up killing your own agriculture industry and becoming almost fully dependent on other countries for feeding your nation: a dangerous situation to be in.

Whatever the determined amount of money would be, it may very well end up having a lot less purchasing power than people would anticipate ahead of time.

In the short term, i could be VERY disruptive to the economy, but of course only time will tell how this would play out over the long term.. Unfortunately it's the kind of thing that's hard to experiment with on any large scale, since having the revoke it if things don't work out could also have a potentially disastrous impact on many people's lives.

Comment Re:Nani mondai desuka? (Score 1) 372

The name Mackenzie would be normally rendered in Japanese as three sounds, Ma Ken Ji. Normally these would be phonetic kana characters, and I have never heard of a Jaoanese database (I used to implement these) which didn't support kana. But if you rule out kana names, a foreigner can still choose kanji, or Chinese, characters to represent his name.

Even then, McKenzie is still a short name, at 8 characters, which happens to break down in chunks that happen to align relatively well into Japanese phonetics -- now try it with a sixteen character Dutch last name, which would take a lot more than three 'sounds' to fit into.

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