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Submission + - The ARM, the PPC, the x86, and the iPad (neosmart.net)

An anonymous reader writes: With the release of the iPad, and more specifically, its use of the new ARM-based A4 CPU, a lot of questions are being asked about x86 and ARM, and where they're used. NeoSmart Technologies takes a lengthy look at the underlying architecture of the iPad, Apple's rumored purchase of Intrinsity, and explains the differences between the CISC x86 and the RISC ARM/PPC architectures. Incredibly informative, and easy to understand even if it's all new stuff.

Submission + - SPAM: Bringing the Magic to Linux with MeeGo : Jim Zemli

ChiefMonkeyGrinder writes: Jim Zemlin on the Meego announcement: A few weeks ago, I wrote that the Linux Foundation was going to put its money where its mouth is in order to create more “magic” on Linux. Today the Linux operating system market just got a lot more interesting with the announcement of MeeGo.
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Sun Microsystems

Submission + - Sun boss Schwartz signs off with a strange Tweet (pcpro.co.uk) 1

Barence writes: Jonathan Schwartz, the outgoing boss of Sun Microsystems, has signed off with an unusual update to his Twitter account. Confusion remains over whether he left the company of his own volition or was asked to leave, and Schwartz's final Tweet certainly suggests a hint of bitterness at the manner of his departure. "Today's my last day at Sun," Schwartz tweeted. "I'll miss it. Seems only fitting to end on a #haiku. Financial crisis/Stalled too many customers/CEO no more."

Submission + - LoTR lawsuit threatens Hobbit production (bloomberg.com)

eyrieowl writes: J.R.R.'s heirs are suing for royalties on the LoTR films. Apparently they haven't gotten any money due to some creative accounting. Peter Jackson ought to understand...he had to sue the studio for much the same reason.

As for The Hobbit? FTFA: "Tolkien's family and a British charity they head, the Tolkien Trust, seek more than $220 million in compensation...[and]...the option to terminate further rights to the author's work".

As much as people want to see The Hobbit, I hope the Tolkien's get everything they are owed and more.


Submission + - MIT leads U.S. schools in digital piracy (mit.edu)

An anonymous reader writes: MIT's student newspaper The Tech reports that in 2008 MIT led U.S. schools in digital piracy and related copyright infringements within the U.S. The rankings were compiled by BayTSP, a California-based company that specialized in online copyright infringement analysis. Other top U.S. schools include University of Washington, Boston University, and Columbia.

Google Turns On User-Tweakable Search Wiki 161

Barence writes "Google has launched a new service that allows users to tailor to their own search results. Called SearchWiki, the service allows Google account holders to move results up or off the rankings, or even add their own choice of site to the top of the search results. Google claims that any changes a user makes will only affect their results, and not those of fellow surfers, although it's difficult to believe that some of the feedback generated from the SearchWiki won't be used to fine tune the Google search algorithm. Is this a cunning way to encourage people to sign in while they search, thus providing Google with a richer set of data that can be mapped to specific user accounts?"

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