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Comment Re:What A Mess (Score 1) 949

K, now draw a picture of muhammed taking a load in the face, and put it on your fridge. Now walk down the street. No bullets? Didn't think so.

Now get either picture published in the wrong place, or show it to the wrong group of crazy nutjobs, and I'm pretty sure they'll try to shoot you. To make it easier for you to think of an example, think of "The South". It's not a fair characterization of the southern states of america, but there have certainly been examples.

admittedly, the "wrong place" for a picture of jesus isn't any international newspaper... but that's probably more the result of the relative socioeconomic situations of the places where christianity and islam are most widespread.

Comment Re:What A Mess (Score 1) 949

Plenty. Yet if I draw a Jesus taking a load in the face, I can walk down the street reasonably sure that I'm not going to get shot.

How 'bout that?

K, now draw a picture of muhammed taking a load in the face, and put it on your fridge. Now walk down the street. No bullets? Didn't think so.

Now get either picture published in the wrong place, or show it to the wrong group of crazy nutjobs, and I'm pretty sure they'll try to shoot you. To make it easier for you to think of an example, think of "The South". It's not a fair characterization of the southern states of america, but there have certainly been examples.

Comment The actual article (Score 4, Informative) 206

The summary link is to a blog, which gives a short not too useful summary and then links to this Science Daily article.

I like how Science Daily includes APA and MLA citation information at the bottom of their articles. Also, it seems like the fiber-based solar cells this article is about are the development, and the purple pokeberries are one of many possible natural or artificial dyes which could be used.

It's a shame that the article tells us nothing about how the fiber-based solar cells work. Here is some information on that:

The patent is with the EPO (european parliament patent office), so if anyone could find that, it'd be rad.

Comment Re:There are problems with this (Score 3, Informative) 352

Does this mean every biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering research group (I'm talking about grad students and postdocs, here) would have to open their lab notebooks to anyone who asked?

Researchers who ply their trade on the cutting edge of science live in perpetual fear of being "scooped" by another group who publishes their discovery first. These are sometimes literally "races." So now a group at one university could demand access to the notebooks of a group at another university? And vice versa?

Not at all.

It means they have access to each others results and source data when published (once the group is done researching this phase, and is ready to publish). There's no "opening notebooks", simply because that's a terrible metaphor for how data is collected these days.

Comment Re:Here We Go ... (Score 1) 223

Very true! I remember this one job posting asking for 10 years experience with JAVA, when it had only existed as a product for 5 years! I think part of the problem is that IT people don't hire IT people in large companies, its the HR people. And HR people game the system to make themselves look the best, not hire the best people for the job.

hey, I heard about that too! a dilbert book.

Comment Re:5th year? (Score 1) 419

The problem is that the beancounters can't "measure" this. In this day and age, "accountability" is the keyword. Standardized tests give numbers. You can compare those to other numbers. Letting students actually do shit and create things doesn't results in numbers you can compare to other numbers.

That's the real issue.

Which really bugs me, because there are other numbers they should be using. % of graduating class which go into particular types of post secondary programs, % of graduating class which finish those programs, % of graduating class who make above poverty wages 5/10/20 years after graduating.

These are the important numbers, they're just hard to get, so we use easy to measure but largely useless numbers instead, like mean and median grades on a committee-written series of tests. I have never met anyone who works in education who thinks this is a good idea...

Comment Re:the more attention you give morons... (Score 1) 574

This is just one step away from sueing your neighbour because he refuses to paint his house green claiming that 'the wavelength of light emitted by his house is caussing me severe pain'

Oh, real nice. These nutballs have enough fucked up ideas without you tossing color specific photophobia into the mix.

Just kidding, I'm sure no one would be stupid enough to claim that a certain frequency of light caused them physical problems, unless of course it really did...

xeroderma pigmentosum a rare pigmentary and atrophic autosomal recessive disease in which extreme cutaneous sensitivity to ultraviolet light results from an enzyme deficiency in the repair of DNA damaged by ultraviolet light. It begins in childhood, with early development of excessive freckling, telangiectases, keratomas, papillomas, and malignancies in sun-exposed skin, severe opthalmologic abnormalities, and, in some cases, neurological disorders.

That's... really not the same as what we were talking about. Not even a little.

Comment Re:My only question is... (Score 2, Insightful) 443

yeah you pay their cheques... and yeah, we can get cheques elsewhere

tell me why your new employer should trust you after you betrayed your old employer.

Because they have no idea. wikileaks and the like are anonymous, and if that's not enough protection for you, you won't post it there.

tell me why he keeps you around after he's pumped you dry of anything useful you could tell him.

If you got hired based on your insider knowledge of a few secrets, as opposed to insider knowledge of techniques and development practices, you're absolutely right.

tell me how you stop the word spreading around that you are high maintaince, high risk.

By never starting it, obviously.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 352

Fail and history 101 a thousand times.

In OP 'safer environment conductive to enterprise', if quoted correctly, actually means 'cheaper environment...' with untouchables.

Not to be depressing up our thread, but... they won't let untouchables have important jobs like chip manufacturing. The untouchables are several ranks too low in Indian society to allow that.

Luckily, due largely to the outlawing of the caste system some time ago, the harsh treatment of untouchables seems to be waning, at least in urban centers, so this might not even be a sensical distinction between potential employees in high tech industries in India anymore.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 352

A lot, possibly the majority, of items marked "Made in Taiwan" are simply transshipped from the mainland.

Not that this would surprise me, but... how can you tell? citation please?

No really, anybody, if this is true I'd like to know.

Comment Re:Reply (Score 1) 462

hibernate your normal OS, it will restart to your previous state

seriously though, while this is a generally good idea, once you put all that stuff on a cd, you lose any and all ability to patch the software. Meaning that if the bank puts out a CD with firefox version X, and two months later a serious vulnerability is found, all those users will be forcedly be using an unsafe version, without means to patch (unless at every update the bank mails a fresh CD, at which point users will be confused as to which cd to use). Sure the browser goes right to the bank website, so getting the browser infected would be a small challenge.. but still.

I would think it still is orders of magnitude better then using their normal windows/IE installs, but this way somewhere in 2020 people will be still using FF 3.5 and *buntu 9.10 for their banking..

So set firefox to check for updates first... but really, the target audience of this live cd isn't updating their software every 2 months, or year, so I think your argument isn't quiet spot on.

Comment Re:Doesn't matter what country you are in... (Score 1) 667

As a young person I had to drop my health coverage because I can not afford it. I rarely go to the doctor;

But look at the bright side - under ObamaCare your premiums will go up 10% (by the White House estimate), and you'll be fined $750 by the IRS when you drop that coverage you can't afford. Yay, everybody wins! And you'll get to provide proof that your health insurance meets government standards as part of you tax returns - woo hoo!

The fine isn't applied to people under a certain income, who can't get health insurance for less than a certain percent of their income, etc. I believe it's above the poverty line and 8%, respectively, although it was 400% of poverty wages in a previous draft. Shame that got changed.

More actual info:

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 178

In what ways is France's healthcare better than the United State? Seriously?

Cost (11.2% of GDP or US$3,926 per capita) in France vs (15.2% of GDP or US$6,347 per capita) for the United States

And just about everything else:

Life Expectancy
Abortion Rate (irony!)
Deaths from Cancer
Heart Disease, Obesity
# of Physicians per 1000 people
Teenage Pregnancy

Any questions?

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