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Comment Re:eBay / Local (Score 1) 166

I much prefer the eBay / local company route (like Re:PC). Instead of just scrapping old hardware, it is serviced into other older machines to keep them running.

And for every HP 2100 that you save, a thousand others just chucked away a shoddily built three year old inkjet printer that's not worth fixing or even buying new ink for when it runs out. There are millions of pounds of e-Waste that *noone* wants. An old CRT monitor will cost you a hundred times more to mail to someone that that anyone will be willing to pay for it, just to name something.

Comment Re:HP not all bad ... (Score 1) 387

Another problem with HP- if you run out of yellow (or any single color) you just can't print at all. Even your black only documents will refuse to print.

Worse than that: I ran into that issue with an HP combination printer/fax machine, years ago. We never used it for printing, just faxing. After a few years it all of a sudden refused to print incoming faxes (using black ink) because the color cartridge (which had never printed a drop of ink) had "expired". As soon as you turned on the device it would fail to initialize and wait for a non-expired color cartridge.Which meant that the only way to continue receiving B&W faxes was to throw out a 100% full color cartridge and spend $34.99 on another one.

Instead of buying color ink, we purchased a samsung fax instead.

Comment Re:Other than Brother... (Score 1) 387

I will never, ever buy another inkjet printer as long as I live. Those cartridges seem to dry up, clog and die even if I don't use them. I got sick of spending $30 on a set of cartridges, only to get a hundred pages out of them before they became useless from age. At least laser printer toner seems to have an almost unlimited lifespan.


Laser toner is essentially tiny flakes of plastic, that get melted onto the paper during printing.
Inkjet ink ink will dry, especially the ink exposed to air at the end of the nozzeles in the print head itself. If you don't print anything for a few weeks, your ink cartridge will become unusable.

Comment Re:Other than Brother... (Score 4, Informative) 387

IIRC the brother cartridge has a small peephole with a mirror on the far side, and if an infrared beam reflects back it means that there is no toner in between the window and the mirror. With the dark tape in place it won't see the reflected beam, the low toner won't trigger, and you can keep on printing.

While it perhaps triggers early, at least it requires a certain amount of toner to have been used at all. Some other vendors use a chip that simply counts the pages, and will claim that you're low/out after -x- pages regardless of how much or little toner you've actually used.

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