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Submission + - Wozniak Gets Personal On Innovation

snydeq writes: Companies are doggedly pursuing the next big thing in technology, but nothing seems to be pointing to the right way these days, claims the legendary Steve Wozniak. The reason? 'You tend to deal with the past,' replicating what you know in a new form. Consider the notion of computing eyeware like Google Glass: 'People have been marrying eyewear with TV inputs for 20 years,' Wozniak says. True innovation, Wozniak claims, becomes more human, more personal. People use technology more the less it feels like technology. 'The software gets more accepted when it works in human ways — meaning in noncomputer ways.' Here, Wozniak says, is the key to technology's role in the education system.

Comment Re:Great Work! (Score 1) 200

So you'll have no problem posting all your passwords, social security number, bank account numbers, and so on publicly, then. Right?

No, like most people who say that ... he only supports someone else's information being made public.

Anthropomorphising governments and corporations, are we?

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 4, Insightful) 237

I wanted something like this for quite a while, except my primary use cases are for preventing inactivity-related actions: 1) don't lock the screen if I'm still at the computer, regardless of the inactivity timeout; and 2) don't dim the screen if I'm looking at it. I'm probably reading and I like the brightness level just the way it is.

Comment Re:Counter argument (Score 1) 483

The iPhone and iPad notwithstanding, Flash is beginning to show up on other mobile device platforms.

Exactly 1 single other platform : Android. All the rest are only promises for some time in the future.

Both you and the article author are somewhat misinformed. Flash has been running on mobile platforms for quite a while, albeit in the form of Flash Lite, which is not on par with the desktop version.

My 4-year old Nokia N80 can run older Flash content from the web (I think up to Flash 7), but more importantly it runs "phone applications" written in Flash.

You're of course correct with the rest of your arguments -- I'm not too fond of Flash myself.

Comment Re:Getting ready for the MS bash (Score 1) 205

All I can say is a subjective "smooth enough". And it's been actually supported for quite a while by all major browsers except IE. And IE9 will come with hardware-accelerated canvas (it was covered on /. not long ago), and Firefox has it partially working in trunk.

Comment Re:Getting ready for the MS bash (Score 5, Insightful) 205

Playing devil's advocate -- it's pretty trivial to make a Silverlight interface to pan and zoom around a giant image like this. It's less trivial to do the same thing with, say, JavaScript or Flash.

Actually you're trolling more than playing devil's advocate. There's a sh*tload of zoom & pan-enabled image viewing libraries, both in JS and Flash, all using tiles just like Silverlight -- try to google some.

And for that matter it's trivial to DIY from scratch using canvas, which of course IE conveniently doesn't support, but that problem was solved too long ago. OpenLayers, which you might have seen at work at OpenStreetMap, includes a VML rendering backend, besides canvas and SVG.

The really funny part about your "advocating" is that MS has an Ajax library that does exactly the same thing as its Silverlight counterpart:


SeaMicro Unveils 512 Atom-Based Server 183

1sockchuck writes "Stealthy startup SeaMicro has unveiled its new low-power server, which incorporates 512 Intel Atom CPUs, a load balancer and interconnection fabric into a 10u server. SeaMicro, which received a $9.3 million government grant from DOE to develop its technology, says its server uses less than 2 kilowatts of energy — suggesting that a single rack with four SeaMicro units and 2,048 CPUs could draw just 8 kilowatts of power. Check out the technical overview, plus additional coverage from Wired, GigaOm and VentureBeat."

Submission + - Google Open Sources VP8 Video Codec (

soDean writes: Google, Mozilla and Opera announced a new open video format today called WebM. As part of the WebM project, Google is is freely licensing the VP8 compression technology. This new open video format will use a modified Matroska video container (.webm). WebM format support is available today in Firefox, Chromium, and Opera development builds. All videos that are 720p or larger, uploaded to YouTube after May 19th, will be be encoded in WebM. The Open Video Alliance has the full scoop.

Submission + - Google releases VP8 video codec

atamido writes: Google has released On2's VP8 video codec to the world, royalty free. They are packaging in with Vorbis audio, in a subset of the Matroska container, and calling it WebM. It's not branded as an exclusively Google project — Mozilla and Opera are also contributors. Builds of your favorite browsers with full support are available here.

Comment Re:Much faster clone time (Score 1) 536

People still don't get it, however. The WePad thinks it can compete with the iPad with hardware features but will run Linux... which is a server or desktop OS.

You mean Linux... which is a server, or supercomputer, or desktop, or laptop, or netbook, router, TV, camera, handheld, media player, embedded device, [...] OS.

A very long time ago it was a server OS. Now it can be tailored for everything, and it is everywhere. Except on toasters I guess, those are BSDs.

Don't confuse the kernel with the graphics / widget libraries. Which by the way are cheerfully getting to that level of adaptability as well.


Submission + - The ARM, the PPC, the x86, and the iPad (

An anonymous reader writes: With the release of the iPad, and more specifically, its use of the new ARM-based A4 CPU, a lot of questions are being asked about x86 and ARM, and where they're used. NeoSmart Technologies takes a lengthy look at the underlying architecture of the iPad, Apple's rumored purchase of Intrinsity, and explains the differences between the CISC x86 and the RISC ARM/PPC architectures. Incredibly informative, and easy to understand even if it's all new stuff.

Comment Re:Firefox not playing h264 is a political decisio (Score 1) 473

Guess what, I'm using it.

ROFL, wait, so you're defending Firefox's idiotic stance while, simultaneously, actively attempting to work around it? Hypocritical much?

No, I'm defending Firefox's stance because it's moral, and branding it a lost cause doesn't make it idiotic. And no, I'm working around Flash, as I have before with

Nice straw man though. Maybe I should pull a Godwin on you: joining the German Resistance was obviously idiotic, right?

As far as non-Windows users are concerned, the most painful problem is Flash being crap for video playback, and the fix for that is one add-on or greasemonkey script away.

That's not a fix. That's a hack to work around the Firefox devs. But if you're happy with a degraded browsing experience because Mozilla can't get their heads out of their collective ideological asses, that's your choice. The rest of us will just move on and find a project that gives users the option to make their own choices, as opposed to dictating to them from on high.

Please do. In case you haven't figured out, you're 100% free to switch to a different browser, or fork Firefox and port the Fennec changes you seem so familiar with. Would you now please let "the rest of us" make our own choices too?

No, garbage is saying the war is over

What war? You really think Firefox choosing to hobble their browser is gonna somehow change the software patent landscape? Please, get real. The users will move on, baffled by Firefox's stance, and Mozilla will achieve nothing while damaging their own reputation in the process.

I hope you do realise you sound like a desperate guy ditched by his girlfriend, who's screaming out loud how his life will be great without her, while she'll suffer like hell because he was the best thing that ever happened to her...

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