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Comment Re:Kennewick Site (Score 2) 24

If you check out the Kennewick address in the FCC application in Google maps you will find a dumpy strip mall and in the back is a small sign labeled Amazon and a big back-up gennerator.

It's actually pretty big -- they took over the bulk of an empty Walmart store, and converted it to an Amazon tech support call center.

Comment another one (Score 3, Informative) 32

Amazon has pulled tons of comics from their Kindle Unlimited subscription services as well in the past: Apparently the big 'problem' with comics (compared to novels) is that the average reader can/will read a few of them in an hour, as opposed to be a few days/weeks for a novel, which really skews the payments and projections, making them too expensive to cover costs under the subscription. Plus there's often extra deals with the publishers like no cost if the reader reads less than 10% of the book which is not uncommon with novels, but for the average comic books that's only a couple of pages so pretty much every reader hits the threshold.

Comment or less than 15%? (Score 1) 97

Basically Amazon is going to put up a load board, similar to or many other similar sites. Trucking is pretty much as streamlined as it's going to get

For now -- I'm sure that in another 10-15 years, the vast majority of long-haul trucking will be fully driverless, running 24/7.

Comment Re:Bad Idea, but that's what Germany is up to now. (Score 4, Insightful) 65

The correct way to do this is with a heads-up display. Projecting images on the road will have all sorts of unintended consequences, including but not limited to distracting the drivers of oncoming cars ( those people who are so inconsiderately sharing the road you imagine you "own" ).

While the road projection seems like a dumb idea, some of the other features of these smart lights as shown on their site actually sound really useful, such as intelligently not blinding oncoming traffic by blocking your headlights from projecting light at their faces while still lighting up the rest of the road in front of you.

Comment Re:Why is input lag still a thing? (Score 1) 40

Do the manufacturers think people *like* input lag and intentionally increase it on products marketed as TVs or something?

It's post-processing like resolution upscaling / image interpolation / temporal smoothing / etc. that all add overhead and may need several video frames of data to cross-reference, leading to lag. When you're watching a static stream of video (e.g. TV or a movie) that delay is irrelevant, but it can kill real-time applications like video games.

On many displays those 'enhancements' can be disabled all but removing the lag in the process.

Comment Re: Are linux adverts still bad adverts? (Score 1) 535

Why is that trackpad offset to the left of the machine? I see this alot on Windows laptops. What's up with it? It just makes no sense whatsoever.

You'll typically see this on laptops that include an actual numerical keypay besides the keyboard, the trackpad is often centered below the standard part of the keyboard which theoretically makes it easier to switch back and forth between typing and using the trackpad. In practice I find it really annoying myself as well, and all things being equal I'd probably pay extra to have the trackpad in the center of the laptop instead.

Comment Re:Is this a record? (Score 2, Interesting) 152

It's not so much that it 'crashes' 9-11, it simply ties up all the available operators so there won't be anyone available to answer the *real* emergency call coming in at the same time -- there's only so many dispatchers available to answer calls, after all. Too many calls is too many calls, regardless of how competent the initiator is.

Other than prioritizing certain calls (e.g. the ones that haven't been calling you a thousand times already today) there's not a whole lot you can do to mitigate this while remaining available to everyone.

(There often already are other call routing prioritizations in place, e.g. if there is an incoming landline and cellphone call at the same time and only one dispatcher available, they'd typically answer the landline first -- A single car accident on a busy freeway can generate dozens of incoming cellphone calls reporting the same accident, while a landline call is more likely to be a new incident that needs action.)

Comment Re:AOL AND Yahoo!!!? (Score 2) 27

So Verizon now has both AOL and Yahoo! ??? Why do they want/need both?

They live 20 years in the past, as proven by their broadband offerings as well. What's the most delusional about this takeover is that Verizon's main goal of the takeover is to leverage yahoo and almost double their customer base to 2 billion in the next 4 years. Neither Verizon nor Yahoo has a good track record attracting or retaining customers any time there is even a glimmer of choice involved, and they don't exactly have a captive audience here.

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